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GOP Lawmakers Capitalize on Zika Threat to Pass Bill Dubbed 'Making Pesticides Great Again' Act"


GOP Lawmakers Capitalize on Zika Threat to Pass Bill Dubbed 'Making Pesticides Great Again' Act"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Republican-controlled U.S. House on Tuesday passed legislation—newly rebranded with the word "Zika" in it—that Democrats say is in fact not at all about the addressing the threat of the virus but making it easier for pesticides to contaminate the nation's waterways.

Previously called the "Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act," the "Zika Vector Control Act" passed the House 258-156.


As I posted elsewhere on this topic, "It is yet another opportunity for the cranks to emerge and vilify Rachel Carson anew. And so it begins:
Now what could possibly go wrong with that idea?"
Seems the GOP didn't disappoint, they remain true to form and predictable as ever.


Problem, reaction, solution.


As delineated in Naomi Klein's SHOCK DOCTRINE ...one more example of never letting a crisis go unexploited.


Monsanto and Chevron are tickled pink...the GOP House thugs will be handsomely rewarded, to be sure. Their blatant misogyny continues to amaze as it grows exponentially with every session: low ball and reduce requested funding to get a jump on finding a vaccine to combat the ZIKA virus; money to eliminate the conditions fostering the hatch of the Zika-carrying mosquito (a species that preys only on humans, no less); providing funding for window screens in areas where the mosquito prefers to breed/live (South and Texas, e.g.); clean up garbage and standing water in depressed neighborhoods most likely affected by the mosquito population expansion. Fully fund the needs of the NIH and other public health organizations to expedite research would be a no-brainer. It is women who bear the brunt of raising a severely disabled child and a child with microcephaly has any number of medical problems in addition to the mental disability: retinal blindness, deafness, organ failure (kidneys, liver, lungs). And who will pay the $10 MILLION per child in medical costs? Surely none of the miserly U S Reps or Sens diminishing the funding for combating ZIKA. Interesting how these self-same politicians do not hesitate to fully fund use of military might in "combating" perceived threats, especially in the Middle East or other oil-rich areas...guess the Pentagon is more valuable to them than the NIH.


I honestly don't get it. Why do republicans NOT want clean water?


You'd think vermin would have an aversion to pesticides


Come November WE have the power to remove the vermin from Congress!!


It turns out the pesticides used to combat mosquitos are overlooked as a possible culprit of microcephaly, but (surprise!) the people getting sick and having malformed babies all live in areas where the pesticides were dumped directly into the drinking water. The local governments don't want too much research into this, because they are the ones who dosed the water. Zika only causes a mild illness normally and is not conclusively (by a long shot) linked to birth defects. The pesticide in question was assumed to be safe for consumption by the WHO, and so was not really looked into seriously until these doctors and scientists did it on their own, and they are questioning the WHO's assessment of the pesticide. The pesticide in question is manufactured by the Japanese partner of Monsanto. And, btw, the communities that simply put little fish in the open water containers or areas of standing water so that the fish would eat the mosquito larva (instead of using the pesticide) don't have zika or dengue fever.

The report from these independent investigators is here:



Because the wet dream of the bottled water industry is to have the entire population of the world dependent on buying water from them...