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GOP Condemned for 'Playing With the Lives of 30 Million People' as Economic Recovery Sputters and Benefits Expire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/30/gop-condemned-playing-lives-30-million-people-economic-recovery-sputters-and


Those unemployed Kentucky residents in the photograph need to gather with their peers and swarm the homes of their two senators and tear their homes apart brick by brick and make them feel the People’s pain. Only then will the bastards learn. The Republican way is violence. It should be mirrored with force and no moral ambiguity.


Things are far worse out there than any Politico is admitting.
The new national pastime is whistling past the graveyard.


“Enhanced unemployment insurance benefits expire tomorrow because congressional Republicans failed to extend them.”

Bullshit. This horrible mess cannot be blamed on one party. The Democratic Party has been a disaster for decades, but its total ineptitude is on full display right now. We need a party to step forward with solutions, to be willing to ditch policies and institutions that clearly don’t work for most people and will not allow us to address society’s largest issues, and the Democrats have no interest in that because they know that what needs to be done is not in the interests of the corrupt individuals that run and fund that party. Pelosi had a ton of leverage, and everyone from her to Bernie just voted for a horrible corporate giveaway, and most Democrats are utterly indifferent to the suffering not only of working and poor people, but the victims of this irrational and inefficient healthcare system, and the dire condition of local and state governments. I see no red lines, no real demands, I see no coherent ideology or platform, no solutions to any of society’s problems, no policies that match the scale of the crises we are dealing with, no awareness of the mood of the country. I see an “opposition” party in the Democrats that cannot be doing a worse job, and I see no evidence among the so called leaders that they are aware of this or care. For fucks sake, some silly Democrats put a bill out there to get people legal help if they get evicted, and that help is capped. Why even propose such a ridiculous thing, when the entire focus should be on structural issues long in need of addressing?

Blaming this on one party is ridiculous, and I am sorry, but the actual left remains a joke because of this. As long as we operate largely in the Democratic Party, we will remain a nothing at the national level. We have to be willing to break away and deal with the whining of the bourgeois liberal types. This is your crappy party, your worthless think tanks, your right wing donor network, keep it. It is of no use to us and cannot be reformed. Not an easy task, but making that rotten party an actually progressive or radical party is a dream. Let’s grow up and realize that we have two enemies and an alternative party and infrastructure has to be built. If we don’t do that, we are toast, and we really don’t have tons of time. We are already collapsing, and the environmental crisis isn’t really here in full force yet.


Or making reservations in said graveyard. That’s pretty popular here, too.

Everything feels like death out here.


Two headed hydra that’s owned by oligarchs who’ve never done a hard day’s work in their lives. Hence, those that have worked at the jobs the rich kids refuse to do are expendable, have no worth. If they have no money saved to take care of emergencies, well, it’s their fault. To kill the hydra, that grows more heads when one is severed, you must aim for the heart. And who or what is the heart? The oligarchs that have owned our government from day one.
We must cut their supply chain in many different ways. First, call out their intertwined “think tanks” and how they own state governments(Direct quote from former Governor of Michigan, John Engler-"when the Mackinac Center tells is what to do, we obey. Does that sound like a democracy or even a republic?). Second, go local as much as possible. If you have no money, are you able to raise food or make clothes for others in return for mowing your yard? Better yet, tear up your monoculture lawn and turn it into a garden, both for food and for insect habitat. Recycle-if you have a tear or rip in a piece of clothing, repair it. If you don’t know how, ask an elder who still has this skill.
And go after every elected official at every level of government. Tell them you know who really owns them, and it’s not We The People, unless we’re billionaires. And we’re tired of being treated as being a drag on the bottom line. Called “takers”. Without us, none of these gonifs would survive.
One final note-the reason we’ve come to this point is the lack of unions. Not that they didn’t end up as an arm of the corporation, but a union as it was in the beginning. Where men and women literally put their lives on the line to force plutocrats to pay fair wages for work done, for a decent workweek that allowed time for life. We went down the wrong path when we linked health insurance and vacation time to individual corporations; those should have been federal mandates.
Hungry people become angry people, and angry people will steal and rise up. That’s what Portland and now Detroit was a preview of, how the Kakistocracy will crush us down to dust.


