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GOP Counters Voter Fury Over Trumpcare With Lies and Spin


GOP Counters Voter Fury Over Trumpcare With Lies and Spin

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The backlash has been fierce against House Republicans who are now being forced to answer for their vote to gut healthcare protections, driving many to resort to lies to defend the indefensible American Healthcare Act (AHCA).


Something akin to their promise of 'access' but without the promise of affordability. What mendacity!


Looks like N. Oracle Rd at around Orange Grove Rd in Tucson, AZ. McSally is such a toadie! lol - lol - She's my shameless rep here. A retired A-10 fighter pilot & fox faux-news darling. Honk when you go by!


Here is how my rep Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) gleefully explained the vote. let's just breakdown the benefits one by one, shall we?

"The bill repeals the Obamacare taxes, subsidies, and mandates.
1. This includes the individual and employer mandates--a break to business owners, at the expense of employees everywhere
2. the additional 0.9 percent Medicare payroll tax on high-income earners, --a break for the 1% crowd, at the expense of we the commoners
3. along with the taxes imposed on medical devices, health insurers, and prescription
drugs, among others. (gotta spread those breaks around)
4. It also places a one-year moratorium on government funding for Planned Parenthood." (Because we had to throw the - Christian holier than thou crowd some red meat)

"I believe that Obamacare has caused enormous problems for the American health care system." (And I won't stop until we give the shaft to all of you, particularly females. Thanks for your support--suckers!)


Mixed in all the lies being sold is the half truth of nobody will be denied access to insurance. What's not said is the rates will be more than what is earned by the poorer crowd; after all insurance is worthless if it costs $30K a year and you only net $28K a year. People have bankruptcies, lose their savings, homes, due to high healthcare costs even today. Now imagine one of those rich reps living on minimum wage, paying, rent, food, transportation, Dr bills, insurance, being forced to buy an unaffordable plan and do it for 6 months. I'm guessing they might just have a different view of things. So we're to believe going from a system, flawed at it is, to one with even less just to give the 1%er's an $880 billion tax break is to help, how??


....Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have also been hard at work spinning the lack of protections for people with pre-existing conditions, with Ryan telling reporters "no matter what, you cannot be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition."

This is all smoke and mirrors. Access does NOT equal affordability ... the #1 tool the insurance industry uses to deny coverage.

Last year I had to have nine kidney stones removed. Two weeks ago I discovered that I have a ping pong ball size tumor on my brain that has caused the permanent loss of hearing in one ear and I cannot walk without a cane due to severe dizziness until the tumor is removed.

Living in a developing country in South America, I'm fortunate that I'm able to pay for both of these events out-of-pocket in a private hospital for less than one year's high-risk insurance premium in the USA. And ... the level of care is far, far better than I ever received in the USA.

There is no way that I could move back to the USA -- even if I wanted to. How much will the high-risk insurance premiums amount to in the beginning? What about five years down the road? $15,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more?

The GOP and their godliness fully illuminate that morality is NOT rooted in a god or a religion. In fact, they are bankrupt on that account.


MB, thanks for your post, sharing both an intimate disclosure on your health and an illuminating example of what decent health care COULD be if the two-legged organisms running this country had a heart and a conscience.

I wish you safe treatment and a speedy, complete recovery.

Some day, if you wish to disclose the country's name, I'd be glad to hear it.


It's astonishing to me that so many Americans, not including their elected reps, find the idea of their tax money going to pay for decent health care for everyone so intolerable. Of course the reps exempted themselves from this wonderful bill.

Do they think that the people in other countries with affordable healthcare, or even 'free' health care are in some way deprived of anything good? Those countries with longer life spans, fewer maternal deaths and lower infant mortality, are somehow not as great as the USA?

Where I am, they are trying to push the failed American model of private health insurance without mentioning the word US so as not to scare off the citizenry. They do this by under-funding the public health authority which operates inexpensive, good quality public hospitals and out-patient clinics. Then they point to the artificially contrived short clinic hours and long queues and waiting times for everything as a reason to subsidize private doctors and hospitals. Shameful!


"no matter what, you cannot be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, .."

.. and if you have enough cash on hand that you can pay for it. This is like going into a pawn shop. ' Yes sir, I can give you $200,666 if you put your house up for collateral'.

"The GOP and their godliness.." Their god is money. If there is a Hell, may all these GOP bloodsuckers reconvene there.

Kudos to the CD staff.


Don't forget that the "liberal" US Democratic Party won't even make Medicare for All part of their platform. That even though their own membership favors single payer to the tune of 80%!

In the USA both parties have been fully captured by corporate interests.


Any Healthcare Bill or program instituted by this administration must never be called, Trumpcare.

Let's all be honest,


says it all.


Prior to the ACA the Harvard School of Public Health did a survey that showed something on the order of 45,000 people needlessly died each year because of lack of health care. In addition, around 50% of personal bankruptcies were because of health conditions that weren't covered by insurance. So it looks like Labrador has his proximal digestive orifice attached to his distal digestive orifice.


I would bet on Mexico because I have had similar experiences there. All the doctors at the hospital were board certified in the US and the signs in the hallways were in Spanish and English because the hospital had a lot of medical tourism from the US. My hospital stay and prostatectomy came to under $7,000 including the pathology report.


Ecuador. Thank you for your concern. I truly appreciate it!


Really? Wow!

If I may ask, where were you in Mexico?


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That's great to know! My daughter recently got back from a trip thru Ecuador, then Peru and Chile. She fell in love with Ecuador. I'm glad they've got you under their wing​:slight_smile: