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GOP Climate Denial Puts "Future of Civilization at Risk"


GOP Climate Denial Puts "Future of Civilization at Risk"

Andy Rowell

Obama may be talking the climate change talk in Paris, but back home the Republican Party (GOP) is doing everything in its power to make sure there is no deal.


The Republicans are doing this mostly because of the political base that they now have. To explain this political base there has to be strong current in the American culture that makes mass denial of climate change possible. Basically, it is who we are, well at least some of us, fortunately not all us. But enough of us to undermine efforts to effectively address climate change. Denial of climate change by millions of Americans who are a big part of the political base of the Republican Party is not the only obstacle to effective action but it is one the major ones.


That deadly cynicism that rejects empathy and cooperation arises once again. It was there as Rome fell and there as Germany accepted the psychopathic ranting of the dictator Hitler.

A non specific cynicism - more of an underlying attitude that rejects feeling guilty for not wanting to care about others. A rejection of responsibility in favor of personal pleasure or comfort. We are not interested in helping so anything you ask we will say no.



Why do billionaires amass so much money yet watched millions starve year after year? They said that they weren't responsible. No legally they weren't. Ethically though?

That deadly cynicism that allowed food to be exported in huge quantities during the heights of the Irish Potato Famine! Legally they had the right to do it and they did.

Why do republicans blithely deny climate change?

They are cynics and actually don't care about how climate change with affect other people. An incapacity to empathize - a psychopathic sense of greed made manifest?

They simply don't care. If it profited them to believe that the moon was made of green cheese they would believe it wholeheartedly for they believe in nothing so a flippant belief in anything is possible when the truth is irrelevant.


GOP Climate Denial Puts "Future of Civilization at Risk"
If this wad of self serving political hacks is an example of what "civilization" has become perhaps we are better served without it. Can't lower corporate profits to insure a better future. Sad,sad, sad.


I think it is more about political survival. In 2008 they nominated a candidate for president who wanted to address climate change and some Republicans put out a policy based on building more nuclear power plants to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Since the rise of the Tea Party the voters have shifted even more to right and have forced the Republicans in that direction. I think the basic problem is the voters don't believe in climate change. They listen to people like Rush Limbaugh and believe the pseudoscience they are exposed to rather than believing real science.


I really disagree. I don't know anybody who seriously doubts climate change anymore. I do know people who oppose whatever liberals support so they talk up the peripheral denial points - everything from solar spots, natural cycles (something they have no idea of what that means and pray that you don't ask them to explain it lol),to the solar system is experiencing climate.change (Mars in particular... Which never fails to crack me up that they believe Mars has global warming.

They know but don't want to admit they know to a liberal. For them climate change is a political issue. The media is why. Even on National Public Radio they report daily temperatures which should be 10 to 15 degrees cooler for December as >>> "Another beautiful day." No context that it is too warm. The media pretends that global warming is an issue as well but not science. They offer no sense of urgency concerning it. So people pass it off because the media does.

Compare the WMDs/mushroom cloud urgency and that was all fake. The media is pushing the buttons which is logical to expect. The media connects us and shapes public opinion.

Media consolidation and the Patriot Act... They weren't playing around and knew what they were doing.


The polls must have told them that climate change is not real. Much like polls of the past which declared that the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe. It's the world of poll science. Scientists have the scientific method to determine the truth. Congress has the poll method to determine the truth. In their eyes, if the majority of people believe something, then it must be fact.


"The Republicans are doing this mostly because of the political base that they now have."

Well, yes, since their political base is the leadership of the war machine, the fossil fuel industry, the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) sector, the automobile industry, etc. The "have and have mores" as GWB famously quipped.

But certainly not in the sense that you mean. This evidences a deep lack of understanding on your part, as to what actually drives these fools to their horrifically destructive actions. The "strong current in American culture" you reference is DRIVEN BY these interests, which have poured massive resources into engineering this denial of climate change; NOT the other way around. You have it backwards.


"If it profited them..."

That's the key to the "mystery" of why they deny. They pander to the looters, and it DOES profit them.


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And that's why we have pollicy instead of policy.


Using anecdotal evidence to support a point in a discussion of scientific matters, LOL. I, on the other hand do happen to come across people who reject the idea so maybe time to get out and get in touch with a broader cross-section of the public.?
I think, at least some of, those who refuse to accept the science also reject evolution as well. To come face to face with these scientific truths would force them to look at their religion in a way that is apparently so extremely uncomfortable for them. that denial, even unto death, somehow seems preferable to them. IMHO.


To be fair, the GOPs mere existence puts civilization at risk.


Instead of going back 124 years, if you look at the glacial, ice-core record in Antarctica, going back several hundred thousand years, you find something quite different than the, no doubt, good doctor Frederich Karl Ewert discovered. Thanks to Dr. Claude Lorius for having given us this enlarged perspective.