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GOP Senator Drowned Out By Cheers for "Single Payer" at Town Hall


GOP Senator Drowned Out By Cheers for "Single Payer" at Town Hall

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) took the stage at a scheduled town hall on Tuesday in Greeley, Colorado, he apparently didn't expect to be confronted by a crowd full of enthusiastic supporters of single-payer healthcare.


When the majority of the crowd showed support for single-payer, Gardner responded, “Ha ha, chumps! Sucks for you we live in a fascist plutocracy.”


Its commendable that he is holding town halls, not a coward


This is more than people showing support for a Single Payer Health Care system…it is a DEMAND for democracy. Over 80 % of Americans want single payer health care and Medicare for all. But what do our Representatives say about this? They say NO. This is not a representative government. We do not live in any democracy. Our 'Representatives vote as directed by their major ‘donors’. That is, they accept BRIBES and sell their vote to the highest bidder.

It is our responsibility as citizens to end the “Pay to Play” funding for the campaigns of these corrupt government officials. We need public finance of political parties and for there to be equal time on the media for qualified candidates to make their appeal to the voters for their vote. Under this sort of a system we could all get good health care and we could END THE WARS THAT ARE BANKRUPTING OUR NATION. If our 'Representatives" listened to the people, we could have a massive funding for another New Deal to put Americans to work rebuilding our failing infrastructure. We could end all funding to the State of Israel to kill as many Palestinians as they can and to steal their land. All that money Congress gives to the apartheid nation of Israel must end. Some of that money is sent back to bribe our elected officials. How does that sound to you? Our ‘representatives’ vote money for Israel and some of that ends up in the pockets of our so called Honored Members of Congress. Hard to find much HONOR in that swamp of corruption.


“Abraham Lincoln loved to open his speeches with a joke. One of his favorites involved audience participation. He would say, “If we call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a dog have?” The audience would shout “five”. Then Lincoln would correct them: “No, it only has four, because calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.” From there he went on to indict the DC bureaucracy as too dense to understand this simple fact.”

More people are calling for a CBO report on HR 676


At the moment the medical industry has the sweetest deal on earth. They have a government protected monopoly and can charge whatever they choose. Market forces don’t impact their bottom line they are like the oil industry, supply and demand. Control and limit supply charge what you wish. 1,000 dollars for a pill. 1,000 dollars a day for a hospital room. several thousand a day for er. C’mon folks, pay attention, this is population control by government and corporate fiat. Socialized medicine? What does he call his pay check?


Well then, you have the sympathy of the “Democratic” Leadership. It has been rumored that the GOP is destroying itself with Trump. True but the leadership of the Democrats is also destroying their own party by not rallying on a stronger message which would include unequivocal support for single payer.


It’s very simple

Depriving millions of health insurance is MASS MURDER.



sorry couldn’t resist


Now if only he’d listen to his constituents. Isn’t that what town halls are for? To find out directly from your constituents what it is they want?


Part of the reason for a government in the first place is to do for people what they can’t do for themselves. It is long past the point where people can’t do for themselves when it comes to health care so the government is obligated to do something that alleviates the problem. That is partly why Medicare came into being in the first place. While that is a good start, there needs to be more and if this turkey can’t come up with something better, then socialized medicine it has to be.


I think everyone agrees it is not a right. But in an advanced, civilized country that knows that universal health care would benefit society as a whole, perhaps it should be. If you want, think of it as a privilege and another advantage of living in a first world country.


Hello MC

What we call human rights are all social constructions: products of civilization.
In the “state of nature,” there was no right to walk through the woods without getting murdered by your neighbor - or by the village council.

But as we have advanced in civilization, we have constructed “rights,” such as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

And at this time, all wealthy nations in the world have added health care as a right.

You have the choice of asking the USA to join this growing worldwide consensus, or to move back to the jungle, where life was “Nasty, brutish and short.” (Thomas Hobbes) I hope, for all our sakes, that you will choose to advance in civilization. The alternative is a hatchet in the night.

We can move forward or we can move backwards. Standing still is not an option.


Someone in the audience and/or a journalist needs to ask this 2-part Question of anyone saying they oppose “socialized medicine.”

Gardner neede to be asked:
1 - Can you describe what you mean by “socialized medicine”?
2 - Can you please explain HOW Single-Payer FITS that description?

• There is NO possible answer that could defend his statement.


Gardner responded defiantly, saying: “I do not support single-payer, I do not support socialized medicine.”

I’d like to see some proof that he doesn’t use his government administrated tax payer funded health care plan! I’d lay down good money that he uses his socialized medicine every time he gets the sniffles.


Actually “mcscumbag”, your numbers are drawn from a great pile of horse manure.


Republicans only hold town hall meetings when they “think” that their base voters are the only people in town that day. Fortunately for now, Democrats cannot afford vacations any more. The GOP has managed to rise to the top by stripping the savings and jobs right out from under millions of democrats. Do they think democrats are going to sit idly by and say nothing now? The reason the LIES told so often from the WHITE HOUSE and from the GOP Congress are repeated so often, is they believe their secret plan to LIE, REPEAT, LIE, REPEAT will not be noticed at all. They really believe people will never wake up to what the GOP has been, is doing to the nation. We have to keep pounding away at the GOP - with our words, demanding SINGLE PAYER healthcare for ALL medical conditions. NEVER LET UP!


And here we find the problem. This elected official doesn’t support what his constituents want because He personally feels "socialized " medicine is bad. No explanation, no reasoning just “I Don’t Like It”. I think that his constituents may figure out what to do when the time comes.


I agree health insurance most definitely is not healthcare. Healthcare on the other hand is a right, it’s just not codified in our law. A number of countries with universal healthcare have it because the state recognizes it as a human right. The United Nations, of which we are a member, recognizes it as a right.

U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25:
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or otherlack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

(2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.


The National Review is pretty far right, which is reason to take that article with a grain of salt. It’s really hard for single states to create single-payer plans when their healthcare budgets enmeshed with pro-corporate federal policies. Further to employ tax increases on the wealthy and corporate businesses as part of progressive funding, the rest of the states have to be on board or those folks will just move out of state. It’s really tricky at the state level. We know that before the GOP started dinking with it, Medicare worked for a very large and less healthy part of the population on a 3% overhead, for many years. Those costs have increased to almost 7% now, but that’s half the overhead of private insurers.

This report shows massive deficit reduction on healthcare costs under the full expansion of medicare: http://www.pnhp.org/sites/default/files/Funding%20HR%20676_Friedman_7.31.13_proofed.pdf

When the law demands that corporations maximize profits for their shareholders, and because health insurers don’t actually do the healing, why are they skimming profits that could actually pay for treatment? Healthcare insurance is just legal highway robbery.