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GOP Leadership Hopes Distractions Abound During Confirmation Hearings


GOP Leadership Hopes Distractions Abound During Confirmation Hearings

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Republican party appears to be employing a strategy wherein the public—and even lawmakers—will be too distracted to place much needed scrutiny on President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees.


The GOP has a 'brilliant' plan?


It is damn difficult to ignore the absurd, the catastrophic, and the outright slap in the face that are all the T-sumpPump anointees! But, the "public" who voted for the charbroiled Satan in a suit have proven themselves to be easily distracted, misled, and incapable of practicing any kind of scrutiny beyond a vast knowledge of guns and ammo. They seek only that which suits their own best interests (to heck with their fellow humans, the planet, and all life) and certainly lowered their morality and integrity standards when it came to casting their vote for imminent disaster for our nation,

I know, how harsh but not untruthful nor unproven.


In the words of T-sumpPump himself, "Great, fantastic" repeated ad infinitum. The Brits like to use the term "brilliant" often but probably would not use it when it came to the US prez-elect...


Saw a post of a Trump supporter who said that he/she and all of the friends have great careers and voted for Trump. Well, if they have great careers what is so bad about their lives that they would do that? It's all about ME and nobody else. We do not have a country anymore.


Brilliant for the mob and Wall Street.



Since you are not among the general public you so condescendingly refer to as "they," "themselves" and "their."

What are you?




You nailed it, Seatower!


Trump's cabinet appointees, aka "The Dirty Dozen" are beyond horrible. The public would be
much better served if he had just picked people at random from the phone directory!


Since they don't believe in functioning like a democracy, I think it is time that they be stripped of their positions and taken off the taxpayer paid salaries and benefits they make. They can get a real job working for the people they have always been working for (not the American public at large) but they can no longer claim to work for us. Can anyone really look at them without thinking that they are traitors to the people of this country and the democracy. I think they really have fun undermining anything good and worthwhile that would benefit our country and the world. They are sick, sick people whose time has come.


No salaries for them or Trump- and get rid of that Kelly Conway creature also.


Whatever happened to a governmental commitment to promote the general welfare? There is a complete absence of moral and ethical compass in this congress. Sorry to state the obvious. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that nothing seems to stop them from falling further and further into some ever deepening ethics-free hell. And why isn't there any congregation of ethically driven public figures who step up and declare "Enough!" ?????


They commit treason when they render Cabinet vetting virtually instant and impossible to review publicly. Democracy is not a cabal. Patriots don't abuse their privileged positions in order to bypass sorely needed public and professional scrutiny. That is clearly treasonous.


You are soooooo right. OJT and random phonebook entry candidates could supercede any one of these creepy cabinet clowns.


Off topic, I know, but do you still have phone directories where you live because I don't.


I can't even bear to read this. Every time I see those lifeless doll's eyes of the walking dead: Bitch McConnell I want to barf. What a piece of chit he is. Can't we take out all this old trash and start over fresh?

Almost nobody voted for the GOP if you don't count Diebold and ESS system computer voting machine fraud. I still don't understand how the Greens and Libertarians were polling at 3 percent and six percent, respectively and didn't even get half that much in the election.

Something's rotten. It's bitch and the GOP stench. That's what it is. Aren't you tired of all this gerrymandering? "Redistricting" and "cross-check" voter eligibility fraud software? Striking people off the voter rolls without the opposite party verifying it? Of course, being a fake opposition party, the dems wouldn't even object to invalidating the ballots of similar sounding names like the repukes have been caught in the past doing.

Let's go back to debates and voting polls conducted by the league of women voters again. They were trustworthy. They didn't exclude third parties.


Bend over, Amerika. The GOP is comin' ta gitcha, and it's going to be very, very painful.


Four years from now, they probably won't have to bother with minor inconveniences like confirmation hearings.
* The Fuehrer of the moment will simply announce his appointments, probably by tweeting, and it will be a done deal.


Frankly much the same could be said for Clinton voters ... except, maybe, for the guns and ammo part - perhaps not even there, for the MIC thrives under both ....