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GOP-Controlled House Seeks to Quell Floor 'Disruptions' With Fines and Penalties


GOP-Controlled House Seeks to Quell Floor 'Disruptions' With Fines and Penalties

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Democratic lawmakers are reportedly "apoplectic" over a proposed new House rules package that would impose fines and potential ethics violations on members who "disrupt" chamber proceedings.


And here is another fascist attempt on their part:


Because, democracy.


This move is unacceptable. Rather than talk about the gun issue, the big issue is the attempt to silence dissent from any source, including other Senators and Representatives.
We pay for the buildings everyday and we have a right to see what is going on in our government. I fear, but I truly hope Democrats are getting ready to fight these fools in every way possible. Repubs seem to be able to find obscure laws to push their way on everyone else, the Dem's better get creative and dig deeper to stop this mess or their jobs can be eliminated.
Remember it's democracy the Repubs would like to do away with. Looks like they want to start in the halls of congress along with us.


I saw this recently. As vindictive as the Repugs are I wouldn't be surprised if they don't try this on anyone receiving checks of any kind from the government that are or are accused of participating in dissent. It's past surreal. I'm starting to think they want to start a revolution here. People will not take this lying down, we didn't elect a dictator. Or I should say, his supporters didn't.
We aren't Egypt where they've had a dictator or the like for as long as they can remember. In America we were raised with The Dream and the feeling of exceptionalism. If they think it will be easy to dislodge Americans from the right to protest and disagree they may be in for a shock. Americans are packing too and are already mad as hell about the oppression creep that's palpable across the country.
Overreach is the path to destruction and the Grand Ole Party is close to total destruction, both parties are, really. Right now they're making all these grandiose plans like we're not even here. WTF Do they really think that because they want it it's going to happen? Overreach!


It amuses me to think that anyone would believe that Democrats "...are getting ready to fight these fools in every way possible." Democrats lie down, take their whipping and then go right back to facilitating the fascist takeover. Democrats "reach across the aisle." Republicans bite the hand, so they reach across again.

Way past time for a new progressive party.


Looks like the Fourth Reich nightmare is just starting!


It is hard to blame the Democrats for being frustrated because the Republicans refuse to bring important issues like gun control up for a vote. I am not crazy about sit-ins on the floor of the House although the sit-in last year was something to see. But in the end it did not seem to accomplish anything. The only good answer for the Democrats is to win back a majority in the House. This will take hard work and it probably isn't too early to start looking for good candidates..


You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

And if you think my opinion is disrespectful; then so is Noam Chomsky's :
" it is very similar to the late Weimar Germany. The parallels are striking."


I think Jesse Ventura had it correct when he compared politics to professional, wrestling.


That' Truth Out article is one of the more disgusting things I've read in a while. It sounds to me like it was a local official who did it. I wonder if there's a law about filing a false report with SSA like that. There should be.


The disrespect you're arguing for I believe is covered by the necro-approved desire to use bloody events to prevent future such things. I think the "Fourth Reich" classification has more to do with the absorption of Operation Paperclip scientists after WWII, the hegemonic/megalomaniacal expansion of US military might, the adoption of Bernays' conspicuous consumption ideology (consumption is extra belts for the Military machine to run on), Operation Mockingbird, decades of corporate collusion leading to this unbelievably corroded administration, and an expanded surveillance state, and now anti-"propaganda" HQ, to manufacture what "we" know. You can't complain when people make Hitlerian/Nazi/Reich comparisons because Hitler would be jealous of Trump, and that is what we have to focus on.


So its ok for gov't shutdowns that cost taxpayers, but not ok for a sit-in...huh, imagine that. Sounds to me someone's got the case of the "Whiny Baby Syndrome".


Diggin that you know of Bernays :slight_smile: Wish more people knew of the nephew to Sigmund Freud and his direct influence on our gov't starting with Woodrow Wilson. And making the term of "public relations" to rebrand the term "propaganda". He is the readon the War Department was rebranded to the Defense Department. Wish more people knew about this stuff.


"Such action could lead to potential referral to the Committee on Ethics and sanctions against members,...."
Let's refer the whole corrupt House crew to the People's Committee on Ethics and put them in jail for ten or twenty years.


Hmmm. Money is speech, but protests are not?


So true. Sadly, there's not much hope for the Dim's to do the right thing. If they had been what they said they were we wouldn't be here now.


Bernie will continue to hold their feet to the fire. Ron Wyden will on some issues and Jeff Merkley is right behind Bernie.

I know I hope for dems to do the right thing and in most cases they don't but we do get crumbs.


Hey, look! All of a sudden, the principled Democrats are concerned about openness and stuff. Where were these partisan clowns when Oily Bomber was cracking down on whistleblowers, withholding information from courts, and rejecting freedom of information requests?

[[ Along with others, I've spent the last four years documenting the extreme, often unprecedented, commitment to secrecy that this president has exhibited, including his vindictive war on whistleblowers, his refusal to disclose even the legal principles underpinning his claimed war powers of assassination, and his unrelenting, Bush-copying invocation of secrecy privileges to prevent courts even from deciding the legality of his conduct (as a 2009 headline on the Obama-friendly TPM site put it: "Expert Consensus: Obama Mimics Bush On State Secrets"). Just this week, the Associated Press conducted a study proving that last year, the Obama administration has rejected more FOIA requests on national security grounds than in any year since Obama became president, and quoted Alexander Abdo, an ACLU staff attorney for its national security project, as follows:

"We've seen a meteoric rise in the number of claims to protect secret law, the government's interpretations of laws or its understanding of its own authority. In some ways, the Obama administration is actually even more aggressive on secrecy than the Bush administration." ]]


Yes, the US Government had such respect for those killed by the Nazi regime in an attempt to never be associated with them , not only did they import some 2000 Nazi party members into the USA so as to help wage a Cold War against the nation that suffered the most deaths to those Nazis even as said nation was the one most responsible for defeating those Nazis the US government modelled their only laws after 9/11 on the enabling acts the Nazis passed after the Reichstag fire.

If the US Government does not want to be compared to the Fascists, they should stop acting like them.