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GOP-Controlled Senate Passes 'Disaster' Budget


GOP-Controlled Senate Passes 'Disaster' Budget

Jon Queally, staff writer

After an all-night session known as a "vote-a-rama" in the U.S. Senate, the Republican-controlled chamber passed a budget bill early Friday morning that Democrats, all of whom voted against it, decried as a "disaster" for the economy and the American people. Outside critics were quick to assail the budget, which would cut federal spending by $5.1 trillions over ten years, as a preliminary blueprint for dismantling key programs of the nation's social safety net while immediately gutting other key public services such as education, healthcare, and transportation projects.


Um, Mr. Sanders, how many minimum wage earners do you think actually gets scheduled to work 40 hrs/wk? Don’t you know that employers are very careful to not work their employees more than 32 hrs /wk to avoid having to treat them like full time employees and have to give them benefits like vacation time? Otherwise, employers who do work their employees 40+ hrs/wk tend break the law and don’t pay overtime or provide benefits and never have to answer to the law for it. You did know that didn’t you? Geez, I’m wasting my time here.


“Disaster” as in “Disaster Capitalism”. A must-read by Ms. Klein.

But the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” Kabuki politics continues from both Dem and Rep sides of the spectrum. There is no lesser evil. Only differently branded iterations of exactly the SAME evil.

The Dem/Rep emperors have no clothes. Their naked greed and aggression is on full display for all who do not look away from the ugliness of the US/NATO body politic and corporate.


You got it geez,

It’s worse than buying a used car surrounded by fake customers. Repuke or Dem, there is no difference. They both prostitute themselves to Lobbyists who bribe them with huge suitcases full of cash.


The 60 vote senate exists to allow Dems to spew progressive knowing it will not pass and they will continue to collect their payoffs from the while making the public think they are trying to help main street. They all belong to the same country club and main stream Americans ain’t allowed. This senate game allows senators to hide their real allegiance.


Democrats have been playing rope-a-dope since the 2000 coup d’etat. When Pelosi isn’t taking liberal policies “off the table” Harry Reid is making sure republican austerity policies prevail.


You just nailed it! Like I have been saying for a long time, the dems are the fake opposition party for the sheeple. The oligarchs control both parties and I am sure they would tell you that the best way to control the opposition is to have a fake opposition party!

The oligarchs biggest fear is that the American people see through this façade and throw out both parties of the 1% oligarchs and form a vast coalition third party of Republicans, Democrats, left, right, conservatives,liberals, LGBT, ect. In other words, a party of the 99%. But alas, until the vast majority of Americans in both parties, realize they are being screwed by the most corrupt 1%…nothing will ever change. It will always be the same kabuki dog and pony show financed by the plutocrats, like the Koch Brothers and their ilk.


As I have stated many times on this forum that Obama the Consummate Con Artist with his Senate cohort Harry Reid intentionally formed a voting block of Republicans with Corporate Democrats to block any potential progressive legislation by Harry Reid’s acceptance of the tweeted procedural veto threat.

I remember at the very first opportunity after becoming Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid announced to any open microphone he could find that any legislation would need 60 votes to pass.

As I predicted upon Republicans gaining the slim majority, that they would be passing legislation on a simple majority vote.

Ain’t that something?

Didn’t any Democrats tweet a procedural filibuster?


The French hate the Yugloslavs/ The Yugoslavs hate the Dutch/ and I don’t like anybody very much.


Passed with a 52 to 46 Majority. When the Dems. had a majority they needed 60 votes to pass anything. Obviously, the fix is in.


OMG!!! This is a travesty!!! Where can I send money to Clinton 2?!?!?!


Budget resolutions cannot be filibustered. The resolutions have no force of law, and they are not signed by the President. This is per the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974.


The fix is certainly in, but since 1974, budget resolutions have not been subject to the filibuster.


Point taken, however soon enough you will see right wing bills passed by 52 votes with no Democrats tweeting a procedural filibuster threat.


The Clinton New Democrat Party took the lead, passing more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have dreamed possible. (Tragically, this issue doesn’t fit into a brief paragraph, but…) What came to be called AFDC was actually first written into FDR’s Social Security Act. Clinton got rid of that and began similarly dismantling Social Security – one part at a time, targeting the disabled. Reportedly, the New Democrats in Congress are planning to move in for the kill, targeting the disabled again as a necessary step toward ending Social Security retirement. Meanwhile, the media marketed to libs maintains their pep rally for whatever remains of the middle class.


Odd. Why do some people think those who deeply oppose Clinton must be right wingers, when Clinton has consistently supported the right wing agenda? I urge all potential voters to do the research for themselves, for example, Googling “Hillary Clinton and the TPP.”

Besides that, VP Joe Biden will be the candidate. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course, splitting Dem voters to guarantee a 2016 Republican victory. I would question your implied support for Clinton.


“Spew progressive…” what? What are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything progressive come from the Democrats in years. As for Main Street, it has been filled with empty storefronts for years, largely as a result of an agenda supported by the middle class. What do you think a progressive socioeconomic agenda would look like? I guarantee that it is not the same thing as merely maintaining a pep rally for the better off, the middle class.


Same thing as the call for revolution. If we had a revolution, who would fight whom? What the rich are now doing to the middle class is what the middle class already did to the poor.


They talk like they are for and are going to help the people when they have no intention to do so because they will never let any such proposal breach their safety net of 60 votes. They are free to fool the people with talk and collect from the corporate and military interests they really represent.