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GOP Doesn't Want Public To Know How Much Obamacare Repeal Will Cost. Study Shows It Could Be Trillions


GOP Doesn't Want Public To Know How Much Obamacare Repeal Will Cost. Study Shows It Could Be Trillions.

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Republican leaders racing to tear down as many as 20 million (pdf) individuals' healthcare without providing a replacement, it turns out, also don't want the American people to know how much the repeal will cost.


Two mere millionaires sucking up to billionaires, while having just SO much fun conspiring to screw over people, especially the poor and powerless.

Some day, likely a long time from now, tables will turn.


What are y'all squawking about? Ya'll elected these people. I don't think that you deserve what they want to do and I know I don't deserve it but y'all elected them!


Republicans are evil and the people that vote for them are dumb and selfish .


Who are you "squawking" at?

You've picked the wrong readership there buddy.


Beware, Sen. Turtleface returns with a vengeance.

(2-3rd graders attack one's name first, then physical traits). And the above sentence meets the 4.5 language use level of our beloved PE.


The Republicans held up a sheaf of paper in 2009 in front of the American People and told us that it was their alternative healthcare plan. It has remained hidden for 8 years. It's time we had a look at it. The 1995 Republican healthcare plan with the Baucus/Reid/Obama revisions clearly isn't a good deal for the American People.

Perhaps we could throw a dart at a map of Europe, and just outsource our medical care to whoever runs things in that country. It would be an improvement.


Maybe Mexico will pay for it.


They are also looking at passing the REINS act into law, which would be a huge blow for many things progressives care about:

Eh, Hillary would've been the same . . .


And the democrats don't want the public to know how many people have died due to the fact that they took single payer off the table 8 years ago. What's the estimate? 30,000 per year or so? Or about 250,000 deaths since Obama took office?


Oh yeah, 26% of eligible voters vote for trump and that's a mandate?
NOT !!!


I like to think we can help this along and shorten the time for his comeuppance.


Yep. Because taking steps in the right direction is just like doing the total opposite thing.


Democrat or Republican, electeds always take steps in the RIGHT direction seeing how they will lose their corporate sponsors if they move leftward.


[] "are evil and the people that vote for them are dumb and selfish ."


Hello KC - is this it? Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2015


"Ya'll elected these people?"

Yeah, Dave definitely must be on the wrong site! I doubt if any progressives which most thread, commenters are on Common Dreams would ever vote for Trump.


I haven't heard members of Congress suggesting they cut cut their very fine health care, free to them BTW.
How about a level playing field?


Maybe the Republicans are going to outsource our healthcare:


Yep. When you take the only moral healthcare system off the table, and enact a system written by for-profit insurance companies to enrich themselves, and 250,000 more people needlessly die for greed, it's pretty much doing the opposite thing. You are correct.