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GOP Lawmaker Claims 'Trump Is Listening to the Many of Us Who Are Urging Him to #PardonSnowden'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/13/gop-lawmaker-claims-trump-listening-many-us-who-are-urging-him-pardonsnowden


The bloody brits could release Julian Assange tomorrow if they wanted.

Good luck with the pardon Mr Snowden.


He certainly deserves it more than Ivanka or Jared or Flynn.


Free both, Julian and Edward.


Another time the democrats are going to be out snookered by the GOP. The republicans waited until Biden announced his national security team. Then, when they saw it was filled with the same old Clinton/Obama cronies that appeared so prominently in Snowden’s leaks, they went to Trump and ask that they pardon him, just to stick a finger in Biden’s eye on day one.
A Snowden pardon would piss Susan Rice off. And Hillary Clinton would be apoplectic. That’s enough for me.


Let’s see, first Trump said upon winning the election in 2016, “Why can’t everyone be on Medicare?” (to the chagrin of the ruling democrats and horror of republicans)

Then, Trump said leaders at the Pentagon “want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.” (ditto above)

If he pardons Snowden, he’ll go down in history as having done the right thing, god knows the democrats won’t. And Assange, even better.


Exactly! If he pardons those two, history will say he did the right thing and the Dims did not. That could be very bad for the Dims come next election.


Snowden doesn’t deserve to be scapegoated for merely doing what he felt obligated to do to help preserve our democracy.

He came from a family of public servants. Serving our nation isn’t blind obedience. Its serving democracy and all of our freedoms that we stand up for or should.

And also serving our PEOPLE. meaning all of us.

He should also pardon Julian Assange, who is a journalist, not a terrorist.

The fact that we would be so horrible to him under these conditions is really shameful.


But really… by now we really should know better than to place any hopes in anything like that, imho. (I might superflously add: C’mon!) From Orangeman? If he pardons either of those two, I’ll eat my hat.


If in fact drumpf did do the right thing here, that would be a “right thing score” of less than 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000002. But yeah, he should pradon both of these men.


The bloody Canadians could release Weng (Huawei) from arrest tomorrow if they wanted to as well. At least this further reinforces what Progressives already know, that corporations decide who goes to jail and who will be set free.


Judging the looks of the shelves at the stores lately you might want to buy a second jar of ketchup at the store next time, just in case.

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holding this all back is what Trump’s biz plans are after he unceremoniously gets evicted.

if he’s planning a comeback, a pardon might be politically hazardous, as the new and improved super right wing Democratic party will run against him or his anointed on the issue. Still, if he’s just looking for one last quality troll, this would be the one. You could hear Hilldawg’s screeches all the way here.


True Patriots: …Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning & Snowden… Proud Boys, take note of the real Patriots… Donald J Trump is no patriot, only a con-artist, he will take you down as he takes down this country…


when people speak truth to power the empire trembles and tortures them. PARDON ASSANGE AND SNOWDEN NOW! The only good thing the orange man can leave as his legacy. the rest is shit! mass murderer of the highest order as americans continue to die daily because of his incompetence and insanity.


Yup. Even a stopped clock … (you know the rest)
Head banging ironies galore.


Easier rumored than done, apparently. It’d be nice.

Not quite the same scenario. This isn’t about corporations. (But i get your point.) This is about the UK being as complicit as the US in war crimes by the very fact they invaded a country on the flimsiest of reasons. (Since, proven to be lies.) If they released Assange it would be hypocritical and akin to the kettle calling the frying pan black. Poodles.

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Can you imagine it?
Trump pardons Snowden.
Trump pardons Assange.
Trump institutes Medicare For All.
Biden would be PISSED!


The democrats are dead already. And Trump and the republicans don’t seem to have to anything to help them along to histories waste bin. Hoyer and Pelosi are already insinuating that they will give up state aid and $1200 relief checks, and grant corporate immunity in the dirty deal that will be signed this week.
Afterwards, Trump pardoning Snowden (and Assange) and lowering the Medicare age to say 60, will all but guarantee the democrats lose the House in 2022 and Biden is a four year lame duck loser.
The democrats could fuck up a one car funeral.