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GOP Slammed for 'Shameful' Vote as Ex-Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Confirmed as EPA Chief

GOP Slammed for 'Shameful' Vote as Ex-Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Confirmed as EPA Chief

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmental and public health advocates on Thursday sharply condemned Senate Republicans for a "shameful" vote confirming ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Time to start flipping the corporate strategies of $$$ running the show. Mr. Wheeler looks like a prime candidate for such an overwhelming presence of the public that no corner of his conscience can be left to the blind ideological fossilization, and fill it with what needs to change. Time to take the propaganda and construct squeeze movements that pressure it until it is dry as dust. Roast the marketing with documentation and history and strip the statistics of all spin. They will try to spin eight ways from Sunday. They will try to bury such a movement. BUT! As we learn from the indigenous peoples… ‘they try to bury us, but they fail to realize, we are seeds’. The flim flam $#it of the financialization of life must be turned into compost.


I wonder—does Mr Wheeler have access to the Superman phone booth that Mr. Pruitt purchased? If so, perhaps we could hook it up to a hose and experiment with different levels of air pollution with Mr. Wheeler inside of the booth. It would be a wonderful science experiment to see DAILY what effects that polluted air can have on a person.

Hey stardustIBID, good idea, may I suggest CO, or H2S, in large concentrations.

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Sorry I don’t have a link, but I see that a process is in the works to convert CO2 into coal chips. It takes extreme heat in the process.
I thought you might be able to transport the CO2 gas with electric powered trucks, to a processing plant located at either a mountain top coal reclamation or played out quarry. The extreme heat could be provided by solar parabolic furnaces, and the coal redeposited in the reclamation spots. It would take hundreds of years to fill and a future emergency fuel would be created. Much better than continuing to pump CO2 underground.

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This is one of the “Best People”? This corrupt and infinitely incompetent admin defies all logic. Its moral suasion is guided by it’s festering greed and lack of useful purpose. It has absolutely no redeeming merit whatsoever! Our Senate and executive branch are beyond the ken of rational thought and our Supreme Court is doubtful at present. Didn’t reckon on seeing the beginning of the end of western civilization. Don’t count on a do over.

I was rather hopeful that a way to make carbon fiber with the excess carbon in our atmosphere but instead it seems to be petrifying the brains of the vulnerable.