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GOP Single-Payer Ploy Shows Just How 'Very Sick' US Debate Remains


GOP Single-Payer Ploy Shows Just How 'Very Sick' US Debate Remains

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid soaring support for Medicare for All at the grassroots and among Democratic lawmakers, Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) is attempting to "troll" Democrats by proposing a single-payer amendment during the debate over his party's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Need funds for healthcare? Deeply cut the national “security” budget.


Yeah it is a “sick” country, it got a helluva lot sicker when Bernie was cheated out of the primary and has only worsened.

Nothing will be worse for the Ds than for the Rs to call their bluff and enact a true single-payer system. So let’s just let these two worthless teams fight it out and see where it ends. If a true single-payer system is enacted during Trump’s rein, he’ll never leave the throne. Trump will be re-elected and this will for decades be a conservative-led country. The reality is today democrats have no power–anywhere. It will be years before they can change any of this.


Actually, Single Payer would save hundreds of billions annually over the first few years and improve health over the long term because it provides (as written) a full array of health services including wellness and preventive measures.

The problem is not money.

The problem is that both wings of the Duopoly embrace capitalism and profits before all else. So the Rethugs try to destroy any health insurance except pay-to-play and the Dems work to incorporate for-profit elements into Single Payer (look at how Medicare is structured) while taking political credit.


While I agree with your suggestion for deep cuts in the national “security” budget, let us use it for free post secondary education. It is not needed for single payer, because the simplicity of administration of ‘medicare for all’ will not only be covered by the present health care costs, but leave, according to professional evaluation, plenty money for other programs.


The 20 plus trillion dollars Congress put taxpayers on the hook for to bail out too-big-to-fail banks since 2008 would pay for more than a decade of Medicare for All AND a decade of free tuition for all qualifying Murkins.

The too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 now control 50% so the next time they crash the economy they will get even more expensive taxpayer funded bailouts to allegedly keep them from taking all of us down with them.

Anybody who responds to this post with the fake news that the banks paid back those bailouts qualifies for a deep discount on the oceanfront estates in Tucson that i am selling.


Add to that: Tax the rich and there will be money enough for publicly funded education, transportation, housing…


Exactly. Medicare, originally designed as to eventually cover everybody has degenerated to an inferior coverage. It only covers 80% of the costs. premiums are not based on your actual SS check and it does not cover dental and vision. Then there is the factor of the drug costs which were privatized under W. Bush with the AARP–they offer plans to scam seniors on drugs-- supporting them. I know you know all this but I write for the others who may not know.


They will take us down because of bail-ins first; remember the Cromnibus bill Congress voted for and Obama signed?


Democrats preempted on Single Payer? What else will they be preempted on, ending the War on Drugs, bringing the troops home…? Somehow maternity leave, lowering Medicare to age 55, and other neoliberal Dem proposals don’t seem like they would put Democrats over the top.

Direct Democracy


The US spends as much on the military than do the next seven of the world’s top spenders on the military combined according to the National Priorities Project! And yet, we’re told repeatedly the US can’t afford single payer health care.

The biggest threat to the working class, poor and elderly’s well being comes from lack of health care, not foreign “enemies!”


I agree with all you suggest, except for;

You cannot kill the beast partially and gain the advantage of huge savings, which will only occur, when the enormous administrative behemoth of the present system is slain. Those savings are only possible, if healthcare is truly universal.

The beauty of the single payer system is, that if you walk into a doctors office or hospital with your ID, then the physicians and their staff KNOW, that you are covered and they will be paid; - no unnecessary messing around.


Schumer and Pelosi said that, I think. Definitely not me.


A pretty sure way of getting a single payer health plan adopted would be to some way make the federal legislative bodies have the same health care programs as the rest of the populace. They can fiddle around with our health care and screw the rest of us because they have all of their care provided free of charge by the American taxpayer. This seems to be typical of an oligarchy.


Thanks for clearing that up. :smile:


You put you finger right on it.


Any proposed amendment to a non-existent Death Act (text of which is held only in the minds of Magus McConnell and his twelve antagonistic apostles) is a SHAM, LIE, or worse. The Death Act must be summarily killed, burned, and buried.

BERNIE…make the renegade rapaciously greedy and inhumane Repugnants FEEL THE BURN…and all Dems must band together to stop this horrific act NOW!


DeMoro sez: “Republicans are essentially trying to demonstrate that Democrats are hypocrites.”

Well. You can always count on Republicans™ to go after the low-hanging fruit.


Unfortunately I do know it because Medicare is my health insurer. It was a huge downgrade from MinnesotaCare [which was almost 100% coverage and was paid for by federal (Medicaid) and state (sales tax) funds.] Because I had a job I had to pay $20-$110/per month premiums (depending on how many classes I was able to get as an adjunct professor. Of course OBCare sent MnCare into the toilet, except for the poorest people who were peushed back to Medicaid, which is now administered by the counties and is a total corrupt mess, as are the OBCare exchanges. All to protect private profit. That’s capitalism which recognizes no human rights and turns everyone but capitalists into commodities.


This is still a tax cut bill and a corporate tax reform bill; it has nothing to do with a universal healthcare bill, not even a bad one. It is another bright neon sign for a dystopian version of the golden rule: " he who has the gold makes the rules ".
The Congress of the United States is always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to anything not connected to the MIC & The Police & Security State. And, cost shifting all the detritus of endless war, ongoing environmental degradation and other externalized hazards like bank bailouts, onto people who are pretty much defenseless. As in, no DoD.

Watching all this nonsensical crud unfold is truly bizarre. Like driving on a race track built out of ten thousand miles of bad roads. Which seems to be the starting line for most everything universally unhealthy coming out of Washington, D.C., lately.
Have we reached the finish line, yet?
Are we there, yet?