“The Republicans are playing with the lives of 30 million people,”

More succinct, politicians are playing with the lives of all peoples and the survival of humankind and the environment.
At this point the 1% appear to be victorious. But let’s be honest, no one ‘wins’ this type of battle.


The GOP heals act shorts the 99% while including $2 billion to rebuild the FBI headquarters across the street from Trump’s DC hotel, despite the FBI and other agencies’ data showing that to an inferior option and to be more expensive than relocating headquarters. Trump knows that FBI relocation will result in a competing hotelier buying the existing FBI site and constructing a hotel that competes with Trump’s operation. Trump wants taxpayers and displaced workers to pay dearly to keep his hotel’s monopoly.

When asked about this travesty, Moscow Mitch claimed he did not know it was in the heals act as his nose grew a little longer.


Portland and other cities, on the left coast, like Seattle, are in my view on the Trump’s agenda as a trial run for November.


The real estate people are hovering with saliva dripping off of their fangs, waiting for all of these foreclosed businesses and homes to appear on the market.


The sabotage of our economy and threats to millions is not by accident, but premeditated. People that control vast wealth always make more in crises, and the trump regime serves that predatory sector of treasonous greed-driven scum, not the public - never has.

What may be the worst aspect of trump/republicon conspiracy and undermining of society, is that when this regime is evicted we may see the same cowardice/complicity and failure as the great black hype, Obama, showed when he refused to hold people accountable, saying “we must look forward, not back” - well, it is forward now and the failure to hold torturers and war criminals accountable then, set the stage for corrupt politicians, corporations, the war-machine, bankers, wall Street, insurance and big-pharma parasite thieves, environmental rapists and polluters, and many others.to show contempt for society and Common Good now - lack of accountability then led directly to today’s crimes and contempt for the law, and that must not be tolerated or accepted again!


Funny thing, while their individual economy isn’t robust by any means, I doubt they’re seeing these woeful reports regarding present and future circumstances in say, Germany, S.Korea or Japan today.
I can’t find a news article telling me that 11-12 million German people, 10 million Japanese or 6 million S. Koreans are about to get thrown out of their housing. And, have their credit rating destroyed, etc. etc. etc.
The U.S. of A. is showing the world its’ " Exceptionalism " again. Isn’t it just amazing?


Camus wrote about how and why human beings ignore a plague, but I never actually read that book. In both cases, human nature hasn’t changed.

Level 1: the plague is in some other country. Meh.

Level 2: The plague is in your region but nobody that you know has gotten it. Meh.

Level 3: The plague is reportedly picking up steam and will continue to get worse, they say. Some people will take a couple of precautions, others won’t.

Level 4: Somebody you have actually heard of got the plague but didn’t die yet. Advocate mildly for public health measures. Pooh-pooh the idea that the plague is worse than the flu.

Level 5: Somebody died. Start quarantining yourself, mostly.

Level 6: You may or may not have been personally exposed. Write your will just in case.

There’s a level 7 but oddly enough you don’t have to worry about that.

Moscow Mitch needs to understand that the covid pandemic never did peak and even today the covid has yet to peak nationally. There were a couple of bumps and little valleys on the way up, that’s it. After peak infection, expect an infection ratio R of something like 0.9. We’ve already seen an extremely tedious tail to the pandemic in all of the good states.

In September the NFL starts up and schools open. No, the schools will probably stay with distance learning. Your best option is to take your kids to the library and stock up like crazy every week - may they become voracious readers for the time being. Arithmetic-friendly board games will be helpful.

So the answer is, no, the pandemic won’t get out of the way of American business tomorrow, or the next day.


From The Lincoln Project"


And from a paper for these parasites:



Between a rock and a hard place, no, between donkeys and elephants. Voting has become a catch 22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Republicans are experts at imploding, while Democrats have perfected the art of finishing second in a race to a bunch of kooks (just ask Hillary). The cumulative ignorance of the American people is eating them alive!

‘Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and somehow expecting different results.’ - RMB


All the Dems have to do is delay their recess next week, and if the GOP then does nothing and goes off on their recess the following week, the GOP may then lose all 50 states.


Why does it feel that America is going run out of coffins soon.

The god of capitalism demands sacrifices.


And with the multi trillions the Dems voted with the GOP to give them they have more than enough money to buy everything up without even being phased monetarily.


US America is receiving the same treatment as Puerto Rico.