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GOP Tax Push Becomes 'Complete S*#t Show' as Senate Delays Vote on $1.5 Trillion Gift to the Rich


GOP Tax Push Becomes 'Complete S*#t Show' as Senate Delays Vote on $1.5 Trillion Gift to the Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Republicans still don't have a coherent tax bill heading into Friday, but they're going to try to ram something through regardless


Neo-liberalism on steroids.


This is why repubs should not be allowed to govern. Every time they slime their way to power they F*** it up. That is all they really know how to do is F*** things up.


Disgusting vile elitist sociopaths. Who votes these people into office? Racists and fundamentalists? Can’t be elitists cause there’s not enough of them at their country clubs to carry the vote totals. Must be lower class angry white people willing to drive the bus into the ditch. Losing ones health care, raising their taxes, and undermining social programs so many desperately need seems an awfully high price to pay for some short term conversational satisfaction (those bitchings and grousings about them minorities and immigrants you hear at the coffee shop over morning eye openers). Hate consumed fools without any clue about who really is their enemy.


Repub senators who have been around for a long time, like McConnell and McCain, are no better than the extreme reich wing that is now the republiCON party.

If you don’t know by now how awful this bill is OR will be once the CONS patch something together, then you have not be paying attention… at all.

It is going to be hard to wait a year to throw these scoundrels out of office. They should go straight into the paddywagon these perps.


I hope the repubs are feeling the stress of their f***ed up efforts. But it is nothing like the deep stress that this bill will cause millions and millions if it passes.


Congress is nothing but a bunch Criminals with Credentials with no Conscience. And they only work for themselves on behalf of Corporations and their Oligarch Owners. And for those who still don’t get it, both Republicans and Democrats are members of the Corporate Party. The Kabuki theatre of US politics is a complete shit show and it dumps daily on the citizenry.


Shouldn’t we also condemn the driving force behind their ill will and that would be the infamous Koch Brothers…


Theft is not a gift.

Those black suited jackals are “borrowing” money from the middle class and using the word “borrowing” instead of stealing.

Black suits divide up the loan money amongst each other after they steal from the people by signing a loan in the people’s name.


It defies all reason why so many Americans vote for Republicans. They have completely ditched the normal legislative process and just try to ram stuff through. It seems not to have dawned on them that revising the tax code is a very complicated process and requires something called thought. The Republicans apparently believe the thought process can be skipped entirely and the only that counts is giving some goodies to their wealthy donors.


These quarreling kleptocrats can’t decide between providing more tax relief to the top 1% or killing off Medicare and Social Security under the guise of ‘tax relief’. Hence the delayed vote, just like their ‘kill healthcare’ bill. This time however they are so DESPERATE that the overriding motivation will be to pass SOMETHING, ANYTHING no matter how many compromises have to be made, no matter how watered down and insignificant it becomes. If they cannot do that, it will be proof positive of their incompetence and impotence.


Don’t forget the Mercers. Fascists with a capital F. Currently spewing their vileness from somewhere on Long Island (NY), I believe. You’ll know daughter Rebekkka by her puke ugly glasses.


Slipped my mind- I knew there were plenty more accomlices- Just couldn’t put my finger on them… There are entirely too many billionaires in this world today!


Spot on. There are hundreds if not thousands of these super wealthy creeps who prop up the right, people we never hear about, in this country. Tax avoiding social parasites who would enslave any and all others they deem unworthy.


$hit for brains the lot of them.


Here is the real question. According to the Democrats they could not get anything done during the Obama presidency because the mean republicans with 40 votes in the senate " obstructed" the valiant efforts of the administration to serve the American people.
So how is it that the Democrats with 46 votes and two independents that caucus with them can’t Stop this aberration of a law?.


If this bill passes, and the People of this country do absolutely nothing to eject these Greedy Old Pricks from government, this country deserves to rot.


I think it will be “this country deserves to rot” Americans will do nothing, they will continue to watch monday night football drink Bud Light and vote for the same people that are screwing them


Yes, ever since the financialization of our economy, these ready made billionaires have been popping out of the woodwork- How is this possible? When you really think about it, just who is actually worth A billion+ dollars? I say nobody is- How in the hell could one man earn that much money in A lifetime? There is something very sinister and evil going on…


Because they don’t want to stop it. Their corporate masters wouldn’t like it.