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GOP Congressman Yoho Overheard Calling Ocasio-Cortez 'F**king B*tch' After Accosting Her on Capitol Steps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/gop-congressman-yoho-overheard-calling-ocasio-cortez-fking-btch-after-accosting-her


What can you say. The hatred is beyond repair in the USA now. It always has been there but now the masks of civility are completely gone. I truly hope I am wrong, but another bloody civil war is unfolding right now in the USA. I still can recall when that sniveling sneering satanic sociopath Dick Cheney told Pat Leahy to go fuck himself on the Senate floor. Gotta love the party of family values and god. At least they tell you right up front how they feel about you when they can no longer keep their masks on.


Lol so glad to see all these men showing who they really are; believe them. This is who they are; this one got called out but his weenie guy friend heard nothing. Hilarious. This is NOT how you stand up to bullies—by pretending you are deaf. All cheers for AOC for not being frightened or intimidated but getting angry because anger is a great motivator for action (not violent, mind you).


Tanning beds, so folks can look more like those they hate…


Wear it as a badge of courage. They are terrified not only of the monster they support but what is yet to come.


My great friend, who is always right, predicted another civil war, fomented by the weak and victimized and unloved president. She is (almost) always right and she says it’s coming. I hope not but the hatred pouring forth is disheartening. Look at what that deranged, trump loving guy did to Judge Salas’ son! Murderer and a coward. The cheetoh chimp, (yes, I’m not feeling generous today) fans the flames of derision and hate. May god have mercy on our souls.


Exactly. Don’t they see the contradiction? A tan indicates having the leisure to get said tan. Most folks are working hard and taking care of family business and don’t have the leisure to lounge around for hours working on their glorious tans. That’s what a tan says to the world. They do not want to be other than white, just a more palatable white.


If she’s never “experienced that kind of disrespect” she’s obviously not a real New Yorker.

A civil war we do not need. Like our last one, it didn’t bring people together in any meaningful way.

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Congrats on missing the obvious bigger picture here. If you are a Republican, I am sorry, you are a horrible, soulless asshole, and often an ignorant one. I have no love for most Democrats, but Republicans just seem to want the whole fucking world to burn down because of how miserable most of them are. Instead of just offing themselves, they want to take us all with them.


Representative Yoho is 65 years old. He represents the people of North Central Florida, the Gainesville area. I want to deconstruct Representative Yoho’s sexism.

Use of the F-word typically implies that the function of women is for men’s temporary pleasure, at least as far as the speaker is concerned.

The B-word refers to a female dog. Inferring that people (women only in this case) are animals, and worthy only of being treated as animals, is a tactic of group degradation. As used by U.S. Representative Yoho, it applies to all women. It was directed at Representative Ocasio-Cortez to imply that Representative Yoho could just as easily apply it to any other woman who didn’t treat him with male privilege.


And of course, animals too should not be “treated as animals” in that sense.


That’s true. Animals also have feelings and can get damaged fairly badly by abuse and cruelty.


Most people would not, do not, want a civil war. But the far right is collectively insane, heavily armed, and many of them are suffering. Were so before COVID-19, are more so now. And, per usual, the right wing propaganda that fills their heads with nonsense gets them to not attack the rich and powerful screwing them over, but vulnerable populations that have nothing at all to do with their struggles. Our society is breaking down, and it is breaking down because of the very right wing and neoliberal policies we have implemented for decades. We aren’t even really dealing with the environmental crisis yet, it is just getting started. I don’t think we are set up well. Let’s say Biden wins, hope he does ultimately because of how bad Trump is. But, he offers no solutions, is openly corrupt. So, he gets power, doesn’t really solve anything, things get progressively worse, and in four years time is someone like Trump or worse more or less likely? And who is the person that party would want us to rely on to beat that monster back? Harris, or someone similar. Again, if things don’t radically change, we’re fucked. Yugoslavia in the 80’s and 90’s. Get active, get busy, organize, and when it comes to electoral politics, we gotta get better people into power. These people are collectively worthless.


That may be be too astute for some to handle Joan.
There are way too many comparisons we could make. So I won’t pick one.

Yoho is simply using backyard beer talk. Not pleasant to here in the general public spaces.

There is no way not to love this woman. You’ve got to be doing something right to get this kind of reaction.
Frankly, this is vile and if it continues or comes from the public, then 24 hour security is warranted for AOC. Send Yoho the bill. So much for lawmakers leading by example, (actually that’s the problem).


That SB yaho need a 2x4 upside his rotten disrespectful head! Damn pig must pay!
Of course that’s the mindset and behavior of all today’s ill-educated and extremist R’Con politicians - no respect, no empathy, and no class!
AOC in contrast has all the qualities - especially class! - most politicians of today lack - my great respect to her !


The right-wing supporters are brainwashed. Trump would openly deny a six inch wart on his nose, making himself look ridiculous to most of us.

Since this was posted, it has come out the supposed clueless ReThug congressional bystander also hurled insults at AOC. Having seen her speak at a Bernie rally in Venice Beach, CA at the start of this year, I can see where the invective comes from: she scares the living shit out of these racist fossils. GOOD!