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GOP oversight of Trump: Worse than Watergate


GOP oversight of Trump: Worse than Watergate

John Conyers, Jerry Nadler

On Tuesday, the GOP defeated our Congressional Resolution of Inquiry, asking the Trump administration about their conflicts of interest and Russian ties, including improper contacts between the White House and the FBI. This was part of a series of amendments Democrats have offered over the last several weeks to break through a concerted and coordinated stonewall up by the GOP Congress.


The GOP controlled Congress is never going to act against Trump's best interests after Trump tossed the veto pen into the Potomac River on January 21 and they now know that Trump will hold the door open for them to enact all the regressive and sinister legislation on their bucket lists for the past quarter century.


It is starting to look like the GOP may have to get rid of Trump. The questions and outrages just keep growing. While I think Trump needed Pence to assure his base that he was with them, it now seems likely that having Pence ready to take over may well be the undoing of Trump. Pence, I think, is even more likely to do the bidding of the worst of the GOP.


I would assume that most of the Republicans understand what is going on as clearly as Conyers and Nadler do but they still are unwilling to the take the political risk of going against Trump. They are afraid if they go against him he will come to their state or district and attack them, which could possibly end their political careers. So they are not doing what is the right thing to do but are being cowards. However, it does appear we many soon reach a tipping point where people have become so outraged about these likely connections between Trump and Russia and what appears to be a cover up that the will finally feel it is safe to stand up to Trump and investigate what went on.


Pence appears to be the most likely kingpin in the rash of Trump Regime leaking.

Pence knows that slowly undermining Trump will eventually assure that the oval office will be Pence's.


Some of us can recall a Republican Party that never would have accepted the implication, let alone the reality, that they colluded with the Soviet Union/Russia.


The 'Grand Old Party' will forever be remembered as the Enablers of the Deconstruction.

The Democratic Party, will continue to make noise and wait for their turn in 2020 or 2024.

The voters of this country have been the Enablers of these Two Old Parties who have minimally provided any Oversight to either of them.

The only hope we have is in Divesting from the Duopoly and supporting a party that puts People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.


I'm sure the religious Conservative wing would be thrilled if Degenerate Donald pissed off and let Pence pardon him ala Jerry Ford. Trumpf et al. are obviously up to their proverbial asses in Russiagate. Making an enemy of the Media and the Intell. sector was just plain stupid and arrogant but that's Donald. He plays the long odds and so far it's paid off. Maybe not for much longer, though.


I would upgrade that "I think is even more likely" to "is certain."