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GOP 'Propaganda' Not Working: Only 13% Believe Tax Plan Will Help Middle Class


GOP 'Propaganda' Not Working: Only 13% Believe Tax Plan Will Help Middle Class

Jake Johnson, staff writer

New survey also shows that 60 percent believe the Republican plan will "mainly favor" the rich


Takes more than redistricting to fool Americans. GOP wrong again.


What do this tax give-away and a 3 day old dead fish have in common? They both use republican deodorant.


Is it possible? Have enough US citizens begun to see through the fog of capitalist propaganda? Are we leaving our naivete behind and learning—as the citizens of the late Soviet Union found it necessary to do, their government being the only approved source of information—how to read between the lines?

This mass refusal of the bamboozle is the most hopeful sign I’ve seen in a long, long time.


A very long time, over 30 years. Half of my life, geez I’ve gotten old :frowning:


Contact your Senators and Congress members and let them know that this bill is not acceptable.


Either that, or a good chunk of the rich Republicans you’d expect to add to that 13% figure have just decided to openly admit what they are doing, dropping all pretense and exposing their shameless greed.


And if they are against it call the cretins who are for it.

(202) 225-3031
(888) 909-7926

(202) 224-2541



Ben Wikler :heavy_check_mark: @benwikler
Replying to @benwikler
The most important thing to communicate to friends, family, and the net: this is, at heart, a giveaway to corporations & the wealthy.

Will do. Absolutely. DONE!


Was it possible for me to hate this despicable piece of shit, Paul Ryan, even more? Yup, now it is. Look at him trying to push this loathsome tax cut scam with his little form. Look at that shameless face. To the regressive idiots of his Wisconsin district that re-elected this inhuman scum (Ryan’s fellow seniors in high school voted him the “Biggest Brown Noser”) I say Fuck You. I also hope that the man running against Ryan for his seat in the House manages to win so we can get rid of Eddie Munster. Then Paulie could go back to the one job he did that he was qualified for - driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Ryan is the perfect symbol for the moral, ethical rot that has consumed the so-called “Republican” Party. I truly despise him.


Closer to 40 years…

Every time I hear that we live in an age of “rapid change” I just laugh. The past half century in the USA have been the most static in the history of the country - just a slow, now accelerating slide into plutocracy.


I hope you are right but I am in such deep despair over what our corrupt legislators have done to us that I have a hard time believing anything positive can happen.


Terrific interview with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis on DN! this morning.


Too bad they don’t care one bit what the people want.


Some people are easy to read - their words for truth, their faces for honesty, their conceptions of right and wrong often leap-out at you, ordinary decency is given short-shrift by these tools of greed and service to/for the 1%.

With politicians, that are born and bred apparently to lie and serve their own interests and those of their masters/clients, those “tells” are now screaming 'fraud", “liar”, “con-job”, “deceit”, astonishing ignorance and/or complicity - their faces show the same simpering deceit as “religious” televangelists - like that smiley/blinky smooth talker, what’s his name.

The accompanying image of Paul Ryan smirking shows his evangelical carny lies, complicity and ignorance, waving the card that says
“A Better way Forward On Tax Reform” - Tax reform?? Give me a freakin break! That’s a bald-faced crock o shite! “forward” for who? NOT the 99% That’s easy to spot. IF ONLY our MSM were not also complicit, deceptive and diversionary, serving much the same forces and power, and deceiving as openly as Ryan and the other R’Con-artist lying scum!

It’s said “the fish rots from the head” and in this political metaphor that “head” is the “Idiot In Chief” - the child who cannot even speak a complete sentence much less a coherent thought…


Joel Osteen.


Meanwhile, Ryan and his millionaire heiress wife, sit in their sprawling manse in WI sipping $20,000 bottles of champagne while laughing at the rabble on “reality tv” (or lives of the filthy and hopelessly irrelevant rich).

BTW, love your sagacious posts!


Look around where you live. Who is the biggest polluter? Who steals all they can grab and owns your politicians? Who could care less what happens to people after they destroy it all with their theft? Boycott. March. Give them a bad reputation. Need to do it quickly before protest is no longer legal in this fake democracy.


Instead of HOPING for trickle down why not give $17000 to every working family in the USA. (EQUIVALENT Cost of their tax cuts for the wealthy). I guarantee you will see massive economic growth. The money will be spent on products and services the wealthy control anyway. It is a WIN-WIN. Lets focus on the demand side for a change.


It doesn’t matter what most of us think. The Wall Street/Corporate Tools in Congress will do whatever fattens their corrupt, blood-stained wallets.