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GOP Plan Targets Poor, Sick, Elderly While Providing Tax Cuts to Rich CEOs


GOP Plan Targets Poor, Sick, Elderly While Providing Tax Cuts to Rich CEOs

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) "will do active harm to millions of people, particularly low-income people and seniors;" includes tax breaks for wealthy insurance CEOs; and is generally "a nastier, more consumer-unfriendly proposal


I hate this fucking country.


Come on, Jason Chaffetz of Utah stated on Fox that people will be able to get full coverage for the cost of a single IPhone. Great country. I think all Democrats should endorse that proposal.


Here are Paul Krugman's first thoughts on this plan:
"So now we know what Republicans have to offer as an Obamacare replacement. Let me try to avoid value judgments for a few minutes, and describe what seems to have happened here.
The structure of the Affordable Care Act comes out of a straightforward analysis of the logic of coverage. If you want to make health insurance available and affordable for almost everyone, regardless of income or health status, and you want to do this through private insurers rather than simply have single-payer, you have to do three things.
1.Regulate insurers so they can’t refuse or charge high premiums to people with preexisting conditions
2.Impose some penalty on people who don’t buy insurance, to induce healthy people to sign up and provide a workable risk pool
3.Subsidize premiums so that lower-income households can afford insurance
So that’s Obamacare (and Romneycare before that): regulation, mandates, and subsidies. And the result has been a sharp decline in the number of uninsured, with costs coming in well below expectations. Roughly speaking, 20 million Americans gained coverage at a cost of around 0.6 percent of GDP.
Republicans have nonetheless denounced the law as a monstrosity, and promised to replace it with something totally different and far better. Which makes what they’ve actually come up … interesting.
For the GOP proposal basically accepts the logic of Obamacare. It retains insurer regulation to prevent exclusion of people with preexisting conditions. It imposes a penalty on those who don’t buy insurance while healthy. And it offers tax credits to help people buy insurance. Conservatives calling the plan Obamacare 2.0 definitely have a point.
But a better designation would be Obamacare 0.5, because it’s really about replacing relatively solid pillars with half-measures, severely and probably fatally weakening the whole structure.
First, the individual mandate – already too weak, so that too many healthy people opt out – is replaced by a penalty imposed if and only if the uninsured decide to enter the market later. This wouldn’t do much.
Second, the ACA subsidies, which are linked both to income and to the cost of insurance, are replaced by flat tax credits which would be worth much less to lower-income Americans, the very people most likely to need help buying insurance.
Taken together, these moves would almost surely lead to a death spiral. Healthy individuals, especially low-income households no longer receiving adequate aid, would opt out, worsening the risk pool. Premiums would soar – without the cushion created by the current, price-linked subsidy formula — leading more healthy people to exit. In much of the country, the individual markets would probably collapse.
The House leadership seems to realize all of this; that’s why it reportedly plans to rush the bill through committee before CBO even gets a chance to score it.
It’s an amazing spectacle. Obviously, Republicans backed themselves into a corner: after all those years denouncing Obamacare, they felt they had to do something, but in fact had no good ideas about what to offer as a replacement. So they went with really bad ideas instead."


I was trying to find something, anything in this administration with the solid altruistic gravitas and profundity commensurate to task and office. But after sputters and blackout, a distant voice said.... "Huston, we have lift off..."


The greed of the GOP knows no bounds!


At the rate the GOP controlled Congress is moving backward, by Easter ALL of Trump's campaign promises will have been reduced to ash with the smoke ascending into the GOP heaven.

Do we need to continue calling it the GOP ? Now that they have moved further right than the Taliban, haven't they fully earned the Murkin Taliban Party label ?




Scum. Utter sociopathic scum. A plague on all their elitist asses. Their cruelty knows no limits.


When I was a little kid, I use to remember hearing that there needs to be an open,hunting season on politicians, I did not understand it then, but I certainly... understand it now!


The truly SICK are Trump and the Koch Bros and all the others like them!


I've always been firmly against this part. No one should be forced to purchase health insurance and given a penalty for it. If they don't have enough money to feed themselves, they can't give money to a wealthy insurance company for a high deductible and pitiful coverage!


correction, he said quit spending yer fnking money on a new iPhone but rather use it to pay your monthly premium for an overpriced, inadequate insurance plan instead of expecting the government to pay it for you, damn takers! Like anyone buys an iPhone every month.

As someone stated above "I hate this bleeping country."


The answer to the question Joseph Welsh asked of Joe McCarthy - " Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" is plain for both the odious trump and his despicable GOP co-conspirators - they have none.

The damage they are doing to our world, nation, and people is beyond all bounds of decency........and they have only just begun.

There must be an uprising to wash this stench from our nation and future.............


Paul Krugman stinks anymore. I have an idea why not just provide government provided health care to everyone, all the time, from the cradle to the grave paid for by a progressive tax on everyone.

We need to kick insurance to the curb. It does nothing to provide healthcare. It acts as a gatekeeper to care to insure Big Insurance profits and if and when you've paid your premiums, satisfied your yearly deductible (sometimes as high as $6,000) and your co-pay cuts a check to your doctor for the remainder of your bill. Big woo.

We pay 2x, 3x as much for healthcare than other 1st world countries with dismal results. And if anyone does not think we already have "rationed" healthcare. We do. IT IS RATIONED BY ONE'S ABILITY TO PAY. Don't think for one moment that you receive the same care as the exec's in your company or Congress -- you most certainly do not.


This repub plan should be called Ryancare. Or Ryan-lack of-care.


Oh spare me the diversions! How is that still a thing!??


Love it (your comment).


So now is the time for the Democrats to put forth a comprehensive Single Payer/Medicare for All plan to counter this rubbish.


Even with the Democrats sucking, this could lead to the Republicans getting utterly destroyed before they even get implement a lot of this. If we had a decent opposition party, they wouldn’t dare even try doing this. The Democrats are really good at losing elections they shouldn’t though, and they’ve changed absolutely nothing since the election, so there’s that. I gotta say, these Republicans are good, moral, god fearing Christians. Sign me up to whatever they believe in.