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GOP Bullies With Issues Really, Really Want to Go Back to the 1950s


GOP Bullies With Issues Really, Really Want to Go Back to the 1950s

In case you missed the sh#tshow that was the GOP House inquisition on Planned Parenthood and the notion that people with lady parts have a right to health care, a summary: For five hours, some hectoring, badgering, finger-pointing, misinformation-spreading, patronizing and seriously rude white guys obsessed with fetuses mindlessly accosted Cecile Richards for doing her job. Today, Congress continued funding them anyway.


Cecile Richards surely earned her 600,000 yesterday. Sneering, grinning, interrupting, snide Republicans hardly allowed a full sentence answer after lengthy, accusatory questions. My blood was boiling. Please, sisters, make note of who these SOB's were, and let's get them out of office. The Republican party seems to be burying itself: money for more war, against Latinos & immigration, and against women controlling their own bodies. Who do they expect to vote for them, or are they depending on paperless trail computer voting?


Yes -- Electronic voting machines -- hackable computers -- have given them a way to elect and re-elect themselves without any help from voters. These hackable computers began to come in during the mid and late 1960's and immediately the results were being questioned and investigated.

See: Votescam - The Stealing of America
You can read the book there free.

I doubt there ever was a Nixon "Southern Strategy" and that the plan was always to have hackable computers do the stealing for them.

There is only one way the right wing can rise and that's by violence, lies, deception, right wing propaganda, and stolen elections. We've had all of that.

The Democrats tell us they've been ignoring these stolen elections and hackable computers because if they began to investigate, the American public "may begin to think that our electoral system was dishonest." !!!

Btw, the LARGE computers used by MS came in during the mid-1960's and in 2000 we certainly got a clear idea of what they can do.

They are announcing winners of elections based on less than1% of the actual votes.

Germany has banned these hackable computers as "Un-Constitutional."

Good idea!


CHEERS for Cecile Richards --

and I certainly agree that what we saw was "rampant disrespect and misogyny which makes clear what this is really all about."

Seems clear that we have too many males and too many religious fanatics in Congress -- now 99% "Christian" and one-third Catholic.

Organized patriarchal religion has long had its own "War on Women" going on.
The Vatican still holds females as "inferior." It still does not acknowledge the full personhood of females as it acknowledges the full personhood of males.

Iow's, this male-supremacist religion is sexist -
its teachings long based in misogyny.

Why would anyone send their young children to be indoctrinated with this kind of thinking?


Richards' compensation package is in line with compensation packages for leaders of comparable organizations. Defunding womens' health programs and questioning Richard's compensation are issues that have no negative impact on the 99% and are red herrings to distract Americans from issues that ARE broadly negatively impacting the 99%.

Pay no attention to the Congressional Republicans picking your pocket with their left hand while scolding women (who want health care) with their right hands.