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GOP Lawmaker Claims 'Trump Is Listening to the Many of Us Who Are Urging Him to #PardonSnowden'

All he did was tell us the truth


That’s their job, that is why they are there. They are not fucking up (as far as their masters are concerned)

Nothing will fundamentally change


When you’re right you’re right Phred. I suppose being mad at Nancy and Steny for being sell outs now would be like yelling at the dog for pissing on a fire hydrant.
It’s just who they are.


There is a whole list of whistleblowers who need to be pardoned; Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, Thomas Drake, Bill Binney, and some I’m probably missing. Manning has been repeatedly jailed, Kiriakou has had his pension stolen, Drake and Binnery have both lost their houses, all for telling the truth, while those who they fingered have gone on to lucrative corporate jobs, media appearances, and the revolving door of government jobs.


Don’t forget that the fauxgressives and “the squad” were all-in for Pelosi’s House leadership. They didn’t even bother mounting a challenge.


How ironic that, on his way out the doggy door kicking and screaming, that Donnie would do something actually good.


Rabbit hole.

And there are many more “truths” out there Phred, that will never be revealed.

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Obama punished Snowden, good be his lucky break.

Just offhand I would have said Snowden should be pardoned since he exposed unapproved and possibly illegal metadata collection while Assange should be prosecuted for conspiracy to help a foreign power influence an American election. Seems pretty clear.

Well, that’s the point of torturing Assange, Manning, Snowden.


Hard to say what the odds are, it sounds like a longshot, but it’s at least worth speaking up for Snowden and Assange vigorously. Since I’m not on Twitter, I’ve been pestering Trump from this link:


Looks like you are peddling Assange Smear #1, #4, and #29:



Well yes, but i meant more in the way of “classified government” information.

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That got me quite hysterical - imagining dump becoming obsessed with the “pestering” of “minecritter” to the point of relinquishing his ongoing obsession with election fraud and thereby focusing solely on determining who this “minecritter” is, to the detriment of all other investigations and accusations until the 20th of January 2021. :)))

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The GATS is allowing our oligarchs to covert the misplaced trust and naivete of the American people into cash for themselves in dozens of ways, its an extrinsic fraud, also another fraud, conversion, gradually. Leaving us a debt ridden shell. They are selling(+trading away) things people have no idea we had and no idea that they could even be sold. We have no fucking idea BigB.

Sadly, while I would like to see pardons for Assange, Manning AND Snowden, even a pardon for just Snowden would be a reason to rejoice. What could be used to entice Trump to do this, I wonder? Surely not just the innate goodness of pardoning someone who risked everything to tell us all how we are constantly being surveilled. No, it would have to be a something irresistibly personally beneficial. Lifetime supply of Big Macs? GoFundThat.

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The reason they both hate Assange, I bet is for leaking TISA. TISA and TTIP are crimes to me. They steal public services from the world, and lock in corporate pillage. they lower wages and strip people of the ability to make a living. They set up an underpinning of unfairness that lays the groundwork for the creation of a global corporatist police state, that countries cant escape from.

These deals which steal ALL our futures and end the middle class as we know it are fully intended to turn most or even almost all good jobs and democracies into precarious modern day slave labor and corrupt dishonest kleptocracies (respectively) and are or should be crimes. Just like GATS should be, you know the FTA that has turned our politicians into liars.

They are thefts of the entire planet from all of the world’s people. The US and the rich countries are trying to steal the policy space we need by forcing via treaties a host of things that nobody would ever vote for with this theater of cruelty right now. How could people be so dumb as to fall for the faking of phony consent for this horrible theft.

Trump was likely hired to put on this colossal waste of our time so this could be used to justify the theft of democracy by pretending we gave assent to the GATS-TISA -TTIP global grab. Really its all a theatrical event, not real politics.

Biden winning does not mean that we are agreeing to this theft. But thats what the history books will say.

Everything is fake.

There’s some interesting threads going on today on Glenn Greenwald’s twitter feed on that subject:

“For those who still can’t comprehend why Trump twice said he was strongly considering a pardon of Snowden, it’s because – as he’s explains – he feels personally aggrieved by the precise abuses of power that Snowden risked his liberty to expose.”


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I mean…if that’s what it takes for something good to happen. Sad commentary but I’ll take it if it gets Snowden pardoned.

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