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GOP and Corporate Dems Gain When Democrats Run Against Putin


GOP and Corporate Dems Gain When Democrats Run Against Putin

Norman Solomon

Progressives should figure it out. Amplifying the anti-Russia din helps to drown out the left’s core messages for economic fairness, equal rights, environmental protection, diplomacy and so much more. Echoing the racket of blaming Russia for the USA’s severe shortages of democracy plays into the hands of Republicans and corporate Democrats eager to block progressive momentum.


Exactly so Norman! diversion is the name of their game, power and profits above all else the goal.


This is a really tricky issue because almost all of what Russia does to undermine democracy in the US is unseen by most people or they are unaware Russia is behind it. Who knows who the Russians trolls are on the internet or which posts or tweets on the internet are from Russian bots. Not everyone knows that the media outlet RT America is controlled by the Kremlin. When Russia hacks into computers used by states for carrying out voting who knows but the tech people who detect the hacking. The is no question what the Russians are doing is a serious threat and responsible politicians and news media are paying close attention but it is an almost invisible threat and not not something we can see walking downtown like homeless people or signs of poverty in certain neighborhoods. I would say the Russian situation is clearly a threat to democracy and if it is getting a lot attention that attention is deserved. But that could be a problem when it comes to elections because many people do put a lot of weight on their personal situations when voting. This is a dilemma with no easy solution.


You are so lying out of your ass about Russia. You are a prime example of an ignorant American. Do you think most posters to this website are as ignorant as you or less so?


So when American bigots and right wing nuts post stuff on Facebook, it’s fine.

When Russians do it, it disrupts our elections.

And polling reveals no gives a damn.

The Dems have nothing but distraction and we’re not Trump. Also, the losing streak to prove it.


Boy was that a substantive statement backed with sources. NOT. Norman has been around and investigating governmental intrigue longer than most of us (but not me!) have been alive.


Got no problem with Norman.

This crap about Russia is BS. It is propaganda by the USA government that wants to dominate with a one world government they run. It is a weakness to cover for a failing democratic party. Unless they can change and flip to new blood and ideas we are stuck with GOP crap eroding our way of life. Which half the blue dogs do anyway.


Are you really pretending rightwing fascists and the oligarchical putinists aren’t one-in-the-same? I think that Martin Longman provided an adequate response to Norm’s idiocy—really, what I’m beginning to think of as outright propaganda—here:



Thanks Emphyrio, you said it first and beat me to the punch. Constant chatter about the horrible nasty Russians attacking our democracy is simply nonsense, a useless distraction and nothing but a carry over from the 1950 red scare strategy. Worthless crap then and now…


The Russian story is hard to ignore, that is the problem. The main two stories seem to be Russian interference with 2016 election and all the Trump people with connections with Russia such a Manafort and Flynn and the question of whether Trump himself was involved and the cyber attack by Russia which started several years ago and continues today and the fact that Trump has not acknowledged that it happened and has done nothing to defend the US from the attack. People have speculated about crimes such a collusion with foreign power to influence an election and even treason by working on behalf of Russian interests. How do you ignore that and focus mainly on pocketbook issues or other issues that are important? All the attention given the Russians has also turned attention away from the Chinese. A few years ago the big concern was the rise of China. Nothing much has changed as China continues to have a growing economy and is rapidly building up its military. It also has nuclear weapons and is trying to increase its influence in the Pacific region and in places such as Africa. With regard to conventional military power it is biggest threat to the US. And it continues to account for about a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. It has turned small islands in the South China sea into naval bases and has made claims to many of the islands in that area, some quite far from the mainland China.


How can anyone look past the said 800 military installations spread around the world by US warmongers as the real threat to humanity? I believe Putin has visited the US previously. Russia is not Americas enemy and exactly why would it be? That lie has zero impact in reality but pound that drum repeatedly and some believe it as truth.


I happen to know for sure that it is demonic influences and witches that are the cause of those things. Blaming witches worked in Salem. Letʻs get back to our roots.


Corruption or fraud in our elections is a very serious affront to democracy and as a problem for us it needs more serious attention that it ever gets. But it is not a more serious problem just because Russians (or any other country) might be implicated. In fact it seems more of a crime, bordering on treason, when it is an American citizen who is implicated in the fraud or corruption.

When it is a foreign agent, well the U.S. does it to other countries too, perhaps more often than any other country does. It’s something we should want to stop, but it no longer is an act of treason.


Great article Mr Solomon.

The world is hostage to the Big Banks and their war profits.


Serious question - Are the Dems trying to get Trump re-elected? Sure seems that way.


Trump represents the great hope of the dying capitalist oil-ocracy, In which Russia’s oil rich resource economy depends.


For people to dismiss the possibility that the integrity of our elections has been compromised by foreign agents is very dubious. We are already coping with voter suppression, purges, and Gerrymandering but possible foreign interference is only a distraction? I do feel that the left focuses too much on nailing Trump but if we cannot even protect the integrity of our elections what is the effing point of complaining?


“Responsible politicians and news media are paying close attention.” As if there are any of the sort in the US. If anyone is a bot here it would be you with your incessant Operation Mockingbird CIA propaganda.


Lrx’s post made me laugh, and then I read yours, which topped it off. Thank you for a great start to the morning.


Well educated, well versed progressives tend to preach the manner policies can hurt/benefit us, and use them as reasons to vote the corporate Democrats out. They have their points to make, but the voters we need to sway are inured to intricate points made by intellectual elites. They roll their eyes.

Sexy progressive candidates are successful precisely because they eschew the ‘smarter then thou’ persona. They win because their personal stories are compelling, and they tell them in a way many can identify with. Just look at Ocasio-Cortez and Hawaiian Kaniela Ing.

As to Trump and Russia, even some Confederate patriots might be exercised by the Traitor-in-Chief. Their votes are welcome too. For some, lamentably too few, the brain is not a zero sum organ.