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GOP Proposes 'Draconian' Bills to Criminalize Millions of Immigrants


GOP Proposes 'Draconian' Bills to Criminalize Millions of Immigrants

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Republican Party is proposing three draconian bills that critics say will turn millions of immigrants into criminals overnight, and also empower Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to enact mass deportations.


Repubs love to punish the "other." Maybe they think, no feel (because they usually don't think), it somehow justifies their irrational fear and hate.


" Empower Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents to enact mass deportations."

Just asking: is ICE becoming America's Fourth Reich's S.S.?


So who are the Americans being criminalized? Dreamers? yes, I call them Americans but what other Americans would be jailed? for what? Children born here to illegal immigrants?

You keep mentioning immigrants but there are immigrants and illegal immigrants?

Maybe I am still asleep but really don't know what is in these bills except for speculation.


When people (in this case immigrants) are aggravated enough, they tend to lash back because people can only take so much. That's what the republicans are hoping for because that will be thier excuse to enact even harsher standards and treatment, issue even more powerful military weapons to ICE. However, the same could be said towards the Continental Army during the Revolution- bunch of lawless bloodthirsty thugs who refused to obey the King's Law and their terrorist activities would have been put down as it should have been if France hadn't gotten involved.... That's also why its so important to conduct peaceful demonstrations rather than violent. As it is, the republicans remain the violent ones and they are the ones to be put down.


Illegal aliens are criminals.
Immigrants keep USA wages down
The Population Bomb

The only societies that survive will be those with sustainable populations -- people are so dumb and irrational, I'm betting on zero.


Well, now that the US Fourth Reich has nearly consolidated its control, I wonder who the untermenshen will be in the Reich. Muslims? Orientals? Native Americans? Black people? Mexicans or South and Central Americans in general? Gay people? Women?
* Unfortunately, I don't think you can pick just one of the above, and I am not sure that the list is complete. If the Reich gets pissed off at some other group, that, too, will go on the list.
* We may have morphed into a Banana Republic, but the whole cargo of bananas is rotten.
* Mrs. Minitrue says, "According to my calendar, May 19th is 'Endangered Species Day'. According to the news I've read today, in my opinion, the most endangered species on the planet is the human being."


Undocumented is, I believe, the word you struggle with, and many people here in America do not have the papers the federal government demands today, tomorrow who knows. However, lets not attack immigrants for low wages in America. For example, Mitt Romney, a vulture capitalist, and all vulture capitalists are a good place start to investigate, and research why wages are low in America. Good luck in your investigation, and research!


While all undocumented immigrants under the law are subject to deportation these bills sound inhumane. Inhumane treatment of people is certainly a trademark of Trump and it appears also the Republican Party. There was torture of prisoners under Bush and Cheney. Trump claimed he wanted to do much worse. The Republicans Party has tried to hide its meanness in some elections but obviously it has not remained hidden. The Democrats have been called advocates of the nanny state but caring for people certainly seems preferable to hurting them.


Seems that the US is to be subjected to the same treatment that they have been doling out to others across the globe. Justice, or Karma anyone?


I am responding to several topics at once here. So be it.

"Undocumented"? If I'm driving my car when I've left my drivers license at home, that might be "undocumented", at least in the moment because I am, in fact, a licensed driver.
If I'm driving down the street and don't have a drivers license, I'm not an "undocumented" driver. I'm driving illegally.

"Illegal alien" is a term of law with a specific meaning.
Just so you know, it refers to someone who is in a country in which they do not hold citizenship and are also in that country illegally. I have many friends that are resident aliens. Not U.S. citizens but here perfectly legally, for many years, in some cases.

Anything can be handled well or poorly and dealing with illegal aliens is the same.
Their only real basis for complaint is that they are allowed in one moment and then thrown out the next.

Fer sure, dude.

And don't forget how the leftist universities, I mean evil Trump supporters prevent speech they don't like:


Way back in the 1990s, the US signed onto a trade deal (which has my last name) which proposed to vastly increase trade in services, lowering wages to global average levels. If a foreign country wins its challenge which is currently being considered by the WTO, they could tender winning low bids on skilled labor contracts in areas which ultimately are supposed to include all service sectors and modes of supply by default (unless carved out)

Areas like IT, infrastructure, nursing, and teaching..

As many as 40% of all jobs could be offshored and possibly as many as 40% additional jobs could be lost to automation in the next two decades.

Trump is probably trying to scare other countries into not pushing for the deal to be finished in Buenos Aires later this year as its been proposed.

This same deal has kept our health care in limbo for over 20 years and they still have not told the country about it. I wonder why?

Education is also supposed to be privatized so there will be a need for highly skilled workers so they can avoid hiring domestic college graduates and cut funding for education. Why buy when you can rent?.


I am responding from actual experience, Love your neighbor as your self!