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GOP Scrambling After Trump Vulgarity, But Only Some Top Republicans Pull Support


GOP Scrambling After Trump Vulgarity, But Only Some Top Republicans Pull Support

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Some said Donald Trump's presidential campaign had reached "the point of no return" after the Washington Post on Friday published a tape of the candidate making vulgar and predatory remarks about women during a 2005 conversation wit


We have entered an alternate universe I'm afraid. One deplorable candidate made some offensive and ugly remarks 11 years ago, and that supposedly disqualifies that candidate, while the reason this was released now is to cover the Wikileaks release of a great many disqualifying statements made by the other deplorable candidate.

So it looks like both the major nominees have been disqualified. That leaves Stein and the nut Libertarian. That should be an easy choice.


Isn't it interesting how this tape suddenly emerges at 4 pm on the same day the Wikileaks finally releases transcripts of some of Hillary Clinton's Goldman-Sachs, and other Wall St. speeches? Gives supposedly "liberal/progressive" "news" outlets like CD, Alternet, MSNBC, etc., a chance to totally ignore the Clinton speeches and just concentrate on the latest Trump outrage. How convenient!


So unfair to your boy. CDs little Team Trump is on the job.


She was asked, by the prosecution, to be his defense lawyer. She performed ethically. Do you understand our system at all? Or would you prefer lynch law.


Like all elections for POTUS, this is not an election, but another selection! It is a dog and pony show to entertain the masses because Hillary was selected for POTUS a long time ago.

It looks to me like Trump was the buffoon selected in order to make Hillary look like the lessor evil.

You must know that when the MSM has to report who has the higher disapproval ratings that this whole election for POTUS has to be some kind of nightmare! Jill not Hill.


its stuff like this that makes me wonder what is being said in the smoke filled rooms of both our national parties. I'll wager they are both lamenting the same thing, if we would have just made a better choice we would have won this thing in a landslide.
But it's too late eh? Both of these pigs are putting on more lipstick, knowing that, in about three months, one of them will be wallowing in the Oval Office. And there's not a goddamn thing we can do about it.


The vast majority of Americans were opposed to either Trump Or Clinton as preseident yet those are the two peoples selected for them. This the clearest evidence it not a Democracy in any way shape or form. The one percent are in total control.


Trumps' candidacy is over. Goodbye and good riddance.

So.........Hillary is viciously smearing WikiLeaks for being a conduit for Russian hackers. (Hillary blames the Russian's for all of her mistakes and lies and this country's problems.)

WikiLeaks produced emails on Friday that quoted Hillary saying,".........all the backroom discussions and deals, you know the people get nervous to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position on issues." (In a speech given to Goldman Sachs.)

Can some Hillary supporter on this site please explain how any thinking person can believe a single word that she says about anything?


They can't. But, I'm sure that won't stop them from annoying you with nonsensical "arguments" in their attempts to convince you.


Yeah, global warming, nuclear war and crooked, HRC silencing Bernie is not important because Trump's infantile and immature vulgarity is really important...great links, thanks.


Even as Trump is exposed ever more as a buffoon, Ms Clinton is loathed by a great number of voters, even those that generally supported Democrats. This SHOULD be a cakewalk for the Democratic nominee yet is not.

At the same time she continues to raise huge amounts of money from the Goldman Sachs of the world.

This tells me the following.

The 1 percent believe her when she tells them she has their back.
The 99 percent do not when she tells them she has theirs.


Hillary's Goldman-Sachs speeches should be headline news but here we are supposed to talk about Trump's 'fraternity house' private chat with some guy. What is wrong with this picture?


A friend of mine, a Trump supporter, said this morning, "I'd rather vote for a potted plant than Hillary". If that is any indication, this whole thing will blow past and he will still be chugging along.
Hillary is unphased by emails, lies, speeches now, fixing the election, war mongering, the list goes on but so does she. The system is a stinking dead elephant and the USA is a dying empire.
The news has been out for a while about the Lolita Express and Bill Clinton and Trump and pedophilia, where is the outrage???
The world must be laughing at this debacle from the "exceptional" country.
Vote Jill Stein for sanity.


It's rather humorous to watch our entire political system collapse slowly all around us.
I don't think that this is what the oligarchy had in mind?


Hillary supporters can be found all over any comment section that posts excerpts of her speeches. According to them, Clinton being for complete open trade and borders means she's more progressive than Bernie. Taken as a whole the comments just show that Clinton is a liberal. Yes, it is now the liberal position that blaming the banks for the financial crisis was a political misunderstanding, bankers know best how they should be regulated, it's not 100% true that the economy favors the wealthy, it's an unecessary inconvenience for politicans to divest their business interests, etc.

Anyone who dares to differ shall immediately be branded as a basement dweller who may or may not be in league with Trump, but who is certainly help him.

Nevermind that the excerpts were things her own people flagged as problems, Hillary's ardent supporters have reached the point where anything she says is liberal and correct because Trump.


Yes, I'm sure you're correct, that's what they will point to!

I'd like them to explain - Because HRC has surrounded herself with people that "play fairly" as well as "progressives" and her VP pick was so "progressive", I'm sure her SCOTUS pick(s) would be, too. Even if she did actually pick a fair nominee, why would the Republicans agree to her pick? They will have waited a year and will not vote on Obama's pick (not that I'm saying Merrick has been fair in his decisions), why not four? It's obvious the majority of the Republicans and the Democrats care nothing for opinions of this county's inhabitants.

Edit: For clarification, this statement, "Because HRC has surrounded herself with people that "play fairly" as well as "progressives" and her VP pick was so "progressive", I'm sure her SCOTUS pick(s) would be, too." is sarcasm.


Apparently there have been zero Hillary supporters on this thread for at least the last hour.
That or they are all wise enough not to defend the indefensible. Which would be their darling Hillary who can do no wrong and will be the greatest women president ever.
No matter if that's true or not.


I was startled to hear that Pence would not in fact be going to Wisconsin today to replace the disinvited DJT. It may be that he clung too tight to the dirty tails and is now soiled himself.


Oh, he soiled himself alright.