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GOP Looking to Quietly Kill Resolution Demanding Transparency on Trump


GOP Looking to Quietly Kill Resolution Demanding Transparency on Trump

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Multiple House sources told Politico on Thursday that Republicans will seek to quash Rep. Jerry Nadler's (D-N.Y.) resolution to force President Donald Trump to disclose his ties with Russia, as well as possible business conflicts of interest.

Republicans plan to send the "resolution of inquiry" to the GOP-heavy House Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, which is expected to kill it, Politico's Rachael Bade and John Bresnahan report.


Prediction: It will get rejected. This is a no-brainer.


The repubs are trying to kill all inquiry into rump and his dealings because once exposed, they are exposed for having enabled him to run roughshod over this country and Constitution.


All you GOP reps who are part of the 2010 tea party wave can easily be washed out of office with the indivisible tsunami. We are coming for your seats.


Exactly! If he is exposed then they, his accomplices/partners in crime are exposed...including House and Senate repugnicants and cabinet secretaries.


Isn't the GOP resistance tantamount to a sort of passive-aggressive traitorous behavior?


I'm disappointed there aren't more comments here. We (the people) need to keep pushing for the disclosure of Trump's tax returns and an investigation into his business conflicts of interests. I think CREW has a lawsuit about the business conflicts. Why are we not hearing about a possible investigation into Trump's relationship with Putin and Russia's possible meddling with the election? If our representatives are not talking about this then we need to keep demanding an investigation! I fear people are already feeling hopeless. We're the ones who need to keep fighting because nobody else is going to do it unless we light a fire under their asses.


The best medicine for hopelessness is fighting back! There are hundreds of thousands of people joining Indivisible groups. Find your local group and fight against these fascists to save our democratic republic. My group grew from 3 active members the first week, to 26 the second week and over 100 the third week. Our full membership grew at the same time to over 1,000. Although I've felt the need to become an activist many times in my life, this is the first time I've actually done something about it. I'm 72 and when I went to the first meeting I was amazed to find so many seniors attending, and for the first time in our lives. It's really true that any citizens who don't take action to stop this overt attack on our country will be complicit. Regardless of our physical condition there's always something we can do. I have to use a walker for a crippling hip condition and I suffer from fibromyalgia, but I can still use my research to support plans and strategies for our local leaders.

Fighting back now, today, is vital. The cancerous hate within the leadership of our current government is capable, overnight of the destruction of our country. Many of Trump's "so-called" executive orders and memorandums have been flat out unconstitutional.


The gall of the GOP! After non-stop investigations of the past two Democratic administrations, this is inexcusable. I don't see how we can ever trust the GOP to have the nation's best interest--or even pretend that they do--in the future. This is outright treason to the principals of our nation.