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GOP 'Plot to Gut Social Security Behind Closed Doors' Gains Steam in Senate Covid-19 Talks

I’ve been doing google news searches with different applicable terms and can find nothing on this (congressional bill S.1376, mentioned in post I’m replying to) from any major media or even the more prominent “independent” news sites. But the bill is available to read on congress-dot-gov without many details to make it more conveniently digested (“summary not available yet”) although it was introduced online in January. And it does say there that it was passed by the SFRC on 5/21. I’m not sure what it all means, but from what I’ve read the bill was not named, debated or discussed before the SFRC passed it, and they blocked any streaming of it happening even though congress is supposed to be embracing more transparency. It gives Israel 3.8 billion a year, for ten years, which is about $10 million a day of taxpayer money. Maybe it will get coverage when it goes before the full Senate? So much for aid to the American people when apparently Israel needs it more. At least Israel has universal healthcare while Americans are currently losing theirs in droves. Maybe I’m missing something here, but why isn’t this bigger news? (Here’s the article on it from Mintpress News, as GhostPoet mentioned… ~https://www.mintpressnews.com/senate-foreign-relations-committee-quitely-passes-aid-israel/267851/

And we don’t know if, or how long it would take lobbyists to infiltrate. For back room green deals to be made.
We all start out as virtuous virgins, but we seldom end up that way.
Oh, and when the last SS check is issued they had better issue us a cardboard box and a used park bench for our home and cot.

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I know on one will read this but let’s see Mitt live on less than $1,400 a month, forever, until death we depart, Earth. What? No? What gives? I paid my taxes from every check I ever made for this meager amount. Even when I wasn’t making enough to be taxed at the federal level. I paid for this, therefore it’s NOT a fucking entitlement!!!


They’ve been thoroughly brainwashed. So have most Americans to various degrees.


They did that because of the ideology they embedded in GATS which says the market is all we need, So by privatiing Social Security, Medicare, etc. they are simply continuing that ideology. They have already started the wheels in motion. Google Annex on Financial Services (the WTO version) and read the first few paragraphs, you’ll find their scheme right there. Because they are outsourcing millions of jobs They dont want people looking to the government for help because everybody’s life will be falling apart. So people will be on their own. Their homes values will also be crashing. They wont be able to get new jobs because the whole balance of power will have changed irreversibly, millions of people priced out of the market permanently. Why are they doing it? Its a lot cheaper, skilled wages are 1/10 of what they are here in Asia and 1/20 of what they are here in Africa. This has been the plan for a long time, arguably since September 20, 1986. The Uruguay Round and then the Doha Round negotiations went on for something like 15 years, if you add them both together. the US media hasnt covered it practically at all. They have actually gone to great lengths to cover it up. Remember ClintonCare, for example? It seems not even Congress know much if anything about this scheme.

First those democrats willing to sign on and pass this bill need to be voted OUT of public office! I’ve paid into SS my enite life, it isn’t a free ride. All of them need to be voted out of public offiice!! Why do republicans hate democracy and even closer to the point why do they hate working Americans? Those are questions every single one of their constituents need to be asking them!


Yes, it is systemic, yet once these politicians get into office WE the PEOPLE must stay engaged and demand that changes be made. First of all WE have to demand all proivate money out of our politics. Second, we have to demand an end to this 2 party nightmare that WE are living in - it’s only working for the rich and corporate!


The notion, let alone the practice, of gutting Social Security, taken by any party or, for that matter, country, is utterly sadistic - yet taken seriously in the U.S.A.
We have to pay into it, employers have to pay into it - no one has a f*cking choice. Taking it away is nothing less than sheer theft, plain and simple.


Months ago, two friends said that the solution is surprisingly simple: you raise the cap. As it is at $130,000 now, you just raise it, to an appropriate figure. It’s not hard, and it will work to save social security.
It’s encouraging to see this large and vibrant number of posts on this news story. I think that each of us speaks for many others. Social Security is worth saving.


I guess I misinterpreted your comment before. But it did give me a chance to a good rant!

