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GOP Lawmakers Battered With Boos and Jeers in Face-Offs With Constituents


GOP Lawmakers Battered With Boos and Jeers in Face-Offs With Constituents

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

While some lawmakers are avoiding town halls altogether, or holding "sham" events, the Republicans who are facing their constituents during April's congressional recess are taking a beating on a range of issues, notably their support for the


Wha's goin' on in Montana and Louisiana? Ah, I KNOW! The Democrats don't have enough money to "pay demonstrators" in those two states! :slight_smile:


and your 'point' is what precisely?

People were fed up going into the 2016 election, fed up with D'd and R's.
Some were so dang fed up that they chose not to vote at all, given the pitiful 'choices', about half of eligible voters as a matter of fact.
Did you really think that the anger, the stoopidity masquerading as politics was going to evaporate with the magical liar and con man Twitler and his winger dinger christo fascist enablers?

Paid protestors my azz!


You boys need more original stuff to cover your tracks. The only peeps bused in were teabaggers from the Koch heads.


If you can come up with one example of a Democratic "paid protester," I'll listen. Until then, please shut up.


I'm a little uneasy at the idea that these town halls shout down those legislators brave enough (or stupid enough) to show up. I certainly feel the same passion, but doubt the productivity of getting them there only to make so much noise that they can't respond.

Granted, many of their responses are asinine, and they should be called on the B. S., but plain old shouting them down does nothing but keep them away from such situations in the future.

What's the point?


This is backlash because people are not being represented. At all!


Are you sure GobelChig wasn't being whimsical or sarcastic?


To scare them. A frightened politician is the only one responsive to the people, or so thought Nixon.


My rep. has an office in town, but too chicken to have a live event. Says he wants to do it online (so people like me, who can quote his written lies, can be filtered out).

This one's for you Mac Thornberry. Grow a spine man.


After decades of Democrats, then Republicans, then Democrats and over, and over, and over again, isn't it about time we gave real Socialism a chance in this country. It certainly isn't going to make things any worse than they are now!


These radicals get themselves elected using half baked divisive advertising, bought with 'dark money' and secured with gerrymandered districts. They get sworn in, knowing full well the agenda which has been prepared for them by ALEC, has no place for upholding our constitution or protecting 'the greater good'; and in this euphoric state fall head over heals for their own aggrandizement. It is from such circumstances these obtuse inhumane zealots, 'lock onto the grandiose schemes and expectations the false reality created for them' and urgently believe the party will continue unabated.

When these unqualified addle pates get hit with "actual questions from rightfully concerned constituents", you'd swear they just received a kick to the groin. Only the amoral would ever consider blocking their own countrymen from receiving affordable health care.