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GOP in Danger of Losing Younger Generation of Voters Over Climate Policies: Report

GOP in Danger of Losing Younger Generation of Voters Over Climate Policies: Report

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Republicans may be overplaying their hand with unflinching opposition to the Green New Deal and losing the younger generation of voters.

That's according to reporting from Politico, which found that some GOP strategists worry that the short term gain of using the public's confusion over the policy and wariness of the cost of restructuring the economy may be offset by the conservative movement becoming alienated from today's youth for years.

Jay and Beto have announced plans to address climate change. Beto’s is not ambitious enough. And as climate scientist, Kevin Anderson, states, plans should be framed around carbon budgets and not date goals.

Let’s see what the others have to offer. I like the fact that Bernie and Eliz Warren include agriculture and food in their ideas about dealing with climate change, not just energy policy.

Repubs essentially have no plan. Gaetz’s Green Real Deal is a joke. They don’t have a plan to address climate change. They have not healthcare or health insurance plan. They just generally have no plan, except destroy.

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Even the baby fascists know this is their skin on the line. Who knew this would be where people turned on the GOP? The irony is that the other party whom we’re not allowed to criticize too strongly isn’t doing jack about it, either. Boy, are those millenials gonna feel snookered!
I’m sure their last thoughts on the duopoly are going to be less than charitable as they bake in 130 degree heat.


Damned Right younger Voters want change and are concerned with Global Warming! Look what happened in India! & Africa. 3 Cyclone Bombs! Dumfuck Trump doesn’t think it could happen here? Give Jared a real job & let him deal with it! Ivanka should vote for the other guy!

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The typical right wing response is “Who cares about the planet after we’re gone? better make as much money as I can while there’s still a chance”.


What Political is reporting is not very hopeful. "Republicans need to do a better job of speaking to them [millennials], and “Another factor in the mix of political calculations”. Global warming is about survival not a PR campaign or making political calculations. It is about doing what needs to be done, doing the right thing, it is about behaviour not just spin and talk.

In the middle of Right Wing Coal loving Wyoming, High School Students went on a climate strike!

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I see that Frank Lucas is delusional about how liberals feel about Obamacare. Just as the republicans tout that the democrats can’t get over their defeat in 2016. BS and BS.
In reality, we just can’t get over how Americans could want Trumpenstein to lead our country.
I don’t question why millennials won’t support republicans. I do question why the “Deplorables” continue to support the man and party of money and division.

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They do not vote- the old bags do.

The “deplorables” are actually billionaires. Poor people don’t vote.

GOP in Danger of Losing Younger Generation of Voters Over Climate Policies


GOP in Danger of Losing Younger Generation of Voters Over Climate Policies, to be Followed by Democratic Establishment Losing Younger Generation of Voters Over Climate Policies withing 5 Years Since They Are Only About 2% Better on the Issue

There, that’s more honest.

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Losing young voters? Who cares? All the baby boomers will be dead by the time the full impact of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption is felt. The GOP and old guard Democrats, being old farts, are all about the here and now. We could care less about the destruction of the world because we got ours and won’t suffer the consequences. But what about our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids? We might pay lip service but could actually care less; we’re sociopaths. If we really cared, we would have done something decades ago to stop the destruction. Now that we found out the fossil fuel industry knew about climate change years ago but didn’t report it, we have someone to blame and can overlook our own greed. The Great Filter strikes again.


this is patently false, unless your standard is well over the national average. they voted at 51% in 2016. Around average.

Thank you. Our baby boomer generation- at least the progressive ones- came out of the gate, but by the time we collectively were in our thirties- we were asleep.

In other words- it was like we got ours and who cares about anything else. We collectively ended up being useless.

That’s not what I heard. Anyway our voting record period is way lower than other developed countries. It doesn’t matter - collectively we as a people only “woke up” in the last couple of years. See godless’ post. Also, the Wall Street “crash” would not have happened without greed.