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GOP Debate: It Literally Does Not Matter What the Question Is

GOP Debate: It Literally Does Not Matter What the Question Is

Charles P. Pierce

Holy mother of pearl, it's Larry Kudlow, anchoring a debate…on economics! This already is more fun than a person should have with their clothes on.

Well, I watched it. I thought the network did a terrible job, the pre debate went on forever, half the questions were asinine…, and for once I was with Trump. “Let’s get the Hell out of here!”


Trump missed the opportunity to name his opponent’s major donors. People like Rubio’s Sheldon Adelson and to confirm that Rubio would bomb Iran like Adelson wants.


The show was a flop.

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A debate? PLEEASE! Just another Kabuki theater, another dog and pony show brought to you by the corporate, television idiot box, watched by the dumbed down political masses. Anyone that thinks this was anything close to a debate needs to have mental help !


If any of these vile retrogressive far right wing crypto fascist nut jobs become president, we are doomed beyond human belief. They will balloon the deficit by giving huge tax breaks to the super wealthy and giant corporations and then bleat that massive cuts will have to be made to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, food stamps, unemployment insurance and any social programs that benefit the poor. It’s called starving the beast so you can drown the government in a bath tub. Larry Kudlow? Yech, a despicable pro corporate crony capitalist scum. He’s a shameless toady and obsequious servant of the 1%.


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CNBC, the vipers’ nest of predatory unregulated capitalism with a large dollop of libertarian/Ayn Randian social Darwinism thrown in for good measure.


The only candidates that don’t take corporate bribes are Bernie and Trump.

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Makes you wonder what those supporters of Bernie Sanders are thinking when the say if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination they won’t vote for her. If it isn’t her it could be Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or Ben Carson. That is something to mull over the next few months.

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Other than looking/waiting for the missing half circle so the jerk contest could begin, it was sloppy and unimpressive. But, as a cracker and sausage fest, it worked pretty well. As to the ? about Fantasy Football Play; Fan Duel/Sports Betting ( hint hint ), the ghostly presence of Sheldon, Steve Wynn, etc. filled the room. Donnie T, the casino owner in the fest, was silent pretty much. ( Go figure ) Same with Gov. Chris ( The Crisco Kid ) Christie on that particular score. Following the money here; some of it leads to an offshore gambling/sports parlor website, I wager. Place your bets on Rubio? And, Ted Cruz’s wife was a Goldman Sachs executive, Condi supporter and major fundraiser, I’m sure. They both should be running with the bulls in Pamplona but it appears both will end up running to Wall Street to catch Jeb’s money when he’s tossed off the New York Stock Exchange Building. So long to the Bush clan for quite some time. But, like a bad check, they’ll be back and too soon, for most people’s taste.

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Wonder and mull away; it’s free and it’ll keep you off the streets at night.

Have your ever been to a charity demolition derby? It was like that, too.

Christie was right when he challenged the questioning in the debate. But the question on the fed by Rick Santelli was a good question. Santelli may be to the right but he is bringing up a rigged system. And the same for Cramer’s question on drug prices to Carson. Carson’s answer made no sense,just like his answer about the Afghanistan war made no sense in a previous debate. And Cramer makes a good point-as these drug companies charge outrageous amounts for medicine they are driving up the overall cost of healthcare.—Private companies take advantage when the government regulates and requires products be bought. To bad John Harwood didn’t get into the public vs private,but no fantasy football is more important.

And all the stuff on social security,it would be nice to get some straight info on this-PBS stated this current budget deal had no effect on social security,while others are saying the opposite.


Wake me when it’s all over…

I watched the series…flipped to the silly “debate” spectacle a few times and was really grateful for the baseball game.
Sad, sick, stupid the norm for “debates”? By all accounts it surely is.