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GOP Falsifies Government Scientist’s Claims To Renew Witch Hunt Against Climate Research

GOP Falsifies Government Scientist’s Claims To Renew Witch Hunt Against Climate Research

Kevin Gosztola

Led by Republican Representative Lamar Smith, Republicans in Congress falsely claim to have uncovered a whistleblower, who can prove the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) fabricated and politicized climate science. Smith has promised to recommit the House Science Committee to a witch hunt against the government agency for engaging in a “partisan agenda.”

Lamar Smith is a Lier, a Fraud, and a Corrupt Corporate Whore that takes money from the Fossil Fuel Industry and then uses his office to remove Protections to keep Americans Safe. He is a Traitor to the United States and should be Incarcerated for Treason. He has betrayed Humanity!


The way they are going they will start a nuclear war which will end global warming for awhile, so maybe it’s all good in their little pin heads.


NOAA will continue to do some kind of climate research; that’s their whole purpose. This is taken directly from NOAA’s website:

“The Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) - or “NOAA Research” - provides the research foundation for understanding the complex systems that support our planet. Working in partnership with other organizational units of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a bureau of the Department of Commerce, NOAA Research enables better forecasts, earlier warnings for natural disasters, and a greater understanding of the Earth. Our role is to provide unbiased science to better manage the environment, nationally, and globally.”

Should we also doubt the CIA, NSA and other security agencies when they say the “terrorists are coming” because the security agencies are just trying to scam the government for more money when the terrorist threats are actually insignificant to non-existant? I mean Iooked outside my house and I didn’t see any terrorists. I even looked as far as across the street. Should we also cut funding to the various security agencies because of their “political partisanship”? Taking the republicans’ treatment toward NOAA as a precedent. I believe we should also cut the funding of the security agencies.

Too bad, so sad for rump and his cabal if NOAA’s research findings are contrary to what they want to hear. Reality isn’t always what we want it to be.


The Republicans are on a suicidal course. These witch hunts can go on not only because of large campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry but tens of millions of Americans do not trust the elites, in this case climate scientists, who they believe are only looking out for themselves and ignoring the people (otherwise known as Trump supporters). They actually think scientists are manipulating data to make climate change look threatening to get more grants and enhance their careers. They see the Republicans as revealing the truth about what the scientists are up to. Needless to say these people do not understand what scientists do at all because at least with regard to how science is carried out they are ignorant. The Republicans rely on an ignorant population for support. With attacks on science, education at all levels, and even the truth, ignorance should grow even more which will make the Republicans that much stronger. Of course in the end the truth will win out and all will end in disaster when the average global temperature will climb to 5C or 6C or even higher.


I disagree with your terminology. Suicide is self-destruction. What the Republicans are doing is more like a mass homicide-suicide pact as they are taking us down all with them.


This sounds like it is a bit more than an internal squabble.

After reading the “full debunking” published in Popular Science, I noted that their story makes no mention of one of John Bates’ main charges, which was that temperature data taken from buoys was altered to match the less reliable data from ships. Even that article mentions that buoys are much more accurate than ships, so why was the buoy data adjusted rather than the ship data?

I read the article and about the only thing I could find really was that the pace of warming of surface water had slowed down. Not stopped, but slowed. This is in line with other research I have read. More of the warming is occurring at deeper depths than our buoys and ships record. Which is not surprising. Saturation of heat in the atmosphere led to surface water warming and thus atmospheric warming slowed down. Now the surface water heat is saturated and the colder, deeper water is warming and the surface water warming is slowing.
But slowing does not equal a pause or a stop. It just means the heat is going elsewhere. The poles are gathering more heat than expected at a faster rater. The deep water is gaining heat faster. Heat and cold seek an equilibrium, a law of physics.
None of what was in the article says that the overall pace of warming has slowed down, it is where the heat is going that has changed. We are still warming and will continue to do so as long as we keep pumping in heat into the system…

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There have been so many studies on this period mistakenly dubbed “the pause” that it is time for all to move on and deal with the recent acceleration of warming that has occurred over the last three years. Data from surface measurements and from satellites all agree that during the period in question the atmosphere warmed although at a slower rate than the previous three decades. However, the rate was consistent with the overall rate of warming going back several decades before the 1980s. We have now reached at least 1C and events in the Arctic have led scientists to call this a climate emergency. Rather than taking the lead in the urgent action needed to deal with the threat of climate change the Republicans in the House Science Committee are constructing barriers to reducing emissions.

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Considering who we have elected and put into power, we are not going to address the problem at all with the government’s help. And individual and those businesses who are willingly to do something are not enough w/o a concerted and united effort is not going to be enough.

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Why? Why did we become, judging by our political representatives, the most stupid people in the world

Why is it that a large number of American voters, a large enough number to keep electing these fools,
are so f*kg stupid?

Great comment! No, they NEVER doubt or question anything that emanates from the MIC or “Security” or “Intelligence” agencies!

Who cares about models? None of them had Methane in them anyway. They all have to be wrong. We don’t have until 2100 like they keep saying.

Direct observations tell the tale.
I’m scared to check in with Australia and Chile, right now. They were both seeing temps of over 100 degrees F all over the place.

Due to the “tilt” of Earth, this is a scary harbinger of things to come: a hot summer for us in July is really likely.

“Dante’s Inferno” in Chile: All-Time National Heat Record Smashed by 6°F
By: Jeff Masters , 3:28 PM GMT on January 27, 2017

The first all-time national heat record of 2017 was set in spectacular fashion on Thursday in Chile, where at least twelve different stations recorded a temperature in excess of the nation’s previous all-time heat record—a 41.6°C (106.9°F) reading at Los Angeles on February 9, 1944. According to international weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera, the hottest station on Thursday was Cauquenes, which hit 45.0°C (113°F). The margin by which the old record national heat record was smashed: 3.6°C (6.1°F), was extraordinary, and was the second largest such difference Herrera has cataloged (the largest: a 3.8°C margin in New Zealand in 1973, from 38.6°C to 42.4°C.) Herrera cautioned, though, that the extraordinary high temperatures on Thursday in Chile could have been due, in part, to the effects of the severe wildfires burning near the hottest areas, and the new record will need to be verified by the weather service of Chile.

Figure 1. Fires (red squares) in Chile spread smoke over the Pacific Ocean, as seen at 10:35 am EST Thursday January 26, 2017. This MODIS image is from NASA’s Terra satellite.

Here are some of the high temperatures from January 26 in Chile:

Maule Region (near the area affected by wildfires):

Cauquenes, 45.0°C
Coronel de Maule, 41.8°C
Los Despachos, 42.8°C
Santa Sofia, 43.1°C
Sauzal, 41.8°C

Maule Region (outside the area affected by wildfires):

Linares, 41.8°C
Longavi Sur, 42.3°C
Parral, 40.8°C

Bio Bio Region (near the area affected by wildfires):

Bulnes, 42.5°C
Quillon, 44.9°C
Ninhue, 43.0°C

Bio Bio Region (outside the area affected by wildfires):

Portezuelo, 41.2°C
Chillan, 41.4°C (DMC station)
Chillán Quinchamalí, 43.0°C
San Nicolas, 41.1°C
Los Angeles Maria Dolores Airport, 42.2°C

Figure 2. Smoke settles over Santiago, Chile on January 20, 2017. Chile has endured weeks of extreme heat that has smashed numerous heat records, with Pudahuel Airport in western Santiago on January 20 hitting the hottest temperature ever recorded in the Santiago metropolitan area: 37.7°C (99.9°F). Santiago Observatory (with records back to 1866) set its all-time heat record on January 25, 2017 with 37.4°C, and Quinta Normal Observatory broke its all-time heat record in December 2016, with a reading of 37.3°C, beating a record that had stood 101 years. Image credit: Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images.

Record heat and extreme drought lead to deadly Chile wildfires
Record heat and extreme drought in Chile are contributing to their worst wildfires in decades. On Thursday, the entire town of Santa Olga was destroyed by fire, with more than 1,000 building consumed including schools, nurseries, shops and a post office. As reported in The Guardian, Carlos Valenzuela, the mayor of the region, said: “Nobody can imagine what happened in Santa Olga. What we have experienced here is literally like Dante’s Inferno.” Authorities declared a state of emergency in Chile due to wildfires on January 20, and as of January 26, more than 100 fires were burning throughout O’Higgins and Maule regions. At least ten people have been killed by the fires, including four firefighters and two policemen. According to insurance broker Aon Benfield, the fires had consumed 578,000 acres of land as of January 26, and damages to the timber industry alone were estimated at $40 million. Hot, dry weather with high temperatures in the 90s are expected to continue for the next week in the Santiago area.

Chile’s ongoing megadrought partially attributed to human-caused climate change
Central Chile is enduring a decades-long megadrought that began in the late 1970s, with precipitation declines of about 7% per decade. According to a 2016 study by Boisier et al., “Anthropogenic and natural contributions to the Southeast Pacific precipitation decline and recent megadrought in central Chile”, this drought is unprecedented in historical records. While at least half of the change in precipitation can be blamed on natural causes, primarily due to atmospheric circulation changes from the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the authors estimated that a quarter of the rainfall deficit affecting this region since 2010 was due to human-caused climate change.

Jeff Masters


I think you will find the answer to those questions in this video.

If “More of the warming is occurring at deeper depths than our buoys and ships record.” Then where is this particular data coming from? If it is just a hypothesis then it needs to be validated by actual observations.

From deep sea sampling of course. We have had a surface monitoring since the late 1950s’. But we also monitor the deep water, but until 2004 we did not have a buoy system to measure it constantly.



It shows the deep water is taking the heat and even though the rise in temperature is small, it is a great amount of water that has warmed. It takes a large amount of heat to warm such cold water in a significant manner. Temperature diffuses. It is like comparing warming a pot of water to a swimming pool using the same amount of heat. Turn the heat on high, the pot will boil. But it will not make the swimming pool boil. But keep adding heat and eventually that swimming pool will heat up.

The oceans control our weather, so as the oceans warm, our weather systems are affected. Warm water means more energy in storm systems. More water vapor, more heat.

It is simple science, heat is energy, add energy to a system and everything moves faster. The faster something moves, the more violent the reaction. And we have not slowed down in adding heat to the earth’s climate system. We have slowed the rate of increase a little, but every year, there is an increase in energy added. More heat to warm the oceans, more energy for the oceans to send our way. Unless we stop adding energy, the cycle will worsen every year. And as the warm water diffuses over the ocean, the conveyor belt of currents will be affected, maybe even stopped, which will change our weather patterns completely and not for the good. And of course sooner or later the oceans will become saturated, which means we start the cycle over again with warming the atmosphere, then the surface water, then the deep water and around again. Until the temperature is too high for most life or the human race is extinct.

It’s all that old time religion! Saw a guy on the news the other night say that he was proud of Trump. Guess what - he was white, rural and middle aged.

These people want life to be extinct for us- so they alone can be here for the rapture.

Google climateactionnow.