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GOP Has Unhinged Meltdown After Ilhan Omar Makes Simple Call to 'Dismantle All Systems of Oppression'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/gop-has-unhinged-meltdown-after-ilhan-omar-makes-simple-call-dismantle-all-systems


Republicans reacted with anger, with Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) tweeting that the remarks were evidence that “Omar and her Marxist comrades are a threat to our Democracy”

Marsha, what you mean is Omar is a threat to YOUR, FASCIST DEMOCRACY! Omar, please be very,very careful! This hate speech is total BS, but the problem is too many right wingnut crazies will believe it!


I always have to laugh and cringe when any politician talks about preserving our democracy. The USA has never been a democracy. And it is a full blown plutocracy now. Anyone criticizing Omar for calling out the oppression of the USA against its citizens is a god damned traitor and liar. Who the fuck even listens to these plutocratic fascists, let alone votes for them is beyond my comprehension.


Yeah, Jesus, what kind of a wild-eyed, blood thirsty bolshevik calls for eliminating systemic oppression? This is America, by God!


But isn’t it capitalism they are really trying to protect. They don’t even believe in the crowning principal of democracy, one man one vote.
The divide is too great to repair. So it’s battle after battle, wasting the time that could have been used to make the U.S. a better place.


Republicans continue to be the embodiment of hate.


They do not deserve to be called a " Party" unless they change their name to: THE AMERIKAN FASCIST PARTY!


U.S. systems of racism and oppression were characterized as un-American and dangerous by Fox News host Tucker Carlson,

Do these people hear themselves? Maybe we should be busy clarifying “U.S. Americanism”. If it “un-American” to oppose systems of oppression then it states that bigotry is “American”–and history would bear that out.


True and unfortunately, if they do not stop this vitriol they could be putting Omar’s life in jeopardy.

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Which is why it’s on us progressives to protect her and her ilk

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People who are calling Ilhan unamerican for this speech are letting us in on a little secret–opression, systemic racism and extreme inequality are precisely what they love about the U.S.


It is totally beyond me, but my Fox News relatives love Tucker Carlson even after calling Tammy Duckworth…" A COWARD".

In other news, the Republicans are condemning China for its treatment of Muslims.

Muslim minorities who live in China are good people who are being suppressed by an evil government. But if those same people were to move to the US, they would magically become evil people helping China to overthrow the US.


I see… Actually believing in what we claim to be American values (such as justice for all) – only makes one un-American!

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We seem to be increasingly a two party affair. Two separate visions of a free and democratic country.
First it will be stealing campaign signs off peoples lawns, then the degrading ads, and finally the banner of greed being exalted.

Ilhan Omar is such a sweet, beautiful woman and soul…it’s heartbreaking the kind of political world she has to contend with. She’s god’s gift to Congress, really…


Then they tune in Limbaugh

I know I know…same here

Thank you
My sentiments exactly
She is a rest to the eyes and ears of those who are compassionate to their fellow humans

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I second/third that …Eloquent, articulate, informed … in short elegant.

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They literally would prefer if she died. Hell if it wasn’t so incredibly egregious one or two of them would probably do it themselves.