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GOP Plan to Slash Unemployment Benefits by $1,600 Per Month Condemned as 'Absolutely Unacceptable'

By the time Trump, Turtle Neck and Ilk pays another dime to the unemployed masses, they would be better off in a Swedish Senior Citizen Care Home.

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That is right as capitalism has NO basis in the reality of finite resources on a finite planet. It has, in fact, no grounding in Reality.


I still like my analogy, it’s as though they are shoving everything including the kitchen sink at us, wondering how much we are willing to endure before saying as a nation, stop it already.


More evil.



You mean the “master legislator” in the House gave up all her leverage by legislating for her masters first?

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

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Satan has many personas, Moscow Mitch could one, to bad I’m an atheist, it would be so easy to believe he’s one of the Father of Lies prime identity’s. I guess I’ll just have to believe him a sick twisted sociopathic monster instead. Oh well.


I’ll volunteer to try to get by on 40 or 50K a month.

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Catastrophe #1: Disney World opened for business. All of those kids partied in the bars. Now there are no hospitals at all and no ambulances at all in redneck states from South Carolina to Texas. If you’re having a mild heart attack or stroke at home then you stay at home and maybe you will then die or suffer the death of large parts of your brain. I’m so sorry.

Catastrophe #2: If millions of people have no money and they are all evicted, huge parts of the economy dry up. All sorts of landlords are bankrupt. Then many banks are underwater and legal fictions have to be maintained about them being solvent. The Onion has suggested building a 27 mile long overpass to house the millions of homeless people. No, this doesn’t solve the pandemic problem, not even a little bit.


So are we at Total Scorched Earth yet?

Well, yes. We have reaches the limits if growth in regards to resource consumption, pollution generation, and there are no limits to the FIRE sector. So, runaway financialization. Markets cannot monetize most environmental impacts too. Beyond that though, they are no based in reality on another level, which is what needs to happen for this system to work even in the present context. Cutting back effective demand will cause a collapse in demand for the products and services businesses want to produce and sell. So, they are not based in reality even in regards to selling the store to the corporate interests.


They have no interest in thinking on it that much. AND they do not want to be FAIR to upper class salaries.

And here is what these unreconstructed Confederate arsonists are:

Tom Cotton Thinks Slavery Was a “Necessary” Evil. Here Are Some Others.

By calling slavery necessary, Cotton was following in the banal footsteps of apologists for all of history’s worst acts.



Naw, He’s evil, being a sociopath he enjoys causing as much pain and suffering to as many people as he possibly can. Sociopaths thrive on that shite.


What do you mean preposterous? Study the MMT economists. Kelton has a recent book. I am correct, you are misguided. The federal government is responsible for creating the currency we use. You are arguing that it has to borrow to spend, or it taxes money that exists to fund spending. State and local governments, yes, because they don’t create the currency we use and are a currency user. So, explain how it creates new money. Taxing money is taking money out of the economy that already exists. How did that money get created? By the federal government running a deficit, i.e. by it spending more than it takes in. That new money is injected into the economy and individuals, businesses, local and state governments then use that money. New money is created when politicians decide on spending that is above receipts coming in. It matters none what tax revenues are, only matters in determining how much new money needs to be created. The deficits create new money, and that new money is THEN used to pay taxes and is then used to buy Treasury bonds. I am correct, you are not. This makes the situation worse, as it shows that when politicians decide to not spend money on something at the national level, it is a choice. Your tax dollars don’t pay for anything at the federal level, period, end of story. Contrary to your comment, this does matter. I support taxing the rich, but not because it funds federal spending. Cause it does not.

Most money we use is created by private banks, not the state, they create money through debt, and their investment decisions are radically different than public sector investment decisions.

No lefty, Alan Greenspan on federal money creation: _https://youtu.be/DNCZHAQnfGU

An expert on the matter, Kelton, has a new book on this you should read: _https://youtu.be/QQOgqXGb0Yc


Here is my detailed and pithy statement on this proposal :
This is bonkers…


Drying up the demand side of this economy, in the midst of a very deep and nationwide recession, is just plain counterproductive. It should be viewed as counterintuitive, as well.
Or, put a different way, it’s about as smart as slapping tariffs on imports, and claiming they’re not adding a real cost to American consumers.
Oh, Trump said that scheme would create more good paying jobs…eventually. So will putting more laid off workers into bankruptcy court… for lawyers, collection agencies and auctioneers.


Sorry, you are ignorant on this issue and are incorrect. It isn’t gaslighting, it is well established fact. Stephanie Kelton was on the Senate Budget Committee. She is an economist, is well regarded and had a new book called The Deficit Myth and has been on countless programs about this issue. A whole school of economics is devoted to this, called Modern Monetary Theory, which is based on the ideas of renowned economists like Minsky and Keynes. You do not know what you are talking about and calling my argument gaslighting is ignorant.

Answer these questions.

  1. How does the federal government create new money?

  2. If it taxed away all the money in the economy, could it spend no more?

  3. If you started a new country right now and wanted to spend, could you tax in order to spend? How, if you first didn’t inject money into the economy that would thereafter be taxed?

  4. Are state and local governments in the same exact position as the federal government. Can I, for example, use a currency created by the state of California or a currency created by the city of LA? If not, if those governments use a currency created by the national government, what are the implications?

To argue I am a billionaire lapdog is ignorant in the extreme. You don’t know what you are talking about, I have a strong background on this, you don’t know basic things. Read the fucking debates surrounding MMT for Christ sake.


Social Security and SSI still exist so not yet.


People like you are frustrating because you don’t know what you are talking about, you have spent no time studying this issue and you can’t be convinced to learn about the issue even though I am spoon feeding you sources by well respected economists on these issues. You do the left damage by being so off on the issue and by spreading information on public debt, deficits and money creation that feeds into right wing arguments. Anyone reading this that knows of MMT, how money is created, public debts and deficits should speak up and try to educate this poster.




Well, ya know, sociopaths are sort of an alien species. They lack the full compliment of human genes, the one’s that allow normal people to feel love, compassion, kindness, generosity, etc. The only feelings they possess are fear, rage and lust (mostly lust for power over others and wealth as a means to power and position and rage at anyone gets in their way or thwarts them). To smooth the path to power, they learn to fake the emotions ordinary people feel on a daily basis. They’re sort a sub-human variant on the human scheme. Oh, and many of them really dig causing pain and suffering, and even death when they can get away with it. You find a lot of them in politics, corporate echelons, religion, neo-Nazi/Facist White Supremacist/Militia groups, etc. Unfortunately, most of the Worlds rulers, leaders, dictators, and head honchos are sociopaths whether they were elected or seized power through violence. Sucks, doesn’t it, being ruled by Sub-Human “Aliens”.