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GOP House Takes Next Step Toward Taking Healthcare Away From Millions


GOP House Takes Next Step Toward Taking Healthcare Away From Millions

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With a vote largely along party lines, the U.S. House on Friday pushed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, one step closer to death.


This is your captain speaking. We've reached our cruising altitude.

Due to a new congressional mandate, we will be redesigning and rebuilding this aircraft during the remainder of our flight. We will begin that process by removing the engines and wings first. Do not be alarmed, our engineers have promised to a have new aircraft designed shortly and the parts should arrive in the near future.

Today's movie is RepubliCon Air, a murder mystery starring Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway. (Spoiler alert: they all did it!)

In the meantime, I've turned off the seat belt sign. Feel free get up and move about the cabin. We hope you enjoy the remainder of our flight.


This announcement is for the passengers in our first class cabin. You will find courtesy parachutes underneath your seats, should they be needed.

Thank you for flying GOP Airlines.


Two things are shocking to me about this whole thing, but the shocking things are wider than what they are doing here. First, that a party as horrible as the Republicans can get anything more than 5% of the vote. A corrupt, ignorant, sociopathic group of jackals with shitty and failed ideas. Second, that the Democrats are such a horrible and pathetic party that they are getting killed by that corrupt train wreck of a party. The Republicans do this, in part, because they don’t think the opposition party will truly make them pay and they probably think, because of that, there’s nowhere for people to turn within the system to stop them. We’ll see, but it’s obvious that lots of people are going to die from this. Seven years to come up with a replacement and these fucking idiots don’t have anything, because the means of truly lowering costs are to the left of the ACA. So, they got nothing, and anything they offer will only enrich their donors and will only make things worse for most people.


Wow! I didn't know the F-35 was now being used in commercial flights!!!! :sunglasses::smiling_imp:


The reason our elected terrorists never get anything good accomplished is b/c both parties are on the same side, and it sure ain't OURS! :scream::rage:


What is the attempt to repeal ACA really about? Well perhaps here is the answer:
ACA Repeal Would Lavish Medicare Tax Cuts on 400 Highest-Income Households | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Remember, to these fascistic, sociopathic, greedy oilagarchs, nothing matters but maximized profits.
* A young, healthy person has a certain value in that he/she can be made to work for minuscule wages, until they wear out and can be discarded.
* The elderly, the sick, the crippled have no value. They are already in the discard heap and any care for them is a waste of time and money. The homeless are in the same boat. They can prostitute themselves by doing whatever the Oligarchs want for whatever they are willing to pay, or they can die in the streets from hunger and exposure. Again they are the discards.
* On the other hand, those billion and trillionaires who own most of everything and want it all, apparently deserve whatever might have been spent on caring for the discards, and they've bought the government to make it so.
* I'm afraid the US Fourth Reich is finally going to find out what life has been like for the people of the various countries that the US has installed fascist puppets in over the last few decades. We've all seen and read about what happens to their discards. I think we may be getting it all first hand, now.
* Even the few remaining "democracies" that exist are usually run by a handful of the very wealthy for their own power and profit.
* Unless We the People can find a way to take the reins away from the wealthy sociopaths, we shall continue our descent into the most powerful, ruthless, third world country on the planet.
* I suppose that, if things get really bad, they'll find a new use for us discards. Our final duty to the Oilagarchs, Soylent Green.


I agree, for the most part. The data shows that wages haven’t grown for most in decades, inequality has exploded, private debt too, infrastructure is crumbling, and we are approaching ecological collapse. Both parties are corrupt. I am a supporter of single payer, always have been. However, it should be obvious that there are good and bad parts of the ACA. The good parts are on the chopping block because the Republicans are soulless and those good parts harm the profits of many of their top donors. They’re also illogical and ignorant ideologues. I don’t think they understand what they’re doing with this. However, the bad parts will be made worse, since they have no solutions. It took some effort to get those good parts and I don’t think most Republicans, and I think fewer rank and file Republicans, realize at all what those good parts are. The sad thing is that when this debacle makes everything worse, they’ll blame everyone but themselves and many of the mindless zombies on the right will only go to right wing sources that tell them what they want to hear, so many of them will not be able to make sense of things. Whatever the ACA’s faults, it made the system far better than what preceded it, and that’s what we are set to regress towards.


Does anyone really think this is about healthcare? It's about a lot of policies and a little bit about ideological differences. But, it is always about the $$$. And, who gets the front position at the public trough. We Americans, as rich as our country is, have finite government resources, but an infinite demand for them by powerful, very specialized and " special interests ".
Under the current rules of the game there is no such things as the common good or the general welfare. There is only the
buying and selling of our gov't to the highest bidders. Everything else falls in line from that: healthcare spending, military spending, etc.
Since Pres. Reagan decided to create two economic pies to hide his massive tax cuts and increase military spending, something has had to give. The common man, in the historical meaning of those words, was picked.
Now we have a large trough and a small one. Which one do you feel you're eating from?


We are getting the scraps and scum that spilled on the ground when they were filling the troughs.


My sign for January 15? "Make American Decent: Regulate the Rich & Pass Single-Payer Now!"


The scraps got mixed in with tons of hogwash. To even get to the scraps you have to immerse your entire head, especially your ears, in hogwash. The entire political/economic structure of the U.S. is built upon this basic thing; to be a good citizen and consumer, your ears have to be full of hogwash, all the time. Hogwash is the apple in America's favorite fruit pie. At least we can be glad our favorite American pie isn't Pecan.


It's easy to take away someone's healthcare when theirs is paid by the taxpayers, in other words, the person that's paying for their free healthcare. Funny how this works.


Not seeing anything on Dem who vote against Bernie Sanders amendment to allow competitive drug prices.-----This is not a conservative vs liberal issue---but one of the corporate elite vs common people---its important to understand who voted against this amendment!

Thank You Sen Bernie Sanders for drawing out those who represent the corporate elite.

As the rep take away healthcare for millions(I am not a fan of the ACA) Trump is meeting with the CEO of Lockheed------now is the time to call out the bloated military budget-----now is the time to find candidates who can make a distinction between military spending and money going back to support common people.

The ACA provided giant pay outs to the insurance companies on a monthly basis ----why not give this to people directly.


Absolutely. Why? Because this is what it is really all about. They could care less about healthcare and if not for the ACA already being on the books they wouldn't be proposing anything.


Hello JoanRobinson - " A corrupt, ignorant, sociopathic group of jackals with [noxious] and failed ideas."

It looks like many Democrats and many Republicans have been fitting your description for years.

JoanRobinson - please think of how other countries differentiate their more numerous political parties - and then think how many of their party members are " A corrupt, ignorant, sociopathic group of jackals with [noxious] and failed ideas".

We can learn from other people's failed and harmful policies or not. It's naturally easier to blame the "other" instead of risking looking at ourselves. Or so it seems to me.


For the U.S. to ever have single-payer, the ACA will have to be deep-sixed. With the rising costs of ACA policies, now may be as good a time as any. Trump has promised a healthcare policy system that will be better than Obumercare; but, no doubt, the Repugs have no intention of fulfilling that promise. The question is whether this was simply empty Trump rhetoric. So, now is the time to hold Trump to his promise. This could actually be a good thing, if most of America's voters can be shown that the Repugs could care less about their medical welfare; because, the next program likely to be on the chopping block will be Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid.


Trump's word is worthless; he is a pathological liar. He swore numerous times, each time pointed out by Bernie, not to touch any of these three programs. He's a savage. The idea that you could work or deal with him - or any of these Republicans is absurd. The idea that you could play cards with Trump is one of the biggest pieces of desperate insanities exhibited by certain factions of the Trump "white working class" voting camp. Wake up, everyone. All of these crooks - including Trump - should be in jail.

The only silver lining I see is the possibility of state single payer movements becoming more strongly fueled. In which case, keep an eye on California, in particular.

But ultimately, it's about the money in our political system. If the Democrats - so richly funded by insurers and Big Pharma (look at the ones who just helped to defeat Bernie's effort to get cheaper drugs from Canada) - had passed single payer or even just a lousy strong public option when they had control of the Senate, the House and the Presidency - they never would have lost all three.

Meanwhile we're like jelly stuck between two slices of bread - each smeared with sticky peanut butter. Back and forth we go .. no end in sight.


Greedy Obsolescent Pricks.