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GOP Budget Slashes Tax Rates for the 1 Percent, Safety Net for Everyone Else


GOP Budget Slashes Tax Rates for the 1 Percent, Safety Net for Everyone Else

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Revealing their commitment to ravaging critical safety net programs while accommodating corporations and the ultra-wealthy, the Republican-controlled House unveiled on Tuesday a budget proposal (pdf) that would undermine both Social Security and Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and prioritize tax cuts for the one percent—all while boosting defense spending.

The U.S. Senate, also majority Republican, is expected to introduce similar legislation on Wednesday.


I hope they use some “dynamic scoring” to determine how much this hurts the poor and the economy.


Republicans are acting as expected. How will Obama react, how will Dems react? The truly dissapointing aspect of these cuts is how many Dems will go along. Nobody in our Congress will propose defense cuts even though we have more aircraft carriers that we w
need,10, more horrendously expensive jet fighters,F35s that don’t meet spec, more tanks than we know what to do with. The price of empire, the price of war which will waste even more money is just on the horizon. Does anyone in this corrupt bought out corporate Congress of ours care? Apparently not. We truly are a facist state with the military industrial contractors calling the shots and their puppets, our “Representatives” servilely doing their will.


GOP. Reduce spending, cut benefit programs. Spend spend on police state and war. Any of you brain dead jerks don’t like this. Name the time and place and Ill say it to your face. You are ignorant slime.


Agreed. One would have to be mentally deficient - or a journalist - not to have expected this budget from the wackos.



But the republicans debt warriors were no where to be found when born again Bush gave us a huge tax break and 2 wars.


Even the brain-dead should know better than to vote for any of these terrorists – and yes, from the perspective of those 138,000 hungry and homeless children they are TERRORISTS!


Is it me our are these guys FUCKEDUP!


Too bad. The American people elected these republicans. The electorate has spoken, and they are getting exactly what they wanted. If the losers don’t like it, that’s nothing more than sour grapes. The losers had their chances, but did nothing. Now, no one wants them.


When if ever will the southern states stop voting in these billionaires prostitutes into the US congress totally to their own detriment over and over again. Why are the southerners so damn stupid? They’re taking the whole nation down into the gutter with them.


More evidence of the behavior of traitors. Who cares about ISIS or Putin? We’ve got Republicans on our own soil.


This shows that a proportion of the country, led by these Republicans are currently living outside all social/economic reality. It reads like a flat line, it is simply a very cheap recording that is being played. Specifics are not really even all that important-the entire package is simply nothing like the reality the country is facing. And generally these people know it and do not care.


Just look at Price standing with his chest pushed out (like a rooster) sporting a custom made cashmere suit ($3000) and linen shirt with French cuffs and monogram ($500 plus $1350 for gold cufflinks), hand-made Bally loafers (probably) ($2000), cashmere silk socks ($150 pr), silk underwear ($350), Brooks Brothers belt ($250) and silk tie ($250)… Can always tell a custom made suit as compared to one off the rack by the extra pocket (watch fob of yore) on right side above regular pocket. Too bad it does not fit him well…he only spent $7,850 on this outfit. How many meals would that buy for kindergartners and other children who qualify for the reduced school meal plans? He has no concept (nor does he care) about how the vast majority of Americans live…paycheck to paycheck worrying about what bill not to pay when utilities are so high as a result of this winter’s record-breaking snowstorms/low temperatures…as long as he is comfortable, nothing else matters. Such is the zeitgeist of the loathsome Repugnants…greed is good.


Yes, if Sean Hannity told them shooting themselves in the head would be good for them they’d…

Sorry, hold on. Got a small crisis here,


Too late.

Gotta call 911. Bye.


The number is closer to 1.6 MILLION and higher than it has ever been in American history. According to the Christian Science Monitor study in 2011, 1 out of every 45 children is homeless.

"North America is often regarded as the land of plenty, and yet HUNGER is still an issue that affects millions of Americans every year.

  • 1 in 6 Americans live on incomes that put them at risk for hunger.
  • Over 14 million American children rely on food banks for assistance.
  • Food insecurity exists in every single county in the United States.
  • A report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors found that only 11% of those requesting emergency food assistance were homeless.
  • In 2011, more than 31 million children lived on incomes that qualified them for free or subsidized lunches."


When someone new gets control of the state controlled electronics.


What else do you expect from Republicans? The Republican Party believes in social darwinism, and considers rich people as being the “deserving”. As for the rest of us, except for those who the rich hire to do the domestic chores and the “landscape work”, are simply a “waste of resources”…


That’s exactly what they’re doing-taking us into the gutter. They have not grown up. They are a very strange population that has excused itself forever due to wanting it their way, even if it is completely self destructive. With Jimmy Carter we got to see the good people, now we are forced to see Neil Young’s nightmare. The worst is yet to come. The problem is in part the dismissal of the Reagan era as not as bad as it really was, including the mainstream media, who gave him a pass during and after his time. Now people are willing to be victimized with their own hand at the ballot box.


they take care of their own
GOP Establishment Tax Plan …
zero taxes on dividends and capital gains
aka, another major tax break for the 0.1%

help us find updated information …

Percent of Income from Capital Gains and Dividends (2006)
Top 0.1% . 51.9
Top 1% … 38.2
Top 5% … 28.1
Top 20% … 18.8
Bottom 80% 0.7


I wish that they gave a sweet damn.