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GOP Faces Swift Backlash Over 'Disturbing' Press Crackdown in Senate


GOP Faces Swift Backlash Over 'Disturbing' Press Crackdown in Senate

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Senate Republicans sparked immediate outrage from members of the media, civil libertarians, and lawmakers on Tuesday by announcing what are being called "strict new rules" barring reporters from interviewing senators in the hallways of the Capitol.


Republicans are fully aware that what they believe and do just cannot stand the light of day. I sometimes wish I had the power of G-d, so that I could snap my godly fingers and turn every republican into what they hate – a poor person with severe medical problems and republican-mandated “health care”. Let these fuckers try and ride out a gallstone attack without medications or any other medical care. Too bad it’s just wishful thinking. Time to read Ecclesiastes again (sigh).


"‘Disturbing’ Press Crackdown in Senate"

Disturbing to who? It would only be “disturbing” if the press was any good. They are not. As for a backlash – who can blame the Rs the press is biased toward the center-right, ie Democrats.

Did the “press” report the “disturbing” pitfalls of Obamacare? the “disturbing” lack of a public option? those for or against a public option? the “disturbing” cost to use the “Affordable” Care Act, the “disturbing” removal from Congress and silencing of doctors supporting single payer, and on and on.


This should not stop any of us mounting mass protests and, better yet, roll out the peoples’s ‘nuclear option’–total, rolling, non cooperation! The time is now to demand Improved Medicare For All.



Interesting argument. Only the press whose coverage you happen to agree with should be allowed? It’s your job as a news consumer to read widely and establish what is closest to being a reflection of reality. Unless you are doing this consistently, with plenty of research to solidify your positions, it’s just hard to take your post seriously. The 1st Amendment doesn’t have a caveat “Oh, BTW–only those reports and coverage approved by so and so.” it just says Freedom of the Press. Which Congress has no constitutional right to try and suppress.


Didn’t Trump declare that the press is the enemy of the people. This looks like another slight nudge toward a totalitarian state. Apparently the Republicans want to repeal Obamacare so badly they are willing to sacrifice democracy to get their way. The way leftists seem to hate the word “corporate” they apparently hate the word “government,” at least when it comes to helping people with needs.


They said it couldn’t happen here! So how come it keeps happening? Step by step, they are dismantling democracy and are blatant about doing so.

We have grown so used to the right and oligarchy that we accept when they push their anti-democratic agenda. We watch them take away our rights and our freedoms and most Americans do nothing but complain a little when we even do that much!

Americans really don’t believe that "It could happen here. We just can’t believe that other Americans would actually take away our freedoms and rights!

Which is why it is happening here right now …right under our noses!


The MSM brought this on themselves. But now they can make it right by growing a backbone and defying the ‘rules’ by catching every repub lawmaker they can, anytime they come out of their ‘safe spaces’; halls, staircases, bathrooms, restaurants, confront them anywhere they see one of these pathetic human beings out in public. Right now the R’s are the epitome of ‘snowflakes’. How ironic that the right invented the term and now they are the butt of the joke.


All too true. And it’s not because of the fundamentals of the policy, but because the Republicans still can’t get over the fact the Obama wasn’t 100% white! It’s a core racist agenda that drives the Republican party.


Someone with clout needs to step in (ACLU?) and challenge this. The capitol building is a public space and does not belong to any political party or private group. It belongs to the people and was built by and maintained with all of our taxes.


Exactly, it was bad enough he was a Democrat, but Black to boot?! Egads, the horror of it all!


Exactly right. Goebbels (pronounced by me as “Gerbels”) would be proud of the Rs right now.


If memory serves, Thomas Jefferson was really being savaged by the press at the time. When asked, he replied, “If I had to choose between government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I would unhesitatingly choose the latter.”

  • Nowadays, we seem to have no participatory government and no, or few, newspapers worthy of the name.


Ok, another ‘WOW’, yup, in phucking caps this time, along with a big fat WHAT the Phuck?!?!

Unless these ass hat R senators are making the USA great again by secretly plotting a Medicare-for-all healthcare bill, this shutting out of the press is over the phucking top.


Excuse me?

I am disturbed. As a matter of fact I am pig biting mad as hell.
Shutting out the press from covering a story like this one??? because, because???
Your rather pathetic ‘argument’ is a huge apples and oranges misnomer.

Obamacare aka the ACA took over a year to get to a vote. It was covered in the press.
This Trump-Hellcare bill is being rammed thru in secret, with all due speed ahead.


Surprise Surprise! They have backed down already. More shit thrown at the wall that didn’t stick. They can come up with all the excuses they want about what happened, but in the end they are just a sad collection of human beings.


I agree. I wouldn’t say it applies to every Republican but their southern strategy was based on it so the result is not surprising. It appears that the only way the Republicans can compete with the Democrats is to resort to racism. What do they really have to offer most people other than an ideology that rationalizes a harsh life for the masses.


1st they refused to allow o’S nomination of a SC justice; now, they are barring
the 4th Est ate, a pillar of democracy. This is their plan to steal our government
“of the people,” etc. out from under us.`


Calling them human is much too charitable…they are demons occupying human bodies. Their evil is readily apparent on their faces and in their practices. They, like the demented despot himself are “antichrists” without conscience, morality, or any kindness. May they burn in Haedes!


Note that this is coming from ReichsMarshall McConnell putting GOP (Fascists) ahead of country and people.