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GOP Bill Described as 'Avalanche of Deregulatory Rubbish' Advances


GOP Bill Described as 'Avalanche of Deregulatory Rubbish' Advances

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A House committee on Tuesday took a dangerous step towards incapacitating Dodd-Frank, the reform law passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, by approving a new bill that, as one watchdog put it, contains "an avalanche of deregulatory rubbish that would imperil consumers and the entire financial system."


Warren was being too polite about the "wet kiss" reference, more like full-blown road head for the industry. BTW, when did trading in other people's money start being considered an "industry" anyway? Can't wait for the common people to finally, finally have enough and march on Wall St. with pitchforks, torches and nooses and start stringing up billionaires and arbitrage men from every lamp post in lower Manhattan...


The majority of the greed meisters behind this bill are attorneys and, as such, should recuse themselves from voting as the bill only serves their own and their big dollar donors' vested interests. Scumbags. Will their villainy never end?


There go the Libertarians again.
They believe in their black little hearts that the best regulation is no regulation at all.
Liberty to them means that life is a free-for-all and may the nastiest gangster prevail.


Score a point less for Trump


This is the same mentality that still believes in 'trickle down' theory in the face of three decades of evidence to the contrary.


Trump is a f****** lunatic.


Wells Fargo employees illegally opened millions of fake accounts to meet corporate sales targets. They were busy, because it is all legal. It is one colossal crime after the other with no effing punishment.


Is this the issue Hill is hiding regarding her speech fees and her secrecy about what she told Wall Street bankers?


Dodd-Frank was a weak bill to begin with. It was so full of loopholes you would fall through if you tried to stand on it and it offers absolutely no protections for whistle-blowers. It doesn't need to be protected, it needs to be replaced!


These guys are great at seeing no evil and hearing no evil, but very well endowed with speaking and doing evil.


What you describe is social Darwinism. Until we decide we will no longer acquiesce in our own destruction at their hands, we are merely fodder. Their thinking is cancerous and if we don't root it out by any means necessary, we lose.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” Attributed to John Steinbeck


Might as well go on to DC, then. Clean house, totally! Send the charlatans packing and get some folks in there that actually want to govern for the people.


How about 'survival of the fittest'?


Led by the NWO oligarchs to depopulate the world, Republicans will do it violently and rapidly in a dog eat dog society, the capitalist way.


Libertarians, neoliberals; they're all fascists.


Same thing.


Agree. They know precisely what they are doing and what the outcomes will be. They use the theory of trickle down to spin minds into shutting down - bored by the very thought of such a stupid concept.


Thanks. You nailed it.


Actually, it was not said by him but I'm sure he would have agreed with its basic point. BTW, there are many things that are incorrectly attributed to certain people. For instance, Einstein (my hero) did not say that "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the different results is the definition of insanity." However, he did say a great many insightful things about the human condition. One of my favorites - "You cannot solve a problem by employing the same level of thinking that created that problem in the first place."