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GOP Coronavirus Relief Package to Include Romney Bill That Would 'Fast-Track Social Security and Medicare Cuts'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/gop-coronavirus-relief-package-include-romney-bill-would-fast-track-social-security


But…but…I thought Ronald Reagan told us that all we had to do was heap all the rewards of our capitalist society onto wealthy people and their corporations and they would take care of us. With those pesky government regulations and taxes out of the way they would be able to provide wonderful healthcare and retirement benefits to all Americans. And they would do it not out of the goodness of their hearts, but because the “market” called for it.

I know, I spit my cofeffe across the room after I wrote that.


Please name the 5 Democrats who went along with this - NEVER let them off the hook and never let their names be forgotten.


Interesting that fast tracking with a 45 day deadline puts completion before the election circumventing the presidential and senate vote leaving the current extreme right GOP. In charge and protest of injustice and inequality, demanding change, holding an empathy bag in the streets.


Wholly contemptuous of the Social Contract are these scoundrels and Uncle Joe is on the record it seems as not being too protective of SS himself. Sigh, another LOTE vote it must be…


This proves that just because you voted to impeach on one count, you are still GOP scum and only care about the 1% and Corporations. Romney is no better than any other GOP Elected or Selected member and should be purged from all government.



Ah yas, Mitt Romney. The ‘carve-out’ king; the bain of legitimate locally engaged principles of commerce.

From wiki on Romney’s business history:
[ ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_career_of_Mitt_Romney ]

"Economist Steven Kaplan would later say, “Romney came up with a model that was very successful and very innovative and that now everybody uses.” Kaplan argues that, “Bain Capital and Romney delivered spectacularly well for their customers, better than other [private equity] firms that on average outperformed the public markets. Today, those customers include the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.” (emphasis added)

In contrast to economist Kaplan, the author and polemicist Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine paints a less favorable portrait of Romney’s business career (Taibbi also disparages Romney as “self-righteously anal, thin-lipped, [and] Whitest Kids U Know”). According to Taibbi, toward the middle of his career at Bain Capital, Romney moved away from helping startups, and moved toward leveraged buyouts which involved borrowing money to take over established companies in order to extract as much value as possible from those targeted companies. Taibbi calls this “financial piracy”, while acknowledging that Romney’s leveraged buyouts were not hostile takeovers, and also conceding that some of Bain’s work was not “evil” (such as Bain’s successful turnaround of Experian). Taibbi blames the U.S. tax code for making leveraged buyouts possible by allowing companies like Bain to deduct interest on debt they use to acquire targets, and also by allowing individuals like Romney to pay much less than the ordinary tax rate on income. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Romney likely did not participate in the latter tax rate reductions. (emphasis added)

Romney primarily made his fortune at Bain Capital from 1984 to 1999, a fortune estimated to be worth between $190 million to $250 million."

Note Romney’s and his particular societal stratum’s history and reputation right at the edge (if not over) of playing the system. A parallel time line of legislative activity that changes legal markers so that methods known as ‘hostile takeover’ can gain another name, would require another search.

Whoever his media advisors are, he keeps an exceptionally low profile these days, which can be interpreted in politics that it is time to be very aware of his track record and who his buds are in his doings.

First cannibalize the unionized teachers who assiduously pay into solid retirement funds by handing them over to vultures… now the mutation of these practices medicare. And of course, there is the travesty of these vultures conniving over the US Postal Service

Romney took the lesson from lobbyists - like the rest of his cronies - to buy legitimacy through philanthorpy. It is time to call it what it is: paying organization hundreds of thousands of dollars - and more often than not millions - to buy a media veneer. This is where the “middle class” comes in. All of this is puppet strings of silencing any who actually place their “upward mobility” (into what is the salient question at this point) in jeopardy by accurately defining the practices leading to the “wealth” (ill gotten gains) percentage that is “tithed” to church and payed to 501-c3 outfits that should not require the stain of what would be a conflict of interest were the full story of the origins of the donations laid out in full.

can you say ‘weaponization of commerce’?


It never ends with these wealthy a-holes.


Why these folks are called parasites.


And they (GOP) are so ahead of everyone else. Like The Donald, he knew all about Covfefe long before the Chinese did. The Chinese (because their best English is reserved for tiny, tiny, tiny print device manuals for goods at WalMart) mispelled Covefefe as COVID. If they’d just kept The Donald’s spelling he could have told them how to cure it.
His daughter, I-wanna-a, has the recipe. Just ask Jerod.


Of course Romney is scum; there is a reason many empires executed people who betrayed their enemies’ kings. If they would not remain loyal to their own side, why would you expect them to ever be loyal to others?

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If I have the right bill (S.2733), the DINOs were the usual suspects: Manchin (WV), Jones (AL), Synema (AZ), Warner (VA), and King (ME–nominally an I)


Bill Black, lawyer, economics professor and former Director of Litigation for the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (Reagan admin) during which he investigated companies, wrote a great book whose title tells it all, “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry.” (2cnd edition 2014 - I got the 1st edition some years ago but can’t find it now)
If you read the book you get all the great juicy details (Charles Keating figures among many others). The title alone tells you everything. I love the title.


Rmoney typifies the attitude of the rich. If they don’t need some societal good themselves, they do their damnedest not to pay for it.

Another guy who needs to have a guillotine rolled up on his front lawn some morning, just to see the look on his face.


Everything else is blatant diversion. Hey, LOOK over HERE!
The Distractor-in-Chief is going to WAR with America! WE need to learn to FEEL our pockets being picked by our side.







The GOP is a suicide-death cult.
The Republican ‘brain’ has a perverse NEED to see others hurt and hurting. It makes THEM feel better about themselves. They are hardwired this way and simply can’t help it. They are emotionally and psychologically damaged creatures.
The rest of us need to grasp and understand this, and act accordingly.


Thank you for that reminder. A ‘must read’

let’s just get the revolt started already. that’s how this is going to go. delaying it isn’t doing anyone any favors.


Phred_Pharkel: A perfect explanation. We can also include the democratic party which has the same mindset except they cover it up better and work much slower. The democratic party causes death and destruction by a thousand cuts where the GOP causes death and destruction instantly and explosively.


Any person in power wishing to destroy Social Security and Medicare needs to be removed from their position and separated permanently from their wealth to live on minimum wage. They lost their humanity (if they ever had it) and will never recover it.