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GOP Prepares to Make Case That Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax Cuts


GOP Prepares to Make Case That Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax Cuts

Ed Kilgore

After a considerable period of time in which other aspects of the Republican agenda held center stage, we are beginning to see some renewed attention to lurid plans to hammer federal spending programs that disproportionately benefit the poor. Politico raised the alarm over the weekend:


Add the increase to the military budget too.

Americans are too willing to pay for a gigantic military that sucks us dry and leaves us in decline. Meanwhile there is no reason to have such a huge military barring a world war.

The military has become the proverbial welfare queens wearing diamonds and riding around in cadillacs on tax payer money.

We make ourselves fools to spend so much money at the expense of our country's well being. Look at America's infrastructure crisis and explain how so gigantic a military helps us? It doesn't!

Meanwhile the GOP wants tax cuts and increases to the immense military budget.

Ask them about fixing a bridge or free colleges or medical care... they will smirk to your face and then we lose!


Furthermore, the pentagon spends billions then trillions on useless crap like the guided missile destroyer USS Zumwalt. The Zumwalt on its very first, maiden, voyage from the east coast to the west coast had engineering failure at the Panama Canal Zone, and had to be towed ashore. Also, the Zumwalt can't fire its guns because the ammo ( $800,000 a round) is to expensive, and two more of these failure destroyers are on the way, add in the F-35 Jet program failure, plus countless other failures and you get some real money. Hey, and the republicans complain that America can't afford food stamps (Snap Program).


We are the NeoPrussians! The Prussians had a military dominated civilian government and society (the famous dueling scar of silent movies etc.) where to get ahead or even to get a government job you had had to be in the military.

Some similarities with the militaristic Prussians exist as Trump has surrounded himself with ex-generals for civilian advisors. The military industrial complex wins again. No dueling scars though.


Also never mentioned is Trump's $130 million fireworks show he did at Syria and Afghanistan. Also not mentioned is the fact that it was actually 60 cruise missiles that were launched, 1 was a dud and crashed into the sea. While of the other 59 that did get to Syria 36 were shot down by Russian defenses. That means only 23 reached their targets or less than 60% hit their mark. And then we're to take a cut to our SS and Medicare? To pay for a military that's insanely expensive for something we really don't need. After all, old folks and children don't matter anymore because they can't be used as taxpayers to extort even more funds from. Yeah, to make the rich even richer. Sure.


What else do you expect from "The National Social Darwinist Rich People's Party"?


But what about how well trickle-down has been working since the 80s?

Okay, that actually hasn't worked so well.

But the reason is that the poor haven't gotten poor enough, and the rich haven't gotten rich enough.



The GOP are making the case that the poor must DIE to give tax cuts to the rich,


Congressional Misdirections We Are Done With :

"We have to have an Adult Conversation about the Budget."

"We all have to Tighten Our Belts."

"The Money Just Isn't There."

"We have to Rebuild our Depleted Military."

"Unemployment is in Single Digits."

"We have the Best Health Care in the World"

.......anybody got any more?


In line with information regarding the MIC, there has been a lot of abnormal military aircraft activity in exercise mode here above and round about Ramstein-Miesenbach, a lot of expensive aviation fuel being pissed away. Who is the lunatic president and his Pentagon puppeteers preparing to bomb or rocket this time around? Will it be a little diversion to keep the faux press and war hungry population amused, let the deplorable masses be damned?