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GOP Debate Civil? Candidates Urged Torture, Child-Murder, Backing Bloody Dictatorships

GOP Debate Civil? Candidates Urged Torture, Child-Murder, Backing Bloody Dictatorships

Juan Cole

The headlines Friday about the GOP debate in Miami stressed how relatively civil it was, with less name-calling and pissing matches among the remaining candidates.

Those editors have a weird definition of civility.

So here is Marco Rubio:

“Let me give you an example of a Muslim for example, we ought to be standing with, President el-Sisi of Egypt, a president of a Muslim country who is targeting radical…


… Islamic terrorist. HEWITT: Senator Rubio.

CRUZ: He’s hunting them down and stomping them.”

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A great piece by Professor Cole as usual! His perspective on ME history & current events should be required reading.

We’re witnessing the most depraved comments from RepubliCon candidates this election cycle - gone is the thin veil of deception and overt fascism with its attendant hatred of enemies and calls for wholesale violence have become the norm. Trump calls for violence against citizens at his rally’s openly - Is a kristallnacht next from his psychopaths?

The ME is the theatre of vicious wars and US lap-dog support for our “special ally” - Israel - that set the play in motion over decades of subversion, propaganda, and false-flag ops, including their attack on the USS Liberty. We now support vicious dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, have destroyed stability in Libya, supported Israeli wars, occupation ans destabilization in Lebanon, and “religious” expansion/theft in violation of international law in the Occupied Territories enforced by war crimes and racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by pathological Israeli Zionism!

“Rubio’s family fled the right wing military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, in Cuba in 1956 but lauds General al-Sisi’s Egyptian military dictatorship.”

“the nauseating display of far right propaganda against the poor Palestinians, many of whom were ethnically cleansed from their homes in what is now Israel by Zionist forces in 1948 and again in 1967. They have been deprived of their property and any claim to the rights of citizenship in a state by ongoing Israeli theft and confined to cantons that best resemble those imposed by Apartheid South Africa. All resistance they offer to Israeli military rule and Israeli further encroachments on what little they have left is assiduously branded as terrorism. Anyone who so much as sympathizes with the plight of the world’s largest group of stateless people is branded an inciter to terrorism”

“Rubio is of course influenced by wealthy far-right Jewish donors to his campaign. The idea that Palestinians should just be left under military rule or under blockade, and should continue to have their territory stolen from them by the Israelis, and that all this is their own fault, is just obscurantism in the service of the Israeli expansionists on the far right. It will one day explode on Israel with extremely unpleasant consequences, and people like Rubio will bear a good deal of the blame.”

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Unlike the other three, Trump doesn’t wear Christian Evangelicalism on his sleeve…

What irks me most is how these bloodthirsty types who seem to salivate over expanded war prospects profess to be good card-carrying Christians.

Here’s what they are: devotees of Mars rules. They worship the god of war. Period.

Rubio is a shameless imbecile.

And something on a personal (psychic) note: many years ago I walked into Trump Plaza in N.Y. with its gold interior and I had a very strong sense that Donald Trump had been born to the lineage of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Essentially, the building was a tomb made in his own homage.

The sense that he was born to rule or lord power over others comes from his own soul’s legacy and I doubt that he was a particularly kind, benevolent, visionary, or good pharaoh. What he did succeed in doing, then and now, is amass a lot of gold for himself.

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So we should be thankful for small mercies! But an Evangelical Trump is not the Trump I am afraid of. Its the one we see.


I have to confess that I had never heard of the man before reading this article. Scanning the lengthy Wikipedia entry about him, I see a man who has sparked controversy om many occasions, but I do not see a man who has supported regime change. True he supported the invasion of Afghanistan, but as a means to destroy Al Qaeda training camps, not to overthrow the Afghan government.

In many cases I totally agree with his criticisms. Does that make me a scumbag as well?

What these candidates fail to realise is that the ROTW is watching and what a delightful picture we are getting of our friendly US of A.

No annihilation without representation!