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GOP Obsession With Austerity is to Blame for Sluggish Economic Recovery


GOP Obsession With Austerity is to Blame for Sluggish Economic Recovery

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Fiscal austerity in the wake of the Great Recession—imposed by Republicans on the federal, state, and local levels—is responsible for the sluggish pace of economic recovery since 2009, states a new paper that undercuts conservative attempts to pin the blame on President Barack Obama.


It’s not just the Republicans, it’s All of our now totally disfunctional US government at war with the world. As long as we see ourselves as The World Power there will be no domestic economy. Just watch your community disintegrate…


Note the premeditated omission of endless war expense. Republicans own the balanced budget debate and blame democrats for tax and spend even though they actually ring up the biggest deficits. Democrats hide behind republicans to support the ongoing world-wide US holocaust.

Deficit federal spending destroys democracy by avoiding the ire of voters paying out of pocket. That’s exactly why representatives have a short two year term and are in charge of the Budget.

A voted on bond issue for a debated project is democratic financial planning for capital improvements. That is different than cowardly representatives who also avoid approving foreign wars.


You are missing the point. Federal spending is high mainly to pay for permanent war and the debt is due mainly to interest being paid on the loans used to finance war. The writer of the article is arguing for more government spending t that would allow more consumer spending to create the necessary demand to get the economy growing again.


How quickly we forget Obama’s 2011 Simpson/Bowles catfood commission that was convened to justify and spearhead the “grand bargain” that Obama and Congressional Democrats crafted to beat the Europeans in the race to “austerity”.

Although it was surprising at the time to see the GOP block the “grand bargain”, it makes sense when you consider that the GOP is always competing with the Democrats for corporate money and they didn’t want the Democrats be the austerity champs.

Democrat Joe Lieberman’s and Republican Jon Huntsman’s “No Labels” is reviving the catfood commission so the next president will be able to cut a “grand bargain” to increase corporate welfare (much of it for the military industrial complex) by expanding austerity for the 99%.


It would be great if it were just the Republicans in favor of austerity measures, but it’s not. Since Bill Clinton was president the Dems and Repubs have agreed on major issues and the Dems have quietly passed them.
Let’s remember Obama put social security cuts on the table. Obama had a mandate when he took office. Both houses were Dems in the majority, he could have changed many things but instead went for a Regan Republican cabinet and policies. Never underestimate the Obama betrayal.


I agree. Why is this writer leaving the Democrats out?!


The “economic plan” Clinton presented to the media yesterday was little more than a dusted off version of what Obama presented during his 2008 campaign, never acted on, and subsequently put at the bottom of the pile where it has remained ever since. She has probably already put it back at the bottom of the pile.

After she implements eight years of austerity, Clinton will tell the 2024 Democratic POTUS nominee to dust it off again.


To be quickly abandoned for war.


The fact is that humanity requires austerity for the affluent and increased security for the many marginalized peoples – marginalized largely by having their ways of life disrupted by the growth of affluence.


Austerity for middle class and poverty stricken, land of plenty for neoliberals and warmongers. Politicians avoid excepting any responsibility for America’s disastrous foreign polices but fund the corruption.


Austerity, Austerity. Lets not use a sugary coated name. Howz bout, hard damn times damn-it! Go to Greece and ask them what they think of this damn Austerity!


I note as of yesterday, the Greek sellout government sold one of their largest sea ports to the Chinese to fund their “austerity”. It is little known but this is already common practice in America…sell off the future to keep the neoliberals rolling in cash!


Please refrain from calling names to anyone. At any rate of course it’s on the military- don’t you know it’s in the constitution! Plus, let’s face it- it’s about the miltarized industrialized complex that’s how the country has always made money- only it’s more blatant. May I suggest something? If you know something more about someone else here, so not call names just inform, and have a dialogue. Also, nothing is going to change unless we engage about solutions and education. We are all humans, and therefore we have flaws but we can learn from each other.


What are we SOLVING here by having a dialogue on the internet? NOTHING.


I would like to propose something here: If you know of or see someone who is a first responder ( soldier, police officer, fire fighter , ambulance driver, medical personnel , rresue worker,. and anyone else I might have omitted- thank that person. If that person is you, then I would like to thank you.


I would argue, markus44, that this goes way beyond the Republican party. Large amounts of wealth (wealth being the earth’s productive capacity accumulated for human use) is what irrevocably produces inequity of wealth distribution. No economic or political system will “level the playing field” to levels of equity that allow some basic equality of opportunity for human beings.


Sorry for the not-so-relevant comment, but suddenly I can’t find CD’s article on the leaked emails that show Hillary selling favors to foreign countries and large corporations and I guess this is as good an article to post under as any.

Democracy Now has a feature on it today, with an interview with reporter James Grimaldi. The recap states the FBI actually wanted to investigate but Loretta Lynch wouldn’t allow that (I wonder if that was before or after her meeting with Bill about which she said, yeah it was a mistake but–oops, too late, now–oh, well). I was looking for the story because even NPR reported on it.

And now I’m looking in a new light at the Supreme Court’s recent decision that political favors for money DOESN’T actually constitute bribery, as long as the favors themselves aren’t contrary to law (just extremely reckless?)

So your vote won’t count, but they can buy the government, and SCOTUS has pre-emptively blocked any action you’d want to take against it.


Mealouts, I would not say nothing. We share information, like Smerl’s valuable information about the Greek government selling off one of their largest sea ports to the Chinese. We share ideas. We bond together as people. We here on Common Dreams’ site are creating a movement to better this world for everyone, and all life forms. We are solving yes, we are solving yes.


No Austerity with the following:

  1. Drone programs.
  2. Militarization of Police Dept.s
  3. Deportations.
  4. NSA & Black Budgets.
  5. INcrease in Overseas bases.
  6. Border “Security” programs.
  7. Corporate subisidies.
    What else…