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GOP Tax Bill Would Trigger $25 Billion in Automatic Cuts to Medicare, Warns CBO

GOP Tax Bill Would Trigger $25 Billion in Automatic Cuts to Medicare, Warns CBO

Julia Conley, staff writer

Senior citizens' healthcare spending would be on the chopping block to make up for the $1.5 trillion deficit increase brought on by the House tax plan


Fucking legislative grifters.
It took me six long years to establish my shitty Medicare coverage. I’ll be damned if the assholes are taking it away without a fight.


I have been disabled for 25 years. I am 66 years old. All I have is Social Security and Medicare. I just had a TIA. This makes me feel oh so secure in my golden years.

Just posted on facebook. Won’t you post there as well? Wall-paper facebook with this crime against humanity. Thank-You.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:46757”]
cut by up to four percent, amounting to $25 billion dollars in cuts next year for the program under which senior citizens are provided with health insurance which they payed into all their working lives

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:46757”]
the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)'s director of financial security said that a tax plan that takes money away from healthcare programs for the elderly would not be sustainable.

**So said the same AARP that was directly responsible for siding with little Bush privatization of Medicare Part D so they can offer their own for profit supplemental plan to seniors. __

There I edited both for truth and clarification.


Never mind. I posted my SS letter.

I will make sure that the seniors where I live read this and make some calls. I do not use Facebook nor Twitter.

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This article is the first level loss of services one makes up for.

The second level is the country borrows to give straight to wealthy oligarchs.

War on Human. War on Earth. The last gasps of capitalism are ugly.


That’s the spirit–now, let’s see to it that Improved Medicare For All becomes a reality in the near future.


Haven’t us retiree’s paid into medicare are whole working lifes? and we continue to pay for it thru deduction in SS of $114 I believe. How come they did not mention SS?

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Right on …!
Medicare For All - 100% full coverage birth to grave. Dental , vision and prescription drugs, including medicinal marijuana.


Thanks…I use facebook to keep up my social skills because I live out in rural AZ with the crickets.

100% sheer sadism…that requires “debate.”


I’m right there with you Legend.

Especially Medicinal Marijuana.

Hey you mother fucking idiots in the house and senate. Keep your goddamn hands off my medicare. Surely you have enough sense not to fuck with us senior citizens, many of us have very little left lose, so …

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Horrible, just a horrible bill! And how about the future for future seniors? Cut ( steal) social security? Or move it to 75 years old to become eligible? And if the ugly, Republicans can do it; who knows…Eliminate Medicare in the future!

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Seniors are very quiet about the attacks on Medicare and Social Security from what I can see.

And after Tuesday’s results at the polls, it shows us just how confident the GOP feels in ignoring
the will of the people. They understand very well – we don’t seem to – that we have absolutely NO
leverage over them.

Social Security suffered immense cuts under Obama as he suspended the increases for inflation
for one full year and then appointed a GOP panel to ensure that they would be reduced substantially
– not sure if they’re even now 10% of what they once were? This means compounding loses to monthly
checks of senior citizens which after 8 years of Obama and a year of Trump add up to tens of
thousands of dollars now gone from seniors’ checks.

Meanwhile, we all continue to pay for luxury health care for members of Congress.

AND, for the US/CIA’s “illegal wars of aggression” now taking something more than 65 cents of
every tax dollar – as far as we know … as we have no idea really what “intelligence” and black
bag jobs and other secret operations are costing. But we can be fairly sure they’re also illegal.

Just a PS on this – The government has also been lying about the rate of inflation since Vietnam.
Any $1 anyone had when “W” was president is now worth 50 cents … maybe 40 cents.
As they say, when you see prices going up, what it really means is that your paycheck has gone down.

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Power to the Gray Hairs.

Bring on the Grey-volution!

Yes, and increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

What is it with Lyin’ Ryan and his sycophants’ penchant for dismantling the last vestiges of a social safety net? Ryan has been leading the charge to decimate/dismantle/privatize Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security his entire career in the House…privileged prxxk that he is who said the he saved his SS survivor payments from his father’s demise to pay for his college…Lyin’ Ryan because SSI payments are closely monitored by SSA and must be used for day-to-day necessities, NOT put into savings accounts. He went to private schools throughout and then married a millionaire heiress and they live in a mansion in an exclusive community in Wisconsin. What a shxt heel!