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GOP Blocks Bill to Shine Light on Clandestine Trade Deals


GOP Blocks Bill to Shine Light on Clandestine Trade Deals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The contents of the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's trade agenda, will remain shrouded in secrecy after Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Thursday blocked legislation that would have increased transparency around the mammoth trade agreement involving 12 Pacific Rim countries.


Well…money is opaque.


Pay no attention to that transparent president behind the curtain…


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There is a common saying: " When in doubt, throw it out!" and that should apply to this trade bill. If members of Congress have any reservations regarding whether this trade deal with benefit the citizens of this country, they should just vote NO and throw this bill out.


Warren should go Snowden on them and post the entire TPP online. The People have a right to know.


Don’t bother criticizing Mormon Bishop Orrin Hatch. He’s wearing his magic underwear.


You’re pretty naïve about how power operates. Do you actually think that Congress serves you, as citizen, as opposed to the 1% money-bag/corporate interests that fund their (congress members’) gravy trains, campaign costs, and lifestyles?


I agree about the state of things, but I think the date should be set closer to 1947–both for the inception of the NSA and the covert importation of so many Nazis into the State Department and other military branches at the conclusion of WW II.

There could not have been that particular fateful day in November, l963 had there been no Deep State apparatus already firmly in place.

Also, since events tend to be the product of multiple factors… don’t underestimate the chilling impact of J. Edgar Hoover’s witch-hunts and their culmination in the McCarthy hearings of the mid l950s. Anything not seen as lock-step patriotic and in alignment with top-down father knows best patriarchal controls and obedient constructs was treated as anathema. Rigid protocols (and any failure to follow them) ruined careers, lives, and reputations.

THAT was the mood anticipating the first public assassination.


How can she get it out of a room that’s apparently guarded like Fort Knox?


I agree Siouxrose and so too would Oliver Stone…


Which comment were you agreeing to?

Oliver Stone did a great job on the JFK film, but I thought his work on Bush, Jr was too deferential to Bush family power and fell into the “Bush was a screw-up” mode rather than get at the actual history of that family from Prescott Bush’s funding of Hitler (through covert means), to Bush, Sr.'s affiliation with the CIA (and that way knowing the dirty laundry on would-be political opponents here and abroad), and the Grand Culmination with a False Flag that is tearing this world apart in war feeding further war: a full-scale breakdown of entire nations. The phenomena could be called the Bush Family Domino System.


“Which comment were you agreeing to?”

You can click on the SR icon in the right corner of his comment, and find out. Or you can go through your comments, and click on the “1 reply” icon, and find out.


Its not so opaque, for example, people can learn a lot about what the biggest two trade deals do by looking at the European and Australian media, as well as sites like http://bilaterals.org and http://ttip2015.eu Also, look at the texts of crucial documents which appear to be controversial, for example, one can learn a lot about services in the newer agreements by understanding the previous GATS agreement and its various controversies. Scott Sinclair is a Canadian expert on trade whose writing is easy to read and concise, many of his older works go into great detail about trade issues interactions with key issues like healthcare All of CCPA’s trade writing is useful - another example Some is almost essential stuff to know to understand TISA. . Public Citizen has also got good content on TISA and its predecessor, GATS.

Another essential NGO for learning about trade is http://TNI.org . An example, Privatizing Europe Another, No Fracking Way… (about the TTIP energy deal and ISDS .


And one could learn enough to make a real decision if it was just published in full. Half truths are lies in my book and democracy does not work if truthful information is not available or kept from the public discourse.


Sen. Orrin Hatch truth you want the truth you can’t handle the truth.


“IT”? there are THREE OF THEM. Do you even see this?


So, you’re advocating to give up?


Yeah, they’ll do that. Open secret: Republicans don’t believe in government (no wonder so many of them are running for “president”), and yet, we are obligated to take them seriously, over and over again when, in fact and deed, they are very close to if not actually seditious.


people can read older FTAs that were public, and EU negotiating documents on the current FTAs. They areally should. They are not confidential and are published in parts - doing that you’ll soon realize that they have developed obfuscation (as well as the rationalization of exploiting as if it was money the measure of remaining expectations for behavior, the so called social contract and people’s natural tendency to give “leaders” the benefit of the doubt) to a high art.

For example, there is a good summarization short, concise in this document for the core rationale for “liberalizing services” (which will become part of TISA) I invite people to read the core rationale and comment here.