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GOP Attack on Women Continues With House Vote to Deny Abortion Coverage


GOP Attack on Women Continues With House Vote to Deny Abortion Coverage

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Anti-choice House Republicans on Tuesday voted to further curtail U.S. women's healthcare access, passing a draconian bill that permanently bans the use of federal funds for abortion and prohibits anyone who receives subsidies to buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from purchasing a plan that covers abortion.


Soon only those who can afford to fly to Europe will be able to get an abortion without the use of coat hangers.


Guess we'll have to rely on cheap discount airlines to protect the women in this country. What a f*cked up society the US of A has become!


Good thing he's not at all using the Southern Strategy.


Along with total, rolling non cooperation a needed tax revolt! Place your money--refused taxes for the wall, pentagon and all other trumpian initiatives-- in escrow and let Planned Parenthood use some of it.

What is truly appalling is that these ideologues oppose abortion but also any social help for the women forced to give birth. They are not pro-life at all for their positions on climate chaos, endless wars, torture, bigotry etc, etc,etc. reveal them a devoid of any social conscience. Revolt!


Led as they are by JesuNazi ideologues -- once more the terrible relevance of The Family: the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (Jeff Sharlet; Harper: 2008) -- the One Percent's politicians intend to re-enslave USian women, reducing them to the hopelessly subjugated, utterly degraded status of women demanded by Abrahamic fundamentalism whether Jewish, Christian or Islamic.

And because these ideologues are not the ignoramuses we like to self-indulgently imagine they are -- in horrid truth, precisely as proven by Trump's victory, they are the most diabolically skilled manipulators our definitively self-destructive species has yet spawned -- they understand all they need do to accomplish their misogynistic Final Solution is outlaw contraception. They correctly recognize the advent of reliable birth control as the origin of not just women's liberation but the entire era of cultural progress, and they likewise know the zero-tolerance prohibition of contraception will forever erase that era's accomplishments.

Wake up, people. We are being ambushed as never before in our species' history -- an epic betrayal in which the Democratic (sic) Party and the Republican Party are co-conspirators: see again The Family. If the JesuNazis succeed -- and with Trump's felonization of peaceful protest there is no longer any effective barrier to their success -- USian women and girls are doomed to rediscover all the oppressive agonies of patriarchal hatefulness and sadism.


You article of faith is chopping up little human beings into little pieces then profiting from selling the parts and forcing people opposed to that vile practice to pay for it.


Only if we collectively let it happen.


This is about women's rights not about "chopping up little people."


Peaceful protest is a constitutional right.


Great idea about the taxes and let's include constant war ( which makes profit) as well.


Let's have the South secede.


What Southern strategy?


Why don't we deny coverage for Viagra, and also refuse to sell rogaine?


(In misplaced response to Mealouts) Indeed peaceful protest is a Constitutional right. But like Bush and Obama before him,Trump regards the Constitution as meaningless: note his felony charges against journalists for merely being present at the inauguration protests.

What most people fail to understand is that a felony charge, even if it results in acquittal, literally and forever destroys one's life. Unless one is obscenely wealthy, the six-figure cost of defense lawyers typically inflicts bankruptcy, and the mere fact of the charge -- again assuming acquittal (and unless one is either extremely privileged or astoundingly fortunate) -- forever afterward dooms one to a hopelessly wretched existence of minimum-wage jobs and dependence on the few remaining governmental stipends and services Trump will soon genocidally abolish.

I know of what I speak because in a journalism career that began in 1956 and is now winding down as I slowly die of congestive heart failure, I often witnessed such circumstances. Indeed my own career was forever crippled by a Civil-Rights-Movement-related misdemeanor arrest in 1963, never mind I (and everyone else so charged) were acquitted. Where political crimes are concerned, this has never been a forgiving nation -- the deceitful propaganda of the Bernadine Dohrn/Bill Ayres example not withstanding -- and now under Trump's reign as neo-Fuehrer, the U.S. is becoming as vengeful against dissidents as it was in antebellum times.

This is not to argue against peaceful resistance. It is, however, a warning to resistors to be aware of the malevolently escalated cost of resistance.

It is also to note the Trump Regime -- using the powers purposefully given it by the Clinton, Bush II and Obama regimes -- is penalizing peaceful protest as severely as violent protest. In terms of irremediable psychological devastation, there is no difference between 10 years in prison (as the arrested journalists now face) and a lifetime sentence -- an absolute truth if one is male, does not have the protection provided by membership in a criminal organization and is therefore the constant target of rapists and other such sociopaths.

Remember President Kennedy's statement: "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." Obviously the regime's intent is to provoke violence, then seize upon it as a rationale for arresting all its opponents and in all probability murdering all opposition leadership. Welcome to the Fourth Reich -- the ultimate fulfillment of the tyrannical schemes brought to the USian Homeland by the legions of Nazi war criminals given sanctuary here after the fall of the Third Reich.


My post above ("Indeed it is...") was intended for you, but ended up as a general comment (Microshaft strikes again in its constant and increasingly vicious war against open-source Firefox). My apology for the confusion, but I am not Nurd enough to know how to solve the problem save by rewriting the intro, for which thank goddess there was still time.


Excellent idea, save that the New Confederacy would consist of 30 states. (That's actually what happened in this election: the South, having culturally conquered the USian interior, with its theocratic ethos of hateful ignorance, just won the Civil War.)


Pro-Lifers epitomize Bertrand Russell's observation that "...Moralists love Religion, because it allows them to be Cruel with a Clear Conscience."


Scary scenario.

I was speaking, over the holidays, to my College Student Nephew's friend, a nice young fellow, who is now in the Armed Forces. I privately asked him if, given the order, would he fire on his Fellow Citizens.

His answer was a shrug, and the explanation "You gotta do what they tell you."


We have indeed become a nation of the violently obedient moral imbeciles sarcastically labeled in my youth as "Good Germans" (herein distinguished from the "Good Germans" rendered inanimately beneficent by 7.62x54mm Russian ball and its USian and British Empire counterparts. M2 Ball and Mk.VII Ball respectively.) The staggering preponderance of those who will unquestioningly obey whatever orders they are given -- precisely as they did at My Lai -- is why I believe the Trump victory marks the beginning of a Darkness such as our species has never experienced: Hitler's dream of a "thousand-year Reich" made unspeakably real, its omnipotence guaranteed by technologies of surveillance and death against which there is no possible defense.

Worse still -- obvious in the Trump Regime's relentlessly escalating war against femaleness -- is our overlords' recognition that under the malignant unnaturalness of patriarchy, every woman born is a potential revolutionary. Note for example how the righteous fury of the women of Petrograd's Lesnoy Textile Works began the Russian Revolution. Hence the JesuNazis' special targeting of unfettered femaleness in any and all forms.

Meanwhile the widespread existence of obedient killers like the soldier quoted above guarantees there can be no successful revolution from within the USian Homeland, just as the existence of thermonuclear weapons guarantees there can be no liberation from without. Thus even were there still a Soviet Union with the men and women of a Red Army dauntless and brave as those who defeated the Third Reich, it would make no difference.

Thus too the ultimate horror of our time: the ever-more-apparent likelihood Trump's victory may indeed be Fukuyama's "end of history."