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GOP Exhibits 'Bottomless Bad Faith' With New Shutdown Hostage: Community Health Centers


GOP Exhibits 'Bottomless Bad Faith' With New Shutdown Hostage: Community Health Centers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just weeks after Republicans cynically used children's health insurance funding to lure Democrats into voting for a short-term spending bill, the GOP confirmed on Monday that their hostage this time around—with a possible government shutdown looming on Thursday—will be the community health centers that provide "


Aren’t you all tired of health care (insurance) being used as a political football for CONTROL and lining the pockets of insurance companies?! Time for Universal health CARE (NOT insurance) to be a part of the reality of who we are and what we CARE bout as a country.

Those who do NOT support Single-Payer need to extract their pates from their asses and help those of us AWAKE in our fight for the RIGHT that is called health CARE! (NOT INSURANCE!)


Tick-tock, tick- tock, the shut down deadline is looming…What will happen this time? Stay tuned!


Bit of advice for the Democrats. Demand a lot too, and demand progressive things that are popular. And when you don’t get most of those things you hammer them to hell. See, that would show that you have a vision (especially one that your donors didn’t approve of beforehand), that you have policies that you want to implement, and an alternative to this garbage. Instead, what we get is one or two things from the Democrats that have broad support across the ideological spectrum, no clear alternatives articulated, and 300 things from Republicans that their donors want, but have no popular support at all. And will the Democrats really make them pay for doing things that are so damn immoral and unpopular? No, and a non-negligible percentage of the elected Democrats agree with lots of the stuff the right is doing. They all have the same donors and roughly the same world view.

Seems like a great opportunity to sell single payer, and it, like all previous opportunities, will be ignored by the national Democrats.


Sadly, the DP “negotiators” will not “demand” much at all. They are timid and calculating fools laboring under the advice of utterly failed “strategists” as witnessed under the last two Dem presidents when they lost nearly everything, especially the Dem/Progressive/Independent base catering to wealth, war, and power. They will continue to waffle weakly, remain complicit, cowardly, and capitulate to yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - almost as if that’s what they want!

That Dem faction, the clintons and obama wing, care more about big campaign contribution bribes, serving big-money forces (and themselves) and vulture capitalism than the peoples issues and a sustainable future!


Jesus Christ, the shit from these evil bastards never stops. After Nixon’s treasonous sabotage of Johnson’s Paris Peace talk efforts, after the treason of Watergate, after the treason of the “October Surprise” and Iran Contra and the CIA under Oliver North flying planeloads of crack cocaine into Los Angeles Int. Airport how could ANYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN EVER AGAIN. Satan would be a better vote!


An apropos artifact from a simpler more innocent time. South Park and the Simpsons, manifest, the decline in our civility.


As Jimmy Dore says: “The democrats would rather lose to a republican than allow a progressive to win”. I, for one, TOTALLY can see that is a truth!


The centuries of “externalizing” anything in reality that supports a healthy society/planet but results in greed not being assuaged is chomping at every ass that isn’t lined up with the effete predators whose ‘theories’ of tinkle down economics are now showing all of those holes - and increasingly - many that were kept secret for a ‘rainy day’.

Like swiss cheese, the fungible/fungal breakdown can only accelerate because of the sheer extent of (surface) exposure. The IMF, ECB, and their conciglieres and militaries (sp?) have now had years of African / middle eastern diaspora genocide and claim fear of terrorism. But never bridging the psychopathological dissociative denial of the blood on their hands.

Such a pity. This elegant little planet being destroyed by psychopaths incapable of thought because they live in the non-space of the rules of externalization for which they kill and spend the treasure of the planet constantly bludgeoning the sense out of people via captive media screaming KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!.

Bob Dylan was right


All the proof you need that that statement is true, is what happened to Bernie in the last election!


With the various flu strains causing lots of havoc currently, the Democrats out to start using a " death clock " to score the unnecessary deaths caused by Republican inaction and disgusting behavior towards funding.
I’m seeing it every day at work right now. The fact that Tamiflu is in short supply ( certain regions ) is another miscarriage of health care justice.
But, we’re not negotiating with human beings here. We are really dealing with a death cult who believe god is winning this Republican siege on our gov’t. For a bloated DoD giveaway.
Some Americans are truly sick. And, this flu epidemic has nothing to do with their particular illnesses.




I agree. My wife and I often wonder, especially how anyone can be a minority and vote Republican? Really, what will it take to get people to understand that the people they vote for don’t care about them; that they’re being used to get into power and nothing, and I mean nothing, more? It truly boggles, especially when I see Huckabee-Sanders just blatantly lie without compunction. Who are these creatures?


Congressional Republicans are right up there with all of the hostage takers in the last century. They have no more scruples, and no more regard for human lives than the terrorists who held men, women and children for hours, days, weeks, months. It is up to Democrats to storm the GOP citadel and rescue Dreamers, CHIP, Community Health, and the loyal federal employees who, once again, won’t know when they’ll get their next paycheck.


This is domestic terrorism.


I know you aren’t going to like this, but if the Democrat/Progressives in this country would stop promoting immorality (abortion and homosexual behavior) and insanity (transgenderism as normal behavior) there are a lot of Christians who would get onboard with you.

I’m at the point where I don’t think it matters to vote one way or the other. Both sides have lost their minds, are evil, and don’t care at all about the average man. I hope by the time this country slides under the waves I have my cabin in the mountains. We are living in an Orwellian nightmare.


It may surprise you to know that I think there is some merit to your argument. But there is a great flaw. Abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism are what the MSM emphasize about the Democratic Party while entirely ignoring the House Progressive Caucus for instance, or the idea of progressive redistributive taxation that worked for 40’years and was the central pillar of “The American Century”.
Furthermore, abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism are only immoral or insane in the eyes of the far right wing. They should not be a focal point of progressive politics while ignoring the true suffering of working class white men, another of whom, BTW just shot himself in the head in front of New York City Hall protesting his impoverishment by Uber and Lyft. White male suicide in the USA is SOOOOOO bad it has driven down life expectancy for the entire cohort of white America…and it is primarily due to economics.
But I reject characterizing abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism as immoral or insane. Can’t go there.


With Citizens United and wealth inequality unprecedented in American history, what is any politician to do? We are seeing the demise of the Democratic Party and I for one will not kick them while they are down. They remain the oldest continuous political party on earth and the only American party that accomplished taxation upon the wealthiest at the levels they did. I wonder if you’ve read Al Franken’s “Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them”. NO politician can withstand the economic juggernaut of propaganda levelled against progressive Democrats in general and the Clintons in particular. Perhaps what you are seeing is, finally, the need to defend your tree of liberty with blood. I personally feel the fascists will give you no choice, ultimately. Their greed compels them to take all, no matter how much death and destruction they cause in the process. They know nothing else. Those in opposition to them will die on their knees or standing tall, but they will die either way. How do you choose to go?


I am surprised. Really. Usually when I say anything about sexuality in the context of Christian morality, it is either immediately blown off with insults and name-calling, or just ignored.

There are numbers of us in the Christian world who are onboard with the concerns of the Left regarding the economic inequality in this country, the way that we always have money for war but not for people, and other right-wing issues that are incompatible with what Christ taught. The sad part is that the biblical mandate for certain moral behavior in the realm of sexuality leaves us without a home in either the Left or the Right. Sometimes I think that both sides would gladly put us to the lions again so as to not be plagued with us actually believing and insisting on practicing what the Scriptures teach mankind.

Abortion is the killing of an innocent child. You cannot talk your way around this simple, scientific fact by calling it a “foetus” or using other cover-up language. It is immoral. The same goes with choices that people make to have sex before or outside the biblical norm of one man, one woman, for one lifetime. This has been the norm for thousands of years. Now we are told that anything is permissible, but we do not accept that. Which makes us black sheep to the Left.

Thank you for your irenic reply.


How do I choose to go?

Well, I hope that my sense of pacifism along the lines of Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day is strong enough to accept non-retaliation if we come to that.

Unfortunately, I think your assessment is correct, and as I listen to the continued battle between an entrenched Left and equally entrenched Right, it seems to me that we are heading for that watering of the tree of liberty, and perhaps sooner than we think. No one is listening and all both sides seem to care about is having power.