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GOP-Controlled House Passes Bill to Eviscerate Nation's Marine Ecosystems, Fisheries


GOP-Controlled House Passes Bill to Eviscerate Nation's Marine Ecosystems, Fisheries

Jon Queally, staff writer

Conservations, scientists, and members of fishing communities and industry expressed outrage and disappointment after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that experts warn will set the nation's fishing industry back decades by eviscerating protections that have made U.S. fisheries more sustainable and undermining the health of marine ecosystems as well as the communities that live off the ocean.


Another carefully crafted vote by the Uni-Party.


Who are the “special interests” that benefit from overfishing and destroying a sustainable industry? I’d like to know so I can boycott their products.


As this bill is a production of that Alaska fossil Don Young, I would surmise folk$ like Ty$on and other major commercial fi$hing player$.

Hey, at least it applies only to the USA’s ocean. Right?


Whitney Webber sez: “Congress has allowed special interests to trump science, leaving future generations of fishermen, seafood consumers and ocean enthusiasts to pay the price.”

I believe she may be referring to this little gem from the bill’s summary (emphasis mine):

“NOAA must develop guidelines that will incorporate data from private entities into fishery management plans.”


Meanwhile in the oceans near Seattle, the Orca are disappearing and not breeding. Starvation is suspected.


Who are these depraved idiot people? Morons and worshipers of Mammon! They clearly have no background in science or environmental matters, only apparently they are political creatures dedicated to exploitation to extinction and profits generated by and for vulture capitalism. The joke is that sooner or later (much sooner) they will be impacted by their own stupidity and ignorance, along with their families…unfrelling believable!!


Nine dim Dems voted with the R’s on this. What the actual hell?
Collapse is ratcheted up by huge factors now, and add into the mix off-shore drilling plans…and more sonar testing by the Navy…


Straight from the corp. handbook: There’s not a system on earth we can’t screw up in the name of greed.


This must be the era of the selfish individual, epitomized by republicans and by elitist know nothing democrats.


Republicans show absolutely no propensity for learning from history.
Fisheries protections weren’t put in place “to hobble businesses.”
There’s a lot that can be said on this topic but to put it simply: the industry will harvest itself out of business as it has done in the past without gov’t resource management and harvesting guidelines.
My state’s oyster populations are still recovering from over-harvesting.
I hate that I have to buy out-of-state oysters whenever I want to buy some.
I want fish. Fishermen want to stay in business. Therefore, gov’t regulations are a win-win for all of us!