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GOP Congressman Yoho Overheard Calling Ocasio-Cortez 'F**king B*tch' After Accosting Her on Capitol Steps

A sarcastic remark, I trust, considering the numbers of dead were pretty meaningful when the opposing armies came together.

That was my first thought, “they are terrified”. I’m scared too but only the dying animal named GOP.


Consider the source folks, a cowardly GOP Trumpster.

They’re vocabularies are limited to their low IQs.

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Happy Anniversary Dipper!

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Poor Yoho… (What is that, btw, a “Yoho”…well, whatever it may be, he certainly is one) the mere existence of AOC is an affront to his privilege, how did these women get into Congress anyway, esp. the unwhite ones? Don’t know their place, obviously. We have so many Yoho’s in this country! Could that account for the state we are in?


Yes, Joan! Like I have posted before; if we Progressives do not destroy the Republican Party Fascists… they will surely destroy us and what is happening with this GOP attack on AOC and in Portland, Oregon proves it!


You Only Hate Once? You Only Hurl Opprobrium? You Only Hurt Others?


Yohos and Yoos too. Despicable both/all


Typical white American male behavior towards outspoken women of color.
I’m willing to bet Yoho masturbates vigorously while fantasizing about raping AOC, Ilhan, etc.

No offense, white people, but your people are petty to the point of it being pretty pathetic.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. When politicians deny that, it’s where the problems arise.
I guess some of us are getting too uppity for some right-wing-nuts to handle.


Yes, gandolf, the needs of the many must outweigh greed and accumulation of vast wealth by corrupting government - and corrupting the Common Good by the few.
“From each according to their ability; to each according to their needs”.


I call for immediate resignation of Yoho and urge congresswoman Cortez to file a formal complaint stating verbal assault and character defamation.

Oh yeah, like cops protecting the brotherhood while one has a knee on a neck the others stand guard to ensure by standers won’t interfere.

My, my, talk about thin skinned elephants. Yoyo had no coherent come back in face of the truth, so, of course, he resorts to the republican manual, page 1, “when losing attack.” A woman with brains is just too much for these mindless pachyderms. Go get’em girl!


This is exactly what I know to be the truth of any Rethuglicon: Rethuglicons hate women, love guns.

I have always known this truth about anyone in that soulless party. And as for Rethuglicon women, there is an awful lot of self-loathing, that women are 2nd class citizens and they accept it.

AOC is all class. She is more dignified than I would be.

Flush all the Rethuglicons down the toilet as far as I’m concerned. Fascists they are.


All except the “pachyderms” part !!
And we know that most people who always vote republican are not ashamed of yoho. They have no shame. In fact, suspect a lot of them are downright proud of him.

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Corporation extremists now have control of our SCOTUS, POTUS and Senate. “Its” loathesome intentions for empire dominance of America (and of course the entire world) unveiled “its” corporate racist “self” in Portland. To think “left” or “right” - “conservative” or “liberal” are outright lies anymore, for anyone who has been paying attention! I believe we’re in for an awful eye-opener election year, where we will witness many such attacks (as on the Hon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)! Laid bare so as to display to the fascist base inbedded in our Beloved Community: Progressives, #BlackLivesMatter, 1st Nation Peoples, Hispanics, LGBQT, Asians, Poor and Disabled! The #StrikeForBlackLives yesterday, Monday July 20, 2020 marks the building of a LOVE WALL! Yes, a damn “Good Trouble” Loving Human Circle! To stamp out the evil of fascism’s exclusion of hate. Perhaps every Monday in remembrance of George Floyd for 8 mins+46 secs!


We should finish the first one before starting a second one. The Confederacy has never gotten over the first one and they keep fighting it over and over again like groundhog day.

Project much?

And…Yoho will be re elected in a landslide.
And therein lies the problem.