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GOP Senate Trio Threaten to Delay Stimulus Bill Because Unemployment Benefits Amid Pandemic Are Too Generous

What the hell is even in this bill? For instance, are we really going to single out the two “industries” providing the most devastating avenues of global pandemic, cruise-ships and recreational airlines, and rescue them from the inevitable economic doom they so richly deserve? Cruise-ships?

I can’t even believe it. It’s as if, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, the bath-house lobby flexed their legislative muscle for a bail-out.

When what we should be talking about is fighting the contagion. The sooner the better, by the way. We’re well on our way to pissing away month three. Good God: stimulus – I can’t believe it.


Because we are their slaves. Apparently, the majority of us don’t have the guts to create a mass protest against their tyranny and injustice. It’s all our fault that these bastards do this.


That’s just absurd and tyrannical.

Of course we all know why Biden’s “handlers” do not want him to debate. And I want Bernie to debate him…cuz screw Biden…but…I SURE wish Bernie would have given Biden (or Count Chocula) that much needed knock out blow at the last debate on the 15th. Then “maybe” we wouldn’t have Biden and all the rest of the ghouls trying to kill us by claiming we are safe…or really just go in to work and die so this economy can quick start.

No argument but I have no idea what to do or how to organize a STRONG movement to fight the corruption. If Bernie can’t do it, how the hell can a few of us with balls do it? Look what they did to “OCCUPY”! (And THEY refers to our brothers and sisters working for the elite SCUM for a fucking paycheck!) The country is lost…

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Clean your magazines and sharpen your pitchforks.

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Why not simply reinstate slavery & penal servitude?


Marx and his labor theory of value gets vindicated daily. Go forbid workers actually get enough to live on.


"Let them eat cake?

Screw that.

Just don’t let them eat."


Right on!

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I can only hope that in November we will vote out of office as many of these corrupt, heartless scum as possible. From the odious McConnell on down I loathe this current crop of Rethug trash more than ever before. Never has their oligarchic, corporate agenda been more overt and shameless to the point of near treason. I want this sociopolitical disease called the Republican Party burned to the ground.


Don’t ever expect Republicans to be humane, or ethical or moral and certainly never sympathetic. Such human emotions are simply not part of their discredited ideology!


Tim Scott - republican and african american from South Carolina - the state that resurrected Biden. Is this a state that only keeps giving because it is mired in ultra conservative and backwards philosophies?


Three generations ago, Ohio had formula to use for young peoples who had not yet a few years working to establish quarters of earnings.
For example: I earned $21 per week, 40 hours. At layoff, my unemployment check was $43 per week.
Yes, I did return to work when notified.

I am hopeful that this thinking is still with us for our young peoples and folks such as waitresses, janitors, drivers, etc.

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Pay back is a bitch. Remember the 2008 bailout, when corporations used the bailout $ to re-purchase company stock and to increase the bonuses and salaries of the C-suite folks? And the and behind-the-scenes low interest (1.5%) loans from the Federal Reserve, in the trillions of dollars, granted to large banks, which continue getting those loans in order to shore up the repo market (interbank loans), which had a liquidity crises before the C-virus arrived? Now we have legislation that provides our workers with a dollop of unemployment money, and the fucking Rs are crying foul? WTF! Fuck that. The only solution is to vote those suckers out of office–every fucking R on a national level, starting with our President, who has at least implied that seniors be sacrificed for the good of the economy. (I’m a senior; I don’t believe his bullshit, but I’m betting that there are lots of folks out there who took offense.) I am beyond saying that this country is fucked up; we need, at a minimum, a revolution in our financial and health care systems.

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Hear that grinding sound in the background?
That’s the sharpening of the axes and pitchfork tines!
Get ready!!

Does the word “final” appear before the word “Solution”?

Hey, my two South Carolina a-holes are finally doing something right even if for all the wrong reasons. This blood sacrifice at the alter of “The Line” is the equivalent of the Wall St. priest ripping the heart out of workers like it is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Any industry that can’t survive two weeks of crisis without going belly up needs to be nationalized, not bailed out…again. The government can build and run the airports but not operate the planes themselves? Bull.

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There has to be a minimum dollar amount going into each household, period.
Our young peoples do not usually earn enough while working hard at multiple jobs.
Heck, my neighbor lady in her forties works two 40 hour per week jobs now. Her rent is now $1,600 per month compared to $1,000 per month just a year ago = gentrifications here.

I disagree with the three new amigos. They are in error.

Check out just got set back one week from April 6 to about April 15th. Any more crappola and it will be May before laid off acquire their money.

Meanwhile, business gets theirs in 10 days from now.

Time to vote smarter.

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Just wait until the street level Republicans realize what their elected officials have done for them. WE the people should not leave it there.

We need to educate. If you have a friend or coworker with whom you are still in contact with, and is a Republican, show him/her this article and say hey what do you think.

Ask them or say something like, hey I don’t know how I am going to survive like this. What are you going to do?

Get the ball rolling, get them to thinking.