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GOP 'Plot to Gut Social Security Behind Closed Doors' Gains Steam in Senate Covid-19 Talks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/gop-plot-gut-social-security-behind-closed-doors-gains-steam-senate-covid-19-talks


So typical of republicans, and, the “WEALTH” class. Like a quote attributed to one of the infamous and notoriously evil koch bros, " all I want is my fair share, which is ALL OF IT!" Pretty much sums up all of those rich, greedy bastards.


Although he seems presidential compared to trump, Romney is anti-government when it comes to helping the less fortunate or for protecting the environment. I wouldn’t trust this Mormon as far as I could throw him.


Mitt Romney, I am a SS recipient and it’s the ONLY income I have. Tell you what: I’ll support your bill if you enable me to collect a non-taxable permanent unemployment amount of $599.99 weekly. I currently receive a few dollars more than $1500 monthly.



So a senator who follows a flake who “found” “gold” plates as directed by an angel named Moroni is going to gut the earned benefits of senior citizens. Paging Mark Twain. Mark Twain to the ink well, please…


Whenever I hear the word entitlement, I know it’s the privileged speaking. And stealth is about to ensue directed at S.S.

There’s nothing entitled about it. It’s money we had taken from our paychecks for retirement.

Fricking greedy sleaze balls.


If you look at the Dem co-sponsors it’s the who’s who of douchebags. The only realistic and fair way to pay for future policies and “deficit reduction” is to tax corps and the rich.


We knew this was coming: Horse trading away the most vulnerable. The picture that emerges, to my mind at least, is the GOP plays hardball with the so-called “Democrats” who in turn play hardball with the so-called progressives when they should be playing hardball with these parasitical and greedy GOP. They are cowards*. If by a miracle we succeed in removing the L’Enfant Terrible from the WH “progressives” need join with the radical left toward radical change to rescue our eco-systems, the future of our youth and put an end to inequality. If we fail–a terrible thought because of what it will mean we then still grow a collective spine and take over where SARS-Cov-2 might leave off and organize General Strikes to lead up to total, rolling, non cooperation to begin in the cities as we are seeing.


Vote blue no matter who.


Five Dim co-sponsors. That’s both amazing and atrocious. It’s as if they’re consciously trying to destroy their base of support.

I suppose this current crisis will achieve one thing–it will convince ordinary people, once and for all, that no one’s on their side and that the system is designed to work against them.

What happens after that collective realization, I don’t know, but the prospects may be grim, indeed.


Lets not forget that gutting social programs isnt just a Republican goal. Clinton 'ended welfare as we know it", Biden has been promoting gutting Social Security and Medicare for his entire career, Obama (with Biden as VP) tried to kill social Security twice.

If Biden becomes president will he enhance SS and Medicare or give them the Coup de grâce and remind you that you knew his history and voted for him so you agreed with killing these programs?

As Dylan Ratigan said in one of his discussions with Jimmy Dore : (paraphrased) Once you have committed to Blue No Matter who, YOU and the programs you support, become irrelevant and can be safely ignored

Jimmy Dore Reporting
Moderates Oppose Pelosi While Progressives Cave Again!


There are 5 Democratic co-sponsors? If there are 5 already, imagine how many more will vote along with them and the Republicans when push comes to shove. THAT is what voting “blue no matter who” gets us. Anybody thinking the Democrats are going to “save” us from Trump is a damn fool. They are not the anti-dote, they’re the reason we have this idiot in the Oval Office in the first place.

We have one party of corporate lapdogs and that party has two factions whose only difference is how best to slice up the pie for their own self-serving interests. We the people are the unwashed masses to those elitist pricks of the modern-day aristocracy.


The result of more than a half century of lesser evil election choices (that I recall flowing into the mainstream in the 1964 POTUS election) has been both the Dimcritter Party and GOP becoming more evil with each passing year.


Social Security isn’t the issue here, greed is.


Democratize the enterprise, one person one vote, from the WORKPLACE to the legislation place. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.


Jimmy Dore
How Germany Is SAVING JOBS During Crisis. w/Dylan Ratigan



Whose piggy bank is this? It’s Grandma’s piggy bank that she put her own money into for all of her working life so that she would have some security in her old age. That’s whose piggy bank is being stolen. If she had known that her money would be stolen, well, there are all sorts of Schedule C ways to hide income and not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. But Grandma didn’t know about the big bad wolf that wanted to eat her alive.


Sens. Jones, Sinema, Warner and Manchin ( Sen. King ? ): Sinema is her own false flag operation, Jones is from Alabama and he’s just " jonesin " for some " mythical " white voters, Warner is an extension of The Alphabets and a Swamp Creature par excellance, Manchin is a classic example of workaday Mafia Capitalism and Angus King is; well, he’s from Maine. Which is the Idaho of the East Coast, now. So, there’s that, too.


Maine is indeed the Idaho of the east, just as James Carville observed that “Pensylvania from Paoli to Pittsburgh is Alabama with few black people”. Not to mention West Virginia’s 1.8 million population but only 18 surnames. At least Arizona can blame heat stroke for 6 months of the year.


During the Reagan Administration, it went like this: Uncle Sam (government) says to Aunt Minnie (Soc Sec) you got all this money hid under your mattress. Why don’t you let us have so it will be safe. We will give you an IOU for it, snicker,snicker. Why Aunt Minnie, when you get ready for it, all you have to do is ask, snicker, snicker …

Aunt Minnie calls for some of her money. Uncle Sam says we don’t have it. Aunt Minnie says what happened to it? Uncle Sam says we spunt it … and the only way to get it back is to raise taxes on the vulgar rich. Aunt Minnie says what is wrong with that? Uncle Sam says then who will pay for our reelection campaigns.