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GOP 'Health' Bill: Death, Disaster and Gilded Age Greed

GOP 'Health' Bill: Death, Disaster and Gilded Age Greed

Richard Eskow

The Republican Senate’s draft health bill differs from the House version, but its basic purpose is the same: give millionaires and billionaires a massive new tax cut by slashing health benefits for millions of Americans, and take care away altogether from millions more.

"The Republicans want to give us less and make us think it’s more. It’s time to tell them we’ve had enough."


A majority of Homo sapiens are mindless thugs, in the USA you can usually identify them by the “R” after their name.
Has something to do with why the US can kill 20,000,000 men women and children since WWII and hardly notice. Has something to do with the fall of the New Roman Empire and what happens next …


The Dems were no real help when they had the ball.

Thousand Dollar per month Premiums, with Hugh Deductibles, and Co-Pays too, and we’re supposed to be Grateful?

Parasite Insurance Industry OUT of Health Care!


A majority of the most conservative Democratic members of Congress in 2009 and 10 voted to do the literal opposite of what Republicans are doing in this bill. They expanded Medicaid and financed 100% of the expansion via Federal dollars through 2016, then via a 90% share through 2020. This was done specifically to incentivize states to enroll people–the most in need–in a publicly funded healthcare program.

Compare this to what Republicans are doing. The Senate bill not only cuts Medicaid, it creates a ratcheting effect that incentivizes additional cuts to the program via budget “offset” rules in Congress while slowly whittling away its purchasing power by tying its funding to the CPI. Republicans know states will trim benefits since FMPAs will ratchet down while future Congresses, especially under Republican control, will trim block grants to offset other budgetary priorities. This isn’t just mean, it’s reprehensible, designed specifically to incentivize states to disenroll people from the program.


Hello, DNC Damage Control.

What took you so long?

Karma for Trump supporters!


I’m sure it’s more entertaining to howl at the moon instead of trying to understand reality.


Are you asking yourself?

Parasite Insurance Industry (provided by DNC) OUT of HealthCare.

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Exactly! Nothing makes one more of a “shill” as being able to present facts, and nothing is more virtuous than ignorance.

Actually, the parasitic insurance industry is run by people who hate Democrats and hate the ACA. If you think the ACA was bad, you should see what the Insurance industry would like to have in its place - no regulations on their blackmail and extortion whatsoever!


Dems take the same Bribe Money.

Say what?

Nobody votes based on policy, if they vote at all. That is what all the bribes and MSM are for. The country is trained to expect no improvements and will quietly accept poverty and early death. Anything else is “unrealistic” and “we can’t afford it.”


This will pass-why?Because it is a giant tax cut for the wealthy----the real base of both parties.People better wake up because their is a war on poor people. And those on the top half are scrambling to stay in the top half—because the bottom half is going down.
THIS IS THE LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH TO THE TOP HALF IN AMERICAN HISTORY!One would think this would be the major headline for the week----yet it is treated as just another news story.
See all those rich people out there saying NO this is so wrong-----I’m sure they will pop up after it passes.


Right now we are discussing the new republican bill. Obamacare wasn’t perfect, but it was a start and faced brutal opposition from republicans. I’m really sick of you republican apologists, who manage to twist the blame to democrats.

Dems serve the same Masters, and it ain’t Us.

Obamacare was written by the Insurance Industry.

This is what America voted for.
Wealth for the few before health of the many