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GOP Congressman Yoho Overheard Calling Ocasio-Cortez 'F**king B*tch' After Accosting Her on Capitol Steps

Damned straight the hatred is beyond repair. So-called fellow progressives here on CD attack me! If Ted Yahoo came anywhere near me, I’d punch him purely out of reflex.

So, is AOC pressing charges against Ted Yahoo? She should. I bet she could get her legal fees to do so funded on a GoFundMe in a heartbeat.


How shallow are you? I’m smart enough to figure out that she means she’s never experienced that kind of disrespect OPENLY FROM OTHER REPRESENTATIVES. Obviously, you aren’t.


A civil war would mean HUGE profits for the firearms industry. This pandemic brought in great profits for the firearms industry. When Obama got elected, the same thing happened. Think about it.

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Better to the point: Representative Yoho =

-or perhaps-

Your Orifice Hurls Obscenities


His name is Yoho?
He’s a Republican congressman from Florida?
Forgive me while I laugh.
This feels like it’s straight out of The Onion.


Translate into English please.

Simple, it means you project your own insecurities, and hatred on to others.

Insecure? How would you know that, and what exactly am I insecure about? What type of person comes to a site like this, says a dumb comment, then makes some silly comment as if you know anything about me? All I know is that you tend to take dumps in the comment section here. As far as I can tell, across the board the right supports policies that have made the country far worse off. I can point to data, and the right denies science and almost always attacks vulnerable populations and shields sociopath oligarchs from criticism. You add to your dumb comment by saying another dumb comment. Kind of obvious you have taken it personal, which is actual projection.


I try not to judge people by their looks, but he sure looks like a nasty, mean, redneck fucker.


Probably it doesn’t matter, but I wondered if this rude and mouthy misogynist professed any religious faith. His “Full Biography” on his congressional website doesn’t list a religion. So I guess Yoho can continue to be a rude and mouthy misogynist and no repercussions.

This reminds me of an incident the late Senator Harold Hughes experienced early in his Senate career in 1969. He had seconded the nomination of peace candidate Sen Gene McCarthy at the tumultuous 1968 Democratic Convention, and that led to this encounter, from his autobiography, “The Man from Ida Grove”(pp 14-15):

“I looked across the aisle to see a silver-haired senator whom I recognized from newspaper pictures. I reached out my hand and greeted him, 'Hello. I’m Harold Hughes of Iowa.”
The man stared at me through cold glassy eyes and snapped, ‘I don’t like you, you s-- of a b----.’
I was stunned. The man continued glaring at me.
‘Senator,’ I gulped, ‘you don’t even know me.’
He leaned forward. ‘I know everything about you, you s-- of a b----, and I don’t like you.’
I tried to smile. ‘Well, Senator, maybe if you give me a little time, you might get to like me.’
‘Anybody who would nominate Gene McCarthy for president has to be some sort of a g-- d— nut,’ he spat. …
The sharp rapping of the gavel called the chamber to order, and the room hushed."

Alexandria, you’re in good company.


Though they might look more like Trump in skin tone…

Shouldn’t that be Yahoo??

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Then again, maybe not. Last December Yoho announced he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2020.

This Florida Republican asshole should be hauled up before the House for “unparliamentary behavior”. The House should censure him and he should be ordered to apologize to AOC on the House Floor ON RECORD. The more I see who Floridians vote for to represent them (Gaetz, DeSantis, Yoho), the less respect I have for them. Is this the best they can do? And to think Florida is an important state when it comes to determining Presidential elections. I think our country is made up of a lot of stupid people.


From time to time over decades and decades we’ve gotten a real look
into just what the GOP is made of and it’s mostly ugliness like this -
And this kind of ugliness seems to be an every day part of their political
and private lives. And I think Cohen is trying to tell us that, as well.

Always seems to be a willingness to cheat to enrich themselves – and
so amazingly (like Trump, again) revealing themselves and accusations
against them by projecting those accusations onto others.

It’s a party of sociopaths, celebrating their sickness.
And it will continue on unless we all stand up against it – reply to it –
and work to get them out of Congress.

I don’t think we talk about it enough – we live in likely the most violent nation
in the world – with the biggest stick/MIC – and our own NSA which we fund
spies on us every day 24/7. Our government’s main business is hurting people
in other nations - bombing them – destroying their lives and their children –
destroying their cities and their homes. Causing them to live constantly in FEAR.
And they’re very much doing the same thing to us here.
Bless Bernie Sanders and even better, Barbara Lee for calling for de-funding this
perpetual killing machine.

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