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GOP Tax Plan Would Give 15 of America's Largest Corporations a $236B Tax Cut: Report


GOP Tax Plan Would Give 15 of America's Largest Corporations a $236B Tax Cut: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If you needed any more evidence that the GOP tax bill is a massive giveaway to the most profitable corporations in the country, a new report prepared for Sen. Bernie Sanders provides it


Everyone under the sun knows our Treasury is being robbed except for those that will pay for it, the unborn.


Supporting this tax plan should be considered treason.

Thank the gods you didn’t specify “vulnerable fetuses” in the unborn category.


Seriously, what “Treasury” to which you make reference is being robbed?
There is nothing in the “Treasury” to steal. Every dollar in the budget represents the amount of money that will be borrowed from the Federal Reserve!
Income taxes do not represent money going into the US Treasury, this “tax money” is paid over to the Federal Reserve to pay the interest on the Federal debt. It is impossible to pay off the Federal debt because all the borrowed trillions of dollars in totality represents only the principal it does not include the INTEREST on the borrowed money!


It’s very disingenuous and misleading for Sanders to say that middle class taxes will rise AFTER 10 years and not mention the tax cuts they will reap in the meantime. It’s almost like he is spinning the facts…


These companies neither need a tax break or should get a tax break. Which of these companies are suffering over the high tax rates today? Sure don’t notice these companies profits suffering. Time to get real with tax relief for the lower end of the electorate. Guess Goldman Sacks people in the government earned their bonuses this year. If this is draining the swam then I have a bridge in Arizona to sell you. Even die heart conservatives no this is a rip off. Hope they pay for it in the next election.


I didn’t say that.


Where is your mention of the corporations and billionaires robbing the working class?!!! Go back under your rock, Bubba! Either that or go back to I’ma neoconpuppet.com where you belong!


He isn’t spinning anything. Read the TPC analysis. Also, you’re not considering anything else the damn tax bill will do.



Oh yes!!! Get ready little people, you are about to REAP a big taxcut windfall!

Why don’t you go peddle your propaganda to people stupid enough to believe you.


“$108 billion in government handouts in the form of federal contracts.”"

So now doing work for the government and getting paid is called a handout? Seen this framed that way on other sites but kinda surprised to see it here…


Beside trump&co gifting the wealthiest individuals and most powerful most profitable corporations, he himself will gain over $1 Billion and his family more…when trump refuses to release his tax returns, he is hiding evidence, thus he IS culpable!..is this tax scam not a major conflict of interest and major crime that should fall under some US law?? Even tho trump ignores the Emoluments Clause and numerous other laws, regulations, and precedents, he eventually (if there’s any justice!) will stand in the dock and hopefully be imprisoned for his destructive treasonous behaviors and actions! The question is are there any prosecutors of integrity and strength who believe that no one is above the law, even the so-called president? Are they willing to stand up for justice and is there enough non-partisan support for his courage?

How can such a travesty as this “tax-cut” scam be tolerated/ Even the R’Con politicians should see how vulnerable this scam makes them and that their own future, and their party, will pay a huge political (and maybe criminal) price for such an egregious theft from the American people!

What goes around, comes around, and when the people fully/finally wake-up there will be Hell to pay!


I hear Fox News is hiring people with no conscience or morals and are willing to tell lies pathologically, like our so-called resident of the White “Supremacist” House.

Call now.


Until all of these scum in suits start falling, we must organize.

Organization is the key to a successful revolution.


Unless your post was written as satire, you are definitely on the wrong thread.