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GOP Senator Who Voted for Trump Tax Cuts and Corporate Slush Fund Says 'Not Enough Money' to Help Everyone Harmed by Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/gop-senator-who-voted-trump-tax-cuts-and-corporate-slush-fund-says-not-enough-money

Alexander is simply following the classic GOP playbook… funnel as much money to the 1% as possible during any crisis… get the rubes to think that this is good for them… then when the shit hits the fan and the democrats take over, convince the rubes to cut their own throats and maximize their share of the repayment while forgiving the 1%


We need an opposition party. There has not been one for some time.


The second guiding principle of humans, the illusion of Insufficiency.

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Count he have been any slower to acknowledge this?

I expect he’ll be proud that he was the one to come to terms with how greed came first.

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Rescind the tax cuts to these sociopaths, drastically cut the budget to the pentagon, reduce the salaries of these servants of corporations in the government that was supposed to be for the people, raise the taxes on the rich to Eisenhower levels and there will be plenty of cash to help the people hurt by the pandemic and beyond.

A wish list for sure but demands to make and back up with total, rolling, non cooperation.


Senator Alexander is now on a 14-day quarantine after one of his staff tested positive.
I’d really hate to see Alexander come down with a severe case of Covid19 at his age (79).
Yeah, I’d just hate that.


None of the Above √

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Like his sisters in Maine and Alaska, Lamar Alexander is one of the most despicable and soulless bastards ever to darken the doors of Capitol Hill.
I tend to have more respect for the ideologically stunted nazis like Cruz and Paul, as they at are least proud of their stilted hateful ethos. I have no time for phonies like Alexander, Collins or Murkowski, constantly trying to convince their slack jawed constituencies that they really have a heart, and then of course in the end, they vote with the nazis anyway.


Buy less fighter jets.

They obviously have no issues printing up the money to buy fighter jets so just print up the money, cancel the fighter jet order and help the poor.

This guy speaks with a forked tongue. He knows there plenty of money which is why he voted on increased Military spending.


It would really be awful too, if the poor guy was forced to live out his life on his social security.


Increasingly, at a daily rate, I view the sadistically criminal approach to so-called government as a far greater threat to our livelihood, across the entire spectrum of human existence on this planet, than any infectious disease, be it this pandemic or any other pathogen.


AOC is the only Congresscritter to shine the light on Pelosi & Company’s complicity in this scheme.


There is not enough money to fund the predators on Wall Street, DC Swamp and fat cats. The money comes from tax payers. Time for those paying the taxes to take control of where their money goes.


If I did business in the same manner as government does, and forced strangers to give me money, would you consider me a criminal?

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Excellent idea!

Easy choice: Build some more submarines or help the people…

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He must have a shirt tail relative that isn’t doing so well.
It is in their overall plan to short the citizenry and reward the corporate anytime they get a chance.
Of course they’re lying. We hear the same crap about SSI, medicare, and medicaid among other programs all the time.
But we never hear of military cuts of cuts to the rich, or eliminating any loopholes.
How dare he suggest that he now first thought about this slight of the working class.

Apologies to those that had the same thoughts and posted them first. At least we are thinking the same things. And yeah, could he have been any slower to get it?

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not to demean pigs–but this man gives a remarkably definitive example of the slight

that my naive friend is what every monopoly-large business-and every insurance company has been doing to us for decades–that is stealing our money and ripping us off with their products-- squeezing their employees-and living off welfare for the wealthy(see tax and spending policies of the last 4 administrations) while most of our society struggles daily for survival–time for you- my friend-- to start understanding the forces that are controlling our economy and to stop listening to the criminals who would destroy everything in pursuit of profit

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