If Dims had a clue how to negotiate they would push for a graduated social security tax. The more you make, the higher the percentage. With Cons wanting to cut, the compromise becomes removing the cap. And all those flat tax loving Cons should have no problem with it. After all, SS tax is a flat tax with a cap. The cap should never have existed.

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yep and add rank choice voting.
As Dylan Ratigan put it - RCV pulls the rug out from under both parties


Tomatoes, yeah! Raised bed, warmer soil and wow what a juicy treat that can only be vine ripened.

Senior: This simple, elegant fix will take true backbone and that’s a rare commodity with politicians on even the left, nowadays. It will take the masses to call, mail, email, protest etc…to get this necessary thing done.

When was the last time we even heard that mantra of raising taxes on the greedy wealthy??? Americans were up in arms when 45 got his tax cuts for the greedy but now it’s hardly even mentioned and now it should be. Americans should be screaming about those egregious tax cuts every day now as the hypocrites on the right are now complaining about the deficit!!!


Yes you are correct, but for decades the republicans have been convincing SS and medicare are socialist programs. And that it is free money that is being given away. And most people have bought into that w/o understanding what they really are/
The republicans have turned entitlement into a dirty word which is to be denounced at every occasion.
I don’t think that we can change the view that entitlements are bad. Like socialism, it has been ingrained into the american people that anything that is given to the people is bad and only the rich deserve anything.

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Here’s a question for you. How is it that these 4 Dems, in fact any conservative Dem ever gets into office as conservative as they are?

Answer: The people voted them in. This is what they want.

One major problem we have in our country is rampant conservatism. Revering, honoring conservatism, even on the so-called progressive left. The left may refer to the “c” word as pragmatism. Whatever you want to call it, it means you fear change, moving forward, feeling hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day.

It’s conservative democrats that made sure that conservative Biden will run and win against 45. Not progressive Bernie. Sure, these voters thought Bernie’s ideas were much better, but they chose a conservative Dem, instead.

Our corporate-owned media does not support progressive individuals, or progressive politics, or progressive thinking. Just like the Establishment Democrats have zero tolerance for progressivism.

Until millions and millions more Americans open their eyes to the possibilities of what greatness our country, our government can be, these voters will live ignorance and fear and continually vote for conservatives, left and right.

Some dems are negotiating about scrapping the cap and raising FICA taxes on people making more than $137k, or wherever the cap is today.

There have been variations on the idea with a donut hole say no additional taxes after 137k, until you reach 500k, then scrap the cap entirely.
The Democrats are always talking about it.
You will never hear this negotiated by any Rethuglicon! Because you know Rethuglicons have always hated anything good that government offers the middle-class and poor!!

Rethuglicon politicians have hated Social Security since its inception nearly 85 years ago. Rightwing Americans LOVE! Soc Sec, Medicare but they don’t think twice when they vote for a rightwing politician that wants to demolish these programs. Hypocrite=rightwinger.

Ron, I agree with you.

Unless and until Americans get a Democratic ruled Congress, Senate and Presidency, we all will continue to suffer as we all have. And let’s not even bring up the now growing conservative/rightwing problem with our country’s judiciary system!

The two parties are not the same. Many similarities true. The two parties are not mirror images of each other. Since Citizens United, more dark, and corporate money has poured into coffers of both parties, much, much more so on the right, the billionaires find Rethuglicons much more receptive to their will then Dems.

I will vote blue, no matter who 2020 and beyond.
This is our political system as corrupted as it may be.

You can come here and blog and bitch and complain of “both parties are just the same” but that is not true. It’s easy peasy to complain here, it’s COMPLETELY different-- really hard WORK to actually take physical action, knock on doors, join progressive groups, call on your neighbors to create a movement. Create another political party.

Until these people who complain and criticize take REAL ACTION for change, this is the system we must work with.

The right has co-opted the word “entitlement” to make it something evil and undeserved, the exact opposite of the true meaning. They have done that to other words, and I cringe every time I hear a politician saying “reform,” which once had a very positive, progressive meaning but now means a way to make it not work for ordinary people. Don’t let them get away with this bastardization of our language and through that to our thinking.


The infamous shell game but with only two shells and some still fall for it. Go figure.